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Kyocera the leader in durable business class copier printers releases Kyocera FS-6530 replaces the CS-305.  Standard copier printer features include Network Print, Copy and Color Scan with optional Fax/network fax.

The Kyocera ECOSYS FS-6530MFP provides the superior functionality and quality printyour customers need in a conveniently small device design.   Kyocera’s advanced, award-winning ECOSYS technology is well regarded as a cost-effective and highly reliable solution. The Kyocera FS-6530MFP MFP assures that your most critical document imaging demands are satisfied budget friendly and virtually worry-free. This copier printer is designed for advanced reliability while reducing the environmental impact and cutting printing costs. The FS-6530 printer copier scanner is a reliable partner for workgroups that require a high level of functionality, ease-of-use and represents the smart choice for eco-friendly, cost-conscious offices.

The capabilities of the FS-6530MFP can be enhanced with unique and scalable business applications, powered by HyPAS –Kyocera’s powerful software development platform. These applications, developed by Kyocera or by our third-party solution partners, allow your business to further optimize your ECOSYS MFPs’ “out-of-the-box” performance. Kyocera applications transform your multifunctional printer into a powerful resource that suits your existing document imaging and workflow needs today, as well as delivers the flexibility you need for tomorrow. The is a true business class full size printer copier MFD that is designed for offices that produce 20,000 to 30,000 page per month with a duty cycle of 100,000 pages.

Fs-1135 specifications and testing

The Kyocera FS-1135 new MFD come is a durable machine in the sub $1000 range. It comes with all the features may small business need including printer, copying, scanning, fax and low cost of usage. The

FS-1135mfd comes standard network printing, copy and color scanning functions. It’s a highly efficient desktop letter/legal multifunctional printer that’s compact and quiet. The standard document processor feeds reliably and improves your productivity. The Copystar FS1135MFP is designed with ultra reliable ECOSYS technology the 30 ppm FS-1135MFP is a MFP that small business copier scanner printer and work groups can rely on everyday. And with its long life drum, toner and easy to replace toner container you will enjoy a low total cost of ownership compared to typical all in one models.  All in all, the Copystar FS 1135 is a business machine at a bargain price.

Kyocera has always created low operating cost equipment well made and this one is no exception.  The FS-1135mfd provides per page cost of less than $0.01 (one cent)per page including toner and the 100,000page maintenance kit.  Upon testing the unit its compatible with all operation systems tested including Mac computers.  The Kyocera Copystar FS-1135 copier printer scanner quality prints and scans and best of all it comes standard with duplex (two sided printing, scanning).


Along with the recent release of the Kyocera color FS-C2626MFD and the FS-c2526MFP, Kyocera release a new high end heavy duty lost cost to operate desktop model. The FS-3640MFP and the FS-3540 bridges the gap between the full size floor models Taskalfa series and the desktop printer copier scanners. Its designed to customers that do not need 11 x 17 size pages but require a heavy duty desktop with a floor model option with all the features of the larger machines.

Kyocera has always been the low cost to operate leader in the industry.  Their long life maintenance kits combined with toner cartridges that last 15,000 pages  gives them an edge over HP, Okidata, Lexmark and other brands.  Standard features of the Kyocera printer copier scanner fax include duplex (two sided copy, scan  and printing), true gigabit network connected, 50 page radf , 4.3″ user friendly touch screen control panel, print speed of 42 pages per minute, USB connection, scan to computer, scan to email, scan to network,  network print and much more.

FS-3640 and FS-3540 heavy duty copier printer scanner

The Kyocera copier printer scanner fax FS-3640 and FS-3540 only difference is the fax abilities. If you need a fax then choose the FS-3540 model.  It’s designed for people who have scan and distribute mission critical information to process and it is HyPAS ready for a company wide solution which use to be only available on the larger more expensive machines.

Security is a big issues when due to government regulations and client legal concerns. The Kyocera printer copier scanner fax comes with network used authentication integrated with a user-authentication adding more layers of functionality to improve security and accountability needs.  Ad than with the green approach of longer life maintenance kits and less intrusive toner supplies makes Kyocera the world leader in Eco friendly equipment.



Kyocera keeps winning awards topping just about all other manufacturers for their line of MFD (multi function devices). There newest models printer copier scanner fax  color units has edged into the high machine slots with one exception 11 x17 pages. If you are looking for a medium duty color printer copier scanner fax and you print up to legal size then this is a major contender.

Kyocera has long been recognized for the best medium to heavy duty desktop printer copier fax scanners due to their low cost to operate and maintain while producing great quality documents.  No other company in the industry even comes close to their warranty on there regular maintenance item. they are the only company in the industry that warranties tier maintenance kits for 300 to 5000 pages depending upon the model. HP, Lexmark, Okidata, Canon, Sharp, and other manufactures either offer a 30 day warranty or NO warranty on their printer copier fax scanner repair maintenance kits. Why is this important? Because beyond the toner the cost then next biggest expense and cause of copier printer scanner failures are the maintenance kit items: fuser, drum, and developer parts.  traditional copier manufacturer companies such as Ricoh, Sharp, Canon, Toshiba, Minolta and other do not warranty their maintenance items beyond the initial installation. They expect you to have a maintenance program with your repair service provider otherwise you are out of luck if the maintenance items fails once placed in your copier printer scanner fax.

