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Today economic environment is a driving force in the used refurbished printer copier scanner market. Companies are seeking ways to greatly reduce monthly expenses and they have realized replacing a used copier printer with a new one every 3 to 5 years is not sound business practice. Ricoh, a well know name in the copier business, is one of  the more popular brand due to the ease of repair and the number of Ricoh repair facilities in just about every city.

Ricoh, also know as Savin, Lanier,and  Gestetner (all same machines but different names) are reliable and low cost to operate copier printers.  Obtaining a recent model Ricoh or Lanier copier printer over buying a new one from Canon, Toshiba or other brand will greatly reduce you monthly costs.  First of all, recent model (3..4 years old) refurbished used copier printers scanners usually save you 50% to 67%  of the cot of a new one which equates to 50% to 67% off your monthly payments.

Secondly, Ricoh is one of the better manufacturers that keeps producing parts fro many many years after the equipment is discontinued.  Getting parts for Ricoh, Lanier, Saving copier printers that are 10 to 14 years old is not a problem.  Plus, many compatible copier printer parts are available in the market to keep you costs down.  As in all business class (floor units) copier printer we highly recommend service agreements if you produce over 4,000 pages per month.  Used Ricoh, Lanier, Gestetner and Savin copier printers are just like cars, they need regular maintenance to give you years of quality service.  If you plant o buy a used machine not refurbished form a copier printer service center then get a technician to check the used copier printer scanner before you buy it.  The technician can give you a detailed history on the machine including when it needs maintenance which could cost you hundreds of dollars depending upon your used refurbished Ricoh model.

here is the next set of copier repair codes fro Ricoh, Lanier, Savin and Gestetner printers copier fax scanners.  Remember repairing copier printers require more than just knowing the error codes. You need to determine the copier repair maintenance problem using the error code to point you in the right direction.

SC551 Pressure roller thermistor OP

SC552 Pressure roller warm-up error

SC553 Pressure roller overheat

SC554 Pressure roller ready temp low abnormal

SC555 Pressure roller ready temp abnormal

SC557 Pressure roller temp does nto increase

SC558 Zero cross signal abnormal

SC590 Exhaust/fusing motor error

SC391 Toner supply motor error

SC592 Toner black motor error

SC599 Copy exit tray motor lock

sc600 Communication error between main control and operation panel boards

SC602 Communication error between BICU & Hdd

SC603 Communication error within main control boards

SC604 Serial signal error in main control board

SC605 Communication error between main control and IPU

SC610 Communication time out

SC611 Communication break error

SC612 Communication command error

SC620 Communication command error BICU/SBCU and ADF

SC621 Communication error between BICU/SCBU and RADF

SC662 Communication error between BICU & RADF

SC623 Communication time out error

SC624 Communication time out

SC625 Communication error  between BICU & Finisher

SC627 CSs (RSS) communication error between line adapter & CSS

You will notice several of copier printer repair errors are very similar.  Many times several repair copier printer maintenance codes point to the same problem in different ways. Example are the pressure roller error codes related to the temperature which indicates that he thermal control parts of the fuser assembly of the printer copier need to be replaced. In some models this entails the actual replacement of just the thermistors. Advanced Business Computers is very experienced in the repair of copier printers scanners in the Southeast Florida areas. If you need further help in determine what an error code means please post a question here on this blog.

Here is the next batch of copier repair codes for Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier printer copier scanner MFD machines.  These copier repair maintenance error codes are actual codes to report printer copier repair problems to service technicians.

SC380 – Data transmission time out

SC381 – Charge potential abnormal

SC-382 Data transmission time out video

SC-383 VL adjustmnet error

SC-383 Data transmission time out connect copy

SC-385 ID sensor VSG adjustment error

SC-386 Data transmission time out

SC-387 Development gamma error

SC-388 Data transmission time out

SC-389 Development gamma calculation error

SC-390 CRC error/TD sensor adjustment error

SC-392 TD Sensor initial error

SC-395 Development output adnormal

SC-400 Transfer roller leak error

SC-401 Transfer output abnormal

SC-401-1 Transfer roller leak detected

SC-401-2 Transfer roller lease open

SC–402 – transfer roller leak

SC-403 Transfer belt position sensor

SC-405 – Transfer Belt position abnormal

SC-406 – Transfer roller position abnormal

May of the copier printer repair maintenance service codes are not very explanatory.  You will need the Ricoh, Savin, Lanier and Gestetner repair maintenance service manuals to determine the correct course of copier repair procedures.   The copier repair maintenance service manuals details the meaning of the codes and gives the the step by step procures to repair the copier printers.

This copier repair error code list is getting longer and longer. the Ricoh, Lanier Savin and Gestetner repair copier printer scanner codes will take several more blog posts to complete.  If you need them fasted contact Advanced Business Computers Inc in Miami for a quick copier printer repair quote.  Some of the copier repair problems and maintenance mean the same and refer to the same printer copier repair procedures.  Make sure you reference the service manual for detail printer copier repair instructions.

Here is the next batch of ricoh savin lanier and gestetner copier printer service repair maintenance codes.

SC340 TD sensor output error

SC341  TD sensor adjustment error

SC342 TD Sensor adjustment error 2

SC 343 Yellow sleeve motor lock

SC 344 Magenta sleeve motor lock

SC 345 Developer  bias leak

SC 346 Color developement motor lock

SC 350 sensor/patern test error 1

SC 351 Sensor/VSG test error 2

SC 352 Sensor/pattern edge detect error 3

SC 353 Sensor LED current adnormal erro 4

SC 354 ID sensor error 5

SC 355 Yellow TD sensor adjustment error

SC 356 Magenta TD sensor gain adjustment error

SC 357 Cyan TD sensor gain adjustment error

SC 360 hard disk detection error 1

SC 362 hard disk detection error 2

SC 364 hard disk error

SC 365 Image storage address error

SC 366 hard disk bad sector max

SC 367 hard disk bad sector

SC 370 IMAC input FIFO error

SC 371 Yellow TD sensor detection error

SC 372 IMAC output error

SC 373 Magenta TD Sensor detection error

SC 374 IMAC modes setting error

SC 375 Yellow TD sensor lower detection abnormal

SC 376 Data transmission error

SC 377 Magenta TD lower

Next posting we will start with the calibration errors for repairing the copiers printer by Savin Ricoh and Gestetner.  If you are handy with tools you can handle simple repairs such as replacing fuser, drums and developers for the copier printers. However, may repairs requires technical knowledge and experience in copier printer repairs and maintenance. You may want to consider copier printer lease maintenance agreements that cover all supplies, repairs and labor on your printer copier scanner equipment for your business.

Copier printer repair first step in problem resolution is to determine the actual error.  If you plan to repair copiers or printer copier multi function office equipment then having a current list of error codes is essential.  Once you understand the copier repair error you can either opt or make sure your copier repair technician is qualified to do the work.

Before you choose a copier repair technician or maintenance company test their knowledge.  Call the copier printer repair company ask give them the error code and see if they can quickly determine what the printer copier repair error code means and provide a valid solution.  Do worry if the copier printer repair company say they need to see the machine first before they will give you a possible solution. Qualified copier printer repair facilities haev the ability to give phone quotes. be very careful of ones who can not.

Here is the next batch of error repair codes for Savin, Gestetner, Ricoh and Lanier copier printer scanner machines.

SC310 Potential sensor calibration error 1

SC311  Potential sensor calibration error 2

SC312  Potential sensor calibration error 3

SC314  Potential sensor calibration error 4

SC315  Potential sensor calibration error 5

SC316  Potential sensor calibration error 6

SC317  Potential sensor calibration error 7

SC320 Poylgon motor error/lock

SC321 Nolaser writing signal F-gate error 1

SC322 1st laser synchronization signal error

SC323 LD drive current over

SC324 Drive current over

SC325 Magnification correction error

SC326 2nd laser synchronization error

SC327 LD unit home position error 1

SC328 LD unit home position error 2

SC329 LD unit home position error3

SC320 LD unit no intial setting

SC321 LD unit home position error 4

SC332 LD unit present position error

sc335 Polygonal mirror motor error 1

sc336 Polygonal mirror motor error 2

sc337 Polygonal mirror motor error 3

sc338 Polygonal mirror motor error 4

Copier printer repair maintenance error codes are usually bunched in groups. You will notice several of the above printer copier service repair codes all related to the polygonal motor (laser motor).   This simplifies the repair of  copiers for copier printer technicians.  Advanced Business Computers Inc in Miami Florida will help with your repair problem with one simple phone call 305 477-2320 or send them an email for additional help with your Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner or Lanier copier printer scanners repairs and maintenance.

the fuser assembly is the part the uses pressure and heat to melt (Fuse) the toner to the paper on copier printer fax machines. The actual fuser assembly has several parts that will cause sc521, sc541, sc542 and other Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier error codes.  If you are hainvg a call service repair maintenance with one of the following codes then you have a problem with the fuser assembly.

SC531 copier repair error means the thermistor is open.  The thermistor is a temperature gauge that sends signals to the for matter of the copier printer. the repair requires replacing one or more thermistors in the printer copier  fuser assembly.

sc541 ricoh savin error is a temperature warm up area which means the fuser is not reaching the right temperature to fuser the toner to the paper.

SC543 si the opposite of SC541. This copier repair error code means the fuser is getting too heat and can not regulate itself.  Just as in the SC541 and sc531 the copier repair requires replacing the thermistors.  Also, the thermostat my need replacing.

SC544 is the basically the same printer fax repair error as the error code sc542.

SC545 and sc546 means the fuser can not maintain a stable temperature.  This copier repair is usually solve with replacing the thermistors and may require the replacement of the heating element in the fuser assembly.

SC547 Savin, Gestetner, Lanier and Ricoh error code means that the hot roller does not increase in temperature when required.  This error code is repaired by replacing the thermistors. thermalstat and/or heating unit.

SC550 means the fusing web needs to be replaced on the Rioch, Savin, Lanier or Gestetner copier printer scanner. the fusing web is a roll that lubricates some models of copiers fuser heat roller.  If you do not do the copier repair maintenance replacement of the fuser web then it will cause paper jams and damage to the fuser assembly.

There are several other fuser error codes for the Ricoh Lanie Savin and Gestetner copier scanner. If you have a code and need information to solve the repair the copier printer please contract Advanced Business Computers Inc or post a request here for more help.

Ricoh has standardized there error code numbers of the years to help determine copier printer repair error code problem solving.  However, there are still some confusions on what do when you get failures related to the hard drive in the copier printer scanner.  The hard drive in the Ricoh Savin Gestetner and Lanier are used to store address, fax numbers and even documents to give you to have the ability to scan, fax and email.

When you receive SC945, sc991 or sc870 error which are all related copier hard drive failure.  The first step to resolve the problems related to repairing copier hard drive failures is to format the hard drive.  It will require somebody familiar withe the copier repair service mode access and usage.  Go into Ricoh Lanier Savin service mode and format the hard drive to try to resolve the sc945, cs991 and sc870 error codes of the copier printer scanner.

Once you complete the format you will need to test to see if the hard drive. Input some fax numbers, email address and even try to do document scan to email or computer for the copier printer scanner. Does it work? If is does then you will need to continue to use the scanner,m fax and email functions of the copier printer for a few days to make sure it does nto loose th4e format again.

If the Ricoh Savin Lanier Gestetner copier printer scanner  fails after a few days to does not format properly then you will need to replace the hard drive.  We do not recommend repaired hard drives for copier scanners if at all possible. However, do to the age of some unit you may be forces to repair the copier with a used hard drive. You will need to determine the type of hard drive needed (IDE or SATA)  and find one of he same type preferably one of the same size if possible.  Yes, you can use a larger hard drive but the machine will only use the first 40 to 80gb.  The copier repair error codes sc870, sc991 and sc945 will cause your copier printer to stop scanning, faxing and emailing documents. Copier repair of the hard drive failure should only take 45 minutes or less. If you have any questions please contact Advanced Business Computers for further answers or post a question in this blog.

Digital photo copiers made by Ricoh include the Savin, Lanier and Gestetner brands. They all are identical units that use all the same parts but just are marketed under different copier names. the great par about Ricoh printer copier repair is that all the models used the same error codes so the copier repair is faster.

Here are the major error codes for the copier repairs of Ricoh, Savin, Lanier and Gestetner copier printers:

Most common copier fuser error codes:

Ricoh copier service code SC541, SC542, SC543, SC544, SC545, SC546, SC548.All of these printer copier repair codes for Ricoh Savin Lanier and Gestetner all refer to the fuser assembly having a problem. Sometimes they code can be temporarily reset, however, it will eventually come back and not go away!

Ricoh service repair error SC362, sc365, sc366, sc367,  SC860, SC861, SC862 SC863, SC864 and SC865 – this one is common if your copier has the scanner option. It means there is a problem with the hard drive. Either the hard drive needs to be formatted or completely replaced. Its the same code in the Savin, Gestetner and Lanier brands too.

Lanier error service repair code SC320, sc321, and Sc322 refers to the polygon motor and laser scanner. If you get one of these errors you most likely need a new laser scanner unit for you copier printer scanner.

The above copier printer scanner errors on Ricoh photocopiers, Gestetner copeirs,  Savin printer copiers and Lanier multi-function printer copier scanners covers 85% of all service call problems not related  to copier image problems.

If you have a different code or brand of photocopiers such as HP, Canon, Sharp, Kyocera, Toshiba and other brands please feel free to contact Advanced Business Computers Inc. for  information.

Look for additional article son other brands of copiers, printers and multi function all-in-on printer copiers.