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Whether you are seeking to replace equipment coming off-lease, or are in the process of beginning a new business or work site; office equipment is essential to keeping a well-running space. However, finding the best printer copier scanner equipment at a great price can be frustrating. Due to the rising costs of such office equipment, many clients are choosing durable a gently used printer copier scanner on the market instead of leasing or buying new. If you are in the market for new office equipment, consider the advantages of buying gently used copiers over new office equipment.

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Copier printer dealer Select

Dealer Select copier printer scanner lease certified MFD equipment is a business class, low page meter, demo units or slightly used copiers, multi-function that are true work horses designed for millions of pages. Lease certified Dealer Select units have been well maintained and guaranteed to be quality certified for lease. Certification requires each machine to be completely checked by certified technicians, rollers, gears, belts, drums, toners, fusers, pads, and other normal wear parts replaced. They have to have LOW current meter page count – under 3 months of actual duty cycle usage.

Lease certified dealer Select gives you the assurance that the equipment you receive will be trouble free and provide many years of quality service. You will save 35% to 57% off the price of a new unit by selecting certified lease printer copier dealer select units. Plus, most of the time the Dealer Select is a higher end model than the new ones quoted!

All dealer select unit have full 100% warranty on all equipment from 90 days to 5 years. You are 100% covered for all parts and labor. Advanced Business Computers will deliver and install the unit. This insures that the equipment is certified for warranty!

All dealer select refurbished copiers printers come with fresh Supplies – Why pay a cent more for supplies? These certified used Copier Printer Scanner MFD machines will arrive ready to run! Completely refurbished by certified technicians. All printers, faxes and MFD’s go through a 67 point reconditioning process. Simply put, all equipment is rigorously inspected, parts replaced, and system tested to greatly reduce problems and hassles so they are certified lease ready. Most office equipment companies do not offer leases on refurbished units. However, these Dealer Select refurbished copiers and MFD’s are different. Advanced Business Computers Inc. dealer select copier printer scanners are 100% certified lease approved.


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Great office equipment support and service

Why select an independent office equipment dealer?

The difference between dependent and independent dealers is important to know when a company. As an independent dealers, Advanced Business Computers Inc. is a non-quota authorized dealer for various brands of copiers, printer copier, scanners, and other office equipment.  Independent dealer of office products & equipment are not limited to any one equipment manufacturer.  However, dependent dealers are REQUIRED to meet monthly hardware selling quotas. Dependent dealers are driven to push new equipment instead of allocating your current equipment in the best manner to better control your print environment.

Advanced Business Computers Inc., as an Independent dealer, is free to give you expertise in the industry to provide you with a solution driven cost reduction approach without the pressure to sell you equipment due to quotas.  Are our prices on new equipment the lowest?  No.  No dealer can compete against manufacturer direct hard selling quota based sells people.  We are not employees of Sharp, Ricoh, HP, Kyocera and other manufacturers of  printer copier office equipment.

 Independent Dealer Advantage

As an independent manufacturer authorized dealer;  service to keep your operation running smoothly is the main focus not selling you unjustified more expensive equipment.  In addition, obtaining new equipment is not always the best fit for a company.

In many instances Dealer Select equipment is better suited for a department or cost center than higher cost new units. You may need the functionality of a new unit but your volume in a particular area may be low. Why put a high price new machine when you can have a heavier duty lower cost Dealer Select unit?  When offered this solution, clients have picked the Dealer select over high cost new units 7 to 1 since 2005! They get a heavier duty unit which means less break downs at lower cost than a new unit. This is the advantage over dependent dealers who must sell new office equipment even if you do not need it!

Yes! Advanced Business Computers is an authorized dealers for many brands of office equipment which provides you with technicians with a very broad range of talents and service certifications.  You get carefully selected  equipment from the various OEM manufacturers.  Products that meet high standards of functionality and reliability based on your needs. These choices are based on hands on experience with the actual machines. You benefit from over 25 years of experience since 1988 from technicians. Advanced Business Computers Inc. sales staff were all technicians or IT people first.

The foremost criteria for any office equipment product offered, “Is it reliable?”, because unreliable office equipment is no bargain at any price.     Selecting a office equipment hardware company is only one step in keeping our company running smoothly.  Please ask questions or request a hands on evaluation to get a better idea of how to control your company office equipment assets including employee related costs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

P.S.    Anybody can say they provide independent reliable office equipment and service – but do they? One simple call to and you will notice the difference.  The focus should be on your needs not selling equipment or locking you into long term contracts.

Business color copier printer scanner use to be an expensive ordeal for companies. companies when to traditional providers such as Canon, Ricoh and Minolta. However, Okidata has broken the mold with a cost effective color copier printer scanner MFD that not only lower in cost but produces color pages that revival and in many cases better that Sharp, Canon and Minolta. The ES9465/ES9475 is a true business class color and black & white printing/copying/scanning with optional high-speed fax. It’s a feature rich device that was designed for companies who need color but not the traditional price tag

The Okidata copier printers are fast up to 50 ppm/cpm in color  with the first page out within  6.1 seconds in Color. Okidata uses LED technology that create precise color images rated at 225,000 pages per month.  Plus, you do not need a technician to replace normal consumables such as the drums, toners and developers – no tools required!

The ES9465/ES9475  offer standard duplex (2-sided) print-and-copy capability standard, and can handle heavier paper stock (up to 100 lb. cover/280 gsm). Plus, they can produce banners which Ricoh’s, Canon, Minolta, Toshiba’s and other brands wish they could do!

Complete the job professionally with an optional multi-staple or saddle-stitch finisher and hole punch unit. If floor space is a concern, there’s even a finisher that fits inside the ES94655 itself, providing automatic stapling without adding to the MFP’s footprint. Plus, record what works: the hard disk drive can securely store specific print copy, scan and finishing settings as templates.

The Okidata ES9465/ES9475 Color A3 MFPs from Okidata: fast print and copy speeds, breathtaking output, unmatched technology. What more could you ask for? Contact Advanced Business Computers Inc now for more details and answer to your equipment needs including leasing and maintenance programs.

Here are some copier leasing questions that are commonly asked.  What is better to lease or buy printer copier office equipment?  First, you determine you means and the desires.  How many pages are you copying and printing with your current office copiers, printers and fax machines. Do you expect the monthly volume to increase or decrease?  How many people will  use the leased copier printer equipment? Here are some more printer copier leasing questions you should ask.  These will help you better determine your needs and expenses.

1.  What size paper are you using? If you plan to use 11 x17 to print double size remember these count as two (2) pages when calculating your monthly page count on your copier printer scanner equipment

2.  Who is doing the printer copier repair service and how do they respond. If the company offers software to help track paper jams, page counts and other issues then use it to reduce your time involvement in chasing technicians and supplies.  So companies offer this service but you need to make sure if they do offer it they monitor  copier printer status so you do not need to chase for supplies and service.

3.  Many printer copier leasing companies charge you shipping charges for supplies. Check your copier printer lease agreement. Unless it says you page for shipping do not. This is just a way for companies to penny pinch you. A fee cents her and a few cents there add up over time.

4.  Is there any charge for making scans on the office equipment? More and more companies are starting to charge for excessive scanning. Remember scanning does use the equipment and excessive scanning will cause the units to need repairs sooner.

5.  What happens at the end of the printer copier lease makes a difference.  Do you need to pay for the return of the equipment? Do you own the equipment for a dollar ($1 buyout) or FMV (fair market value)?  Do not assume that if you need to return the equipment it is local. 95% of the time you need to SHIP the equipment and it can cost several hundreds of dollars.

6.  Remember you will need insurance to cover damage to the lease copier printer scanner office equipment by fire, water, etc.  Most companies have content insurance so you are most likely covered already.  If not, remember you are liable for any damage to the equipment.

7.  Any extra fees you are not aware of when leasing a copier printer? Other items to address up front are lease administration fees, UCC filing fees, delivery and setup, network connectivity, fuel surcharges, color calibration and system overhauls.

The Lease Versus Buy office printer argument

There are a multitude of reasons why leasing your business copier printer  equipment versus buying outright with cash is the best choice for your business. Small businesses especially are better able to manage the cost of expensive office equipment such as copiers, printer scanners, shredders and maintenance that is essential to operate daily and be successful when offered a monthly payment plan rather than coming out of pocket for the full amount all at once. When you lease verses buy with cash, you improve cash flow leaving your business better equipped to handle the debilitating effects of a sluggish economy and other unpredictable events that prevent your business from rising to the top of your industry.

Advantage of Lease Versus Buy

One of the biggest advantages of leasing printer copiers equipment is the ability to conserve cash, and leave bank lines of credit untouched which should be used for the daily operations of business. Cash, plain and simple, once it’s gone, it’s gone, you can’t get it back, so it just doesn’t make good sense to deplete cash reserves unnecessarily without first looking at the alternative purchase option leasing offers your business. Leasing is 100 % financed with low monthly payments over a long term. Generally 24, 36, 48 and 60 month copier printer leasing terms are available with lower up front cost than with traditional financing methods, allowing your business to choose from new top of the line equipment and even used office equipment can be leased.

Office equipment Capital Lease or Operating Lease

Depending on your cash flow needs and the type of revenue producing equipment needed for your operational structure, you will need to decide whether to finance the equipment in the form of a capital lease, or have use of the equipment through an operating lease. It is important to appraise these two types of lease financing with each type having a number of differences to consider before deciding which type of copier or office equipment  lease option is a better fit for your business.

The operating lease is useful when the business or company requires leased or rent copier printers scanners  office  equipment for a given period of time after which the equipment gets returned to the leasing company. Such an option has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the main drawback would affect your business in case the equipment is not likely to get too old within its industry. On the other hand, if the industry in which it is used in which aged equipment does not make a big and negative impact, this option is well worth considering.

The copier scanner fax printer lease option is one in which your company or business will be accounting for equipment that is being leased as if it were purchased outright. When the term of the lease expires, your company would most likely have a nominal buy-out option giving ownership of the equipment to your business.

Want to learn more about your options with Advanced Business Computers Office equipment leasing and the business to business services provided? Our team of knowledgeable experts stands ready to work with you to get your business on the road to success.

What does factory certified mean when purchasing a refurbished used recondition copier printer scanner?  Certified Factory Pre-owned equipment consists of 100% certified equipment by factory authorized service technicians. The used copier printer scanners o through a rigorous testing, inspection, part and replacement process before they are approved for on-site warranty. Only the cream of the crop used copiers printers scanners are certified.

Why should I Look at the Duty Cycle – All printers copiers have a duty cycle assigned by the manufacturer. Duty cycle is a number of pages per month the printer was designed to print (maximum number of pages). In the real world black/white copier printers with a duty cycle of fewer than 60K per month or color printers less than 50K per month are considered home or very small office devices. Many people look at the pages per minute rate to determine if the device is durable. This is a BIG mistake. The speed of the printer copier scanner office equipment and the duty cycle are two very different specifications. There are many low end printers that print 25 to 35 pages per minute, however; they are very easy to break and designed for the home use. Plus, the low end printers are very expensive to maintain (high per page supply costs.)

Simply put: Certified Pre-owned used printer copier equipment gives you more for your money, lower operating costs and longer equipment life. It’s a great alternative to cost high end equipment or cheap easy to break low end machines.

Copier printer repair first step in problem resolution is to determine the actual error.  If you plan to repair copiers or printer copier multi function office equipment then having a current list of error codes is essential.  Once you understand the copier repair error you can either opt or make sure your copier repair technician is qualified to do the work.

Before you choose a copier repair technician or maintenance company test their knowledge.  Call the copier printer repair company ask give them the error code and see if they can quickly determine what the printer copier repair error code means and provide a valid solution.  Do worry if the copier printer repair company say they need to see the machine first before they will give you a possible solution. Qualified copier printer repair facilities haev the ability to give phone quotes. be very careful of ones who can not.

Here is the next batch of error repair codes for Savin, Gestetner, Ricoh and Lanier copier printer scanner machines.

SC310 Potential sensor calibration error 1

SC311  Potential sensor calibration error 2

SC312  Potential sensor calibration error 3

SC314  Potential sensor calibration error 4

SC315  Potential sensor calibration error 5

SC316  Potential sensor calibration error 6

SC317  Potential sensor calibration error 7

SC320 Poylgon motor error/lock

SC321 Nolaser writing signal F-gate error 1

SC322 1st laser synchronization signal error

SC323 LD drive current over

SC324 Drive current over

SC325 Magnification correction error

SC326 2nd laser synchronization error

SC327 LD unit home position error 1

SC328 LD unit home position error 2

SC329 LD unit home position error3

SC320 LD unit no intial setting

SC321 LD unit home position error 4

SC332 LD unit present position error

sc335 Polygonal mirror motor error 1

sc336 Polygonal mirror motor error 2

sc337 Polygonal mirror motor error 3

sc338 Polygonal mirror motor error 4

Copier printer repair maintenance error codes are usually bunched in groups. You will notice several of the above printer copier service repair codes all related to the polygonal motor (laser motor).   This simplifies the repair of  copiers for copier printer technicians.  Advanced Business Computers Inc in Miami Florida will help with your repair problem with one simple phone call 305 477-2320 or send them an email for additional help with your Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner or Lanier copier printer scanners repairs and maintenance.

The following is a partial list of Service repair codes for Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier. I will list other Ricoh repair error service codes in the in groups in during the following few weeks as time permits. If you have a particular Lanier Ricoh Savin or Gestetner error code you need to be defined to repair your copier printer scanner please post a question.

The copier repair codes and printer service codes were derived from the service manuals from Ricoh Lanier. If you are familiar with repairing Ricoh and Lanier copier printer them you know that Ricoh, Lanier, Savin and Gestetner are all the same machines but with different names. They use the same repair parts and share the same copier printer error codes.

The first group of Rioch Savin Gestetner and Lanier copier printer scanner repair codes include mostly services codes related to the scanner portion.

SC101 Exposure lamp error

SC107 Sacnner Lamp regulator Malfunction

SC120 Scanner home position error 1

SC121 Scanner home position error 2

SC 122 Scanner home position error 3

SC123 Scanner home position error 4

SC125 Scanner motor speed error 1

SC126 Scanner motor speed error 2

SC127 Scanner motor encoder rotating direction error

SC128 Scanner motor start erro

SC129 Scanner motor speed control error

SC130 SBU defective error/Scanner start adnormal

SC131 F-Gate assert during shading

SC142 White level detection error

SC143 SBU auto adjust error

SC144 SBU connection error

SC150 Scanner Rom mistmatch

SC170 Scanner DAJ adnormal error1

SC172 Scanner DAJ adnormal error 2

SC173 Scanner lamp regulator adjustment error

SC174 Scanner DA2 adnormal

SC182 CIS lamp adnormal

SC183 CIS auto adjust error

The next set of error copier printer repair for the Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier service problems will be posted next week.  If you need further assistance to repair your copier printer by Ricoh Gestetner Savin or Lanier contact Advanced Business Computers. Comments and additions are always welcome.