The difference between the  Kyocera FS-C2526 and FS-c2526 is that the FS-C2626 comes standard withe a fax option.  All are designed with a touch screen control panel for ease of use, long life low costs supplies, duplex (two sided) printing, 50 sheet RADF for two sided copying/faxing, gigabyte network speed connection, and HyPas plus many options when you need to expand. Plus, most important an optional security package gives you what you need for sensitive document protection.

Many companies feel you need a floor model unit fro the copier printer fax scanner to last many years.  Or they look at the page speed to determine the durability of the unit. These are both big mis-conceptions.  Speed has no bearing on durability if it did then a sports car would win a collision withe a utility truck! Get the right fit for your business by getting the best printer copier scanner based on your needs. Bypass the hype and get a true solution that takes into account the equipment costs, maintenance and daily usage.

The Copystar CS-3035, CS-4035, and CS-5035 are the same models as the Kyocera KM series (KM-3035, KM-4035, and cs-5035). They are both manufactured and distributor BY Kyocera corporation. They use the same copier print repair parts, maintenance kits, Drum units, and other internal components.  Eventual as with any copier printer, they need maintenance and replacement of parts. One to the main copier printer repairs parts consist of the drum unit. The drum that the Kyocera or Copystar copier printer scanner creates the image and then transfers the image onto the actual paper.

If you are having a fuzzy image problem, lines and/or back ground gray areas then the drum could be the cause of the problem. Usually, this requires a service technician or somebody with some knowledge of copier printer repair and adjustment to resolve. However, you can do the actual replacement yourself. The first step is to do a cleaning of he drum unit to se if the problem goes away or is reduced.

A basic kind of drum maintenance is drum refresh.  The process you are going to attempt is the “drum refresh” process that clears away debris from the drum area.  One that is done you will need to manually perform the copier printer transfer roller grid maintenance.

Here are the steps to doing the Kyocera Copystar drum refresh maintenance process:

  1. Load paper into the MP tray on the right side of the Kyocera or Copystar model you want to repair. Use standard size or 11 x 17 size paper (11 x 17” I preferred to do a better cleaning).
  2. Using the touch screen on the copier printer and select basic to get the screen back to the original screen.
  3. No press the “Default setting/Counter” button above the number 1 key on the key pad – not on the touch screen.
  4. On the touch screen select “User Adjustment” feature.
  5. Select “Drum refresh” option on the screen . Make sure you already loaded the paper onto the MP tray.
  6. Now press the “On” option located on the screen bottom right corner
  7. The Drum refresh process should start. This copier printer maintenance task will take a few minutes. Be patient.  Once the process is completed you can close / end out the screens selections to get back to the “Basic” screen.

Now its time to manually perform the copier printer repair maintenance step of cleaning the transfer corona. This copier printer repair process is easy to accomplish.

  1. Open the front cover and look for a blue brush/plastic piece that is usually on the door. If you do not fine t then get several cotton q-tip swab. DO NOT use your fingers or cloths that will leave fibers!!
  2. Now look on the right side of the copier and pull open the top access door.
  3. You will see the transfer roller assembly which you will need to clean. The transfer roller is a black (sometimes turns gray) sponge roller.
  4. Now put everything back together and make sure you put the blue brush back.

Now run several test prints to see if the image improves. If it does not improve then you will need a certified Kyocera Copystar copier printer service repair technician to adjust the unit and possibly replace parts.

Recently several clients asked if the Copystar and the Kyocera repair maintenance consist of the same service parts.  The simple answer is YES. Kyocera and copystar are one and the same company.  Kyocera, now know as Mita-Kyocera, is a leading manufacture of copier printer scanner multi-function equipment.  Plus, they have a fantastic line of laser printers  with many options you can not find with HP, Okidata, and other manufacturers.

Now back to the maintenance kits. The Kyocera maintenance kits contain 95% of all parts that cause problems with the printer copier.  Most of Kyocera repair kits contain the developer unit, drum unit, fuser, transfer roller, tray 1 & 2 pick up rollers, separation rollers, fuser cleaning wand and other repair parts.

One thing technicians have notices is the the maintenance kits for the Printers are more costly than the ones for the copier printers.  However, some of the printer repairs parts in the maintenance kit are the same as in the copier printer scanner. Example: FS-9500 series is uses many of the same pars as the KM-5035.  Some of the Kyocera printer FS-9100 series uses the same parts as the kyocera copystar copier printer KM-5030. The Kyocera repair maintenance kits for the KM series are less costly then the FS series even though the KM equipment is more costly.

Kyocera and copystar service technicians have the ability to use either maintenance kit but they need to make sure the part are exactly the same.  However, if you plan to register the maintenance kit to receive full warranty then you are force to get the specific kyrocera maintenance repair kit design for your device even if its more expensive.

Whether you plan to do the Kyocera repair maintenance kit instillation yourself or need additional help contact us via this blog or our website.  The proper installation of the maintenance kits for the copier printer scanner is  critical to keeping your Kyocera printer or Copystar copier printer in good working order.

What’s in a Kyocera Copystar Maintenance Repair Kit?

Do you own a Kyocera copier printer or Copystar copier printer scanner? