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Why select an independent office equipment dealer?

The difference between dependent and independent dealers is important to know when a company. As an independent dealers, Advanced Business Computers Inc. is a non-quota authorized dealer for various brands of copiers, printer copier, scanners, and other office equipment.  Independent dealer of office products & equipment are not limited to any one equipment manufacturer.  However, dependent dealers are REQUIRED to meet monthly hardware selling quotas. Dependent dealers are driven to push new equipment instead of allocating your current equipment in the best manner to better control your print environment.

Advanced Business Computers Inc., as an Independent dealer, is free to give you expertise in the industry to provide you with a solution driven cost reduction approach without the pressure to sell you equipment due to quotas.  Are our prices on new equipment the lowest?  No.  No dealer can compete against manufacturer direct hard selling quota based sells people.  We are not employees of Sharp, Ricoh, HP, Kyocera and other manufacturers of  printer copier office equipment.

 Independent Dealer Advantage

As an independent manufacturer authorized dealer;  service to keep your operation running smoothly is the main focus not selling you unjustified more expensive equipment.  In addition, obtaining new equipment is not always the best fit for a company.

In many instances Dealer Select equipment is better suited for a department or cost center than higher cost new units. You may need the functionality of a new unit but your volume in a particular area may be low. Why put a high price new machine when you can have a heavier duty lower cost Dealer Select unit?  When offered this solution, clients have picked the Dealer select over high cost new units 7 to 1 since 2005! They get a heavier duty unit which means less break downs at lower cost than a new unit. This is the advantage over dependent dealers who must sell new office equipment even if you do not need it!

Yes! Advanced Business Computers is an authorized dealers for many brands of office equipment which provides you with technicians with a very broad range of talents and service certifications.  You get carefully selected  equipment from the various OEM manufacturers.  Products that meet high standards of functionality and reliability based on your needs. These choices are based on hands on experience with the actual machines. You benefit from over 25 years of experience since 1988 from technicians. Advanced Business Computers Inc. sales staff were all technicians or IT people first.

The foremost criteria for any office equipment product offered, “Is it reliable?”, because unreliable office equipment is no bargain at any price.     Selecting a office equipment hardware company is only one step in keeping our company running smoothly.  Please ask questions or request a hands on evaluation to get a better idea of how to control your company office equipment assets including employee related costs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

P.S.    Anybody can say they provide independent reliable office equipment and service – but do they? One simple call to and you will notice the difference.  The focus should be on your needs not selling equipment or locking you into long term contracts.

Basic copier printer repair service steps

Digital copier printer office equipment is like your car; it needs regular maintenance to keep running with few breakdowns while providing quality copies. Many companies tend to overlook copier printer repair maintenance steps which result in very costly repair bills. All printer copiers scanners MFD office equipment can zoom in and out paper copies, sort multiple copies and scan colors.

Add the ability to scan to email, scan to fax and scan to computers, printer copiers are essentials time saving equipment that requires maintenance to keep you office running smoothly.  As owners operators of your office equipment  you need to be aware of basic copier printer maintenance or have a copier printer technician provide the service on a regular basis. Printer copier maintenance repair should always be a priority to keep your staff running at full speed. Cleaning and emptying he waste hopper is a normal procedure that you cam do when you change the toner cartridges.. However, errors are cannot be prevented.

Here are some service steps to take when performing repair maintenance to your printer copier office equipment.

  1. Always power off and then unplug your copier printer before any maintenance steps for your safety..
  2. Use on lint free soft clothes to clean the copier printer glass and other areas when doing the copier maintenance.
  3. If you are not sure of a particular part or assembly then leave it alone.
  4. Do not spray any liquids of any type in side the unit or in gear assemblies.
  5. Always, empty the waste hopper when changing the copier printer toner. If you are not sure how to remove the waste hopper ask your copier printer service technician.
  6. Do not refill your toner cartridge unless you are absolutely sure you are using the right toner – NOT ALL TONER IS TE SAME – and you know how to remove the discharge waste toner first.
  7. Open the top cover of the machine then wipe the glass surface using the cloth.
  8. If you are having a paper jam try wiping off the paper fibers from the rollers first before calling a printer copier service technician.
  9. If he paper jam is happening near the fuser assembly be very careful not to touch the fuser assembly because on some units it gets up to 600 degree and can cause serious burns.

The copier printer maintenance repair procedures vary depending upon your equipment make and models. Most user manuals have a section on basic equipment maintenance repair procedures. As long as you perform basic maintenance you will add years to the life of your equipment and help prevent costly copier printer repair bills.

Brother toner based MFC have been in the forefront of the multi-function all in one printer scanner copiers for the since the nineties long before Hewlett Packard  and other brands.  Brother produces good quality toner based small off and home based office printer copiers that have always preform well. Brother MFC ink based ones are very popular due to low cost. This article covers the toner based MFC color all in one repair maintenance image problems.

Repairing and performing maintenance on the Brother color copier printer scanners is not difficult if you know the steps to take. First, is to determine the cause of the problem. Just like when repairing HP, Lexmark and other copier printer scanners use the process on elimination. All color printer copiers contain four toner cartridges, a set of drums, imaging unit and fuser. Depending upon what the actual image repair maintenance problem looks like will determine which part to replace.

If the printer copier repair image problem only effects one color (black lines on color pages, or getting blue streaks/spots but not yellow, black or magenta, etc.) then you can eliminate the imaging unit and the fuser as the problem.   On the Brother MFC 9840, 9440 and similar models it uses one drum unit and four separate toner cartridges.  If you are only having problems with the cyan (Blue) then you either need to replace the cyan toner or the drum unit.  If the printer repair image problem is a yellow line then its the yellow toner or drum unit. If you are having a black line then things are a bit different because the problem can be the fuser too.

Now if the image problem does not follow and one particular problem then the cause could be the drum, image unit or the fuser. Print out several pages and see if the image problem is a pattern (repeats two or more times per page) or is a print repair maintenance problem along the whole page.  The image unit rotates once per page, the drums approx 3 times and the fuser 5 times per page.

The next step is to pull out the image unit, drum unit and he fuser and try to match the printer image problem with the actual unit.  If your technician has repair and performed printer copier maintenance repair worked on the Brother and other brands such as HP, Lexmark, Ricoh and canons then over the phone they should be able to diagnose the problem with 97% accuracy without you spending a dime of your money upfront.  If they can not give you an idea and you are in South Florida contact Advanced Business Computers printer copier repair department.

What the the normal cases of lines on printer copier fax machines?  Resolving lines on pages is as easy as cleaning the glass in the adf area and as difficult to repair rebuild copier printer fuser assembly.  First, lines are caused usually caused by one of the three following printer copier repair problems: dirty glass in the scanner area, bad drum/blade,  or fuser assembly maintenance needed.  depending upon your printer copier scanner follow the following steps to determine the cause of your printer repair maintenance needs.

First, does the line show up when you are printing, copying or both? If the copier printer fax multi-function equipment is producing lines only when you fax out then the problem is the scanner glass. You will need to open the ADF (automatic document feeder) which is the part you feed the pager you are trying to copy or fax out.  Fine the scanner glass which is usually 1 inch in length and 11 to 17″ long. Cleaning the scanner glass is a regular Copier printer maintenance that does not require a technician. Remember, I am not talking about the large glass on the flat bed of your copier printer scanner.  The automatic feeder has a separate scan glass in the ADF area usually designed for easy access.

If you are getting lines if when printing or if the scanner glass is not the cause then you need to check the fuser and/or drum/developer unit of your printer copier fax multi-function device.  Depending upon you equipment this may require a copier printer repair technician to perform the task. If the line are horizontal across the page they the get a bit lighter after a few pages (you need to print several pages at one time) then its the drum unit causing the problem. If the lines are pencil thin then it is usually the drum unit too.

The fuser assembly on your copier printer may need a complete maintenance kit or replacement depending upon you model if your printer copier repair problem consist of thick lines or lines that are not solid all the way down the page.  Put out the fuser assembly and see if the upper heat roller coating is wearing away.  when repairing copier printers the technicians can determine the problem if less than 30 minutes. Remember to get certified printer copier repair maintenance service technicians. Be careful of one man operations or companies that can not explain over the phone print copier repair costs.



Here is the next batch of copier repair codes for Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier printer copier scanner MFD machines.  These copier repair maintenance error codes are actual codes to report printer copier repair problems to service technicians.

SC380 – Data transmission time out

SC381 – Charge potential abnormal

SC-382 Data transmission time out video

SC-383 VL adjustmnet error

SC-383 Data transmission time out connect copy

SC-385 ID sensor VSG adjustment error

SC-386 Data transmission time out

SC-387 Development gamma error

SC-388 Data transmission time out

SC-389 Development gamma calculation error

SC-390 CRC error/TD sensor adjustment error

SC-392 TD Sensor initial error

SC-395 Development output adnormal

SC-400 Transfer roller leak error

SC-401 Transfer output abnormal

SC-401-1 Transfer roller leak detected

SC-401-2 Transfer roller lease open

SC–402 – transfer roller leak

SC-403 Transfer belt position sensor

SC-405 – Transfer Belt position abnormal

SC-406 – Transfer roller position abnormal

May of the copier printer repair maintenance service codes are not very explanatory.  You will need the Ricoh, Savin, Lanier and Gestetner repair maintenance service manuals to determine the correct course of copier repair procedures.   The copier repair maintenance service manuals details the meaning of the codes and gives the the step by step procures to repair the copier printers.

One of the most frustrating parts of copier printer repair service is to quickly determine the meaning of error codes.  Savin, Ricoh, Gestetner and Lanier copier printer repair maintenance codes are all the same. The copiers use the same maintenance and repairs parts because all are manufactured by Ricoh corporation,

The following list of copier maintenance repair error codes are directly from the Ricoh service manuals.   If you are familiar with repairing Ricoh and Lanier copier printer them the errors codes are group by problem.  Several of the copier printer error codes are very similar.  This group of printer copier error codes from Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier copiers scanners start with copier repair error code SC184 and ends at SC306.

SC 184 CIS Transmission error

SC191 BAr code scanning error

SC192 Automated SBU adjustment error

SC193 Image transfer error/IDU error

SC194 SBU white level detection error

SC195 DF gate assert error

SC196 DF gate negate error

SC197 DF gate error

SC198 Memory address error

SC188 DF scanning finish error

SC201 Polygon motor error

SC220 Laser synchronization detection error

SC221 Scan length detection errro

SC230 BCU received no feedback from LD F-gate timeout

SC231 Laser beam feedback from LD F-gate error

SC240 LD power supply excessive

SC260 HP sensor error

SC261 HP sensor not turning off

SC285 Line position error

SC300 Charge corona output error 1

SC301 Charge corona output error 2

SC302 Charge corona output error 3 grid voltage error

SC303 Charge corona output error 4 grid leak

SC304 Charge roller current correction error

SC305 Charge corona wire cleaner error 1

SC306 Charge corona wire cleaner error 2

Next week look for another list of copier printer repair maintenance error codes for Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier brands of printer copier scanners.  if you have printer repair or copier repair questions please post a question here or contact Advanced Business Computers Inc in Miami Florida for more repair help and problem solving.

Ricoh savin gestetner Lanier Fuser Errors

One of the most common copier printer repair problem is related to the fuser assembly. Often questions are asked about replacing the units verses obtaining the PM kit or fuser repair parts for copiers printers.  On a small number of some model copier printers by Rich, Lanier, Gestetner, Savin, Sharp, Canon and other copeir printer scanners the user can actually replace the fuser fixing assembly.  the fuser or fixing assembly (both are the same thing) is the part that uses heat and pressure to fuse (Melt) the toner onto the paper.

The fuser contains gears, rollers, thermal control devices and heating elements. if you get a fuser error code many times it is cause by the copier printer thermistor or thermostat failure inside the fuser assembly. On most models the copier printer repair consists of replacing 2 to 3 thermal control devices. This requires complete dis-assembly of the fuser assembly which is not something most people can do on their own unless they are trained copier printer certified repair technicians. teh average time to do this task is 1 to 1.5 hours with copier repair parts ranging from $60 to $100 dollars depending upon your copier printer scanner model.

The second cause of fuser failure is worn out parts. This requires a complete copier printer fuser repair overhaul or replacement.  On some models the solutions is just to swap the fuser assembly to repair the copier printer problem which can be accomplished by a end user with limited repair skills.  However, with many copier printer scanner models by Ricoh, Canon, Toshiba, Savin, Gestetner, Lanier and other brands there is a maintenance kit design specifically to rebuild the fuser assembly. The maintenance kit requires a certified copier printer repair technicians to install and adjust. The repair takes approximately 1.5 hours with parts costs $290 to $500 depending upon your model and manufacture of the copier printer.

The copier printer maintenance kit usually contains 95% of all the wear and tear parts in the fuser assembly. Some additional parts that may be need are the fuser bushings, cleaning webs and fuser drive gears.  yes, you can purchase a whole fuser instead of the maintenance kit but be warned the whole fuser assemblies are very very expensive. The average costs of a complete fuser assembly on a mid size copier printers is usually $600 to over $1000 not including the labor to install and adjust the equipment. If your copier printer has a fuser error or paper jam at the fuser them it needs maintenance.  If you have questions please contact Advanced Business Computers or ask it on this blog for a quick response.  Copier printer parts and maintenance is important to keep your business running smoothly. Ask for a copier printer maintenance agreement service quote before you have problems to avoid expensive repairs.

HP Miantenance Kits Installation and service

HP maintenance kits are design fro end user installation.  The printer repair kit consists of the majority of the wear and tear parts that causes a printer service repair problem.  The parts included in the kit includes the printer fuser assembly, hp cassette pick up rollers, printer separation rollers and corona transfer roller. when installing the HP printer repair maintenance kit you should always disconnected the printer first and allow the fuser to cool down before removing.

Once the HP printer power is off and the laser printer cooled down remove the fuser assembly  repair part from the rear of the HP printer.  If you are saving money on the printer maintenance kit but sending back he fuser core make sure you wrap it back in the original packing that came with eh new/rebuilt printer fuser assembly from the maintenance kit.

Next remove the transfer corona using the blue plastic tool provided withe kit or another tool to pop up the old printer corona roller. The corona transfer roller is the part that charges the paper so it will accept the toner. Make sure both ends of the printers maintenance kit corona transfer roller are in place before closing the printer lid.

The last HP maintenance repair kit parts to replace are the paper pick up rollers and the separation rollers or pads depending upon your hp printer scanner copier model.  The paper pick up rollers and the separation pads work together to pickup and squeeze one sheet of paper at a time from the paper tray and drawers.  depending upon your HP printer model you may need to order extra sets of paper pick up rollers and separation rollers/pads when you do the printer repair. If  saving on your printer maintenance interest you plus get a longer warranty than HP’s 30 days contact Advanced Business Computers for a quote.  Depending upon your model you will get a 3 to 6 month warranty on the printer maintenance kit with the return of the fuser. if you have any printer repair questions please post them here fro a quick response!

The economy has created a big win fall for Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Canon and other manufacturers of printers and copiers. They know companies are buying the lower costs printer scanner copier machines thinking they are reducing costs.  However, they fail to realize that they are saving a few dollars at first and then paying through the nose for the supplies!

We just receive a call from a new client. The own a Canon D880 copier and a HP M1522 printer which they recently purchased (3 months ago).  they purchased these units because they were low in cost but they did not take into account the cost of the supplies and how often they will need to purchase cartridges.

They are purchasing one Canon D880 toner and three HP M1522 toners per month.  They are spending approximately $297 per month on just supplies to produce 6,000 to 7,500 pages of print.  In other words, they are supping as much every month in supplies as the machines cost!   Plus, when something goes wrong, printer repair or Copier service, the low end machines are not worth fixing.  It’s better to get a higher end business class machine that is low in cost to use and designed for many years of use.

What did they do? They opted to get a Kyocera KM-2560 for $210 per month including all printer copier supplies, repairs, parts etc and then they gave their HP printer and Canon to a local church as a write off.  Unless you are producing less than 2,000 pages per month you will save with the proper copier printer lease.  Business class office equipment saves companies money and headaches in the long run.  Ff you are not sure contact us to get a free over the phone evaluation on whether its better to buy a low end copier printer fax or a higher end copier printer  scanner.

Computer Printer repair service Q & A

Computer repair printer service solutions. Questions received from clients concerning their computer problems, copier maintenance, networking help and other printer fax service.

Q: Between laptop and notebook, which of the two computers comes with the greatest amount and secondary storage?

A: This is a common question that is a bit confusing to many people. It depends on what you are calling a notebook verses a laptop. If you are referring to the ultra thing notebooks, ipads or very small notebooks that do not use a hard drive to store information then they hold less than regular larger units.

Your computer has two types of storage: temporary memory (RAM) and storage memory.  The storage memory can be in a form of a hard drive, flashcard, USB drive, CD, DVD or other memory card.

Most laptops except for the very thin ones or very small devices have a hard drive as storage. If the notebooks you are comparing use a hard drive then they both can house as much as the other.

Check the actual drive storage amount 160Gb, 250gb, 300gb, etc.

RAM, temp memory is usually 1gb, 2gb, 3gb or 4gb.

Q: Printer Copier repair problem: Is printer copier maintenance need and what goes bad if not done on a regular basis?

A: Your Copier, printer, scanner and fax equipment are just like your car: they need regular maintenance to prevent premature repairs.  Dirt, paper fiber and toner builds up in the machine can cause excessive wear on the drums, rollers and fuser assembly.

The average fuser assembly repair on a HP printer is $277. On a Ricoh, Sharp, and Canon copiers it’s $465 (average). Some brands and models are much higher.. Drums and developer units on copier printers are just as expensive. Fusers and drums are designed to last 20K, 5K, 120k or more (Kyocera 250K) pages between replacements. However if your machine is not properly maintained their life is greatly reduced.

Even toner cartridges on printers will have shorter lives if you do not get regular maintenance.  Ask Advanced Business Computers the printer copier maintenance steps needed to prevent repair problems. Just like a car tune-up, your copier printer scanner needs regular service maintenance to prolong the life of the printer copier and to prevent expensive printer repairs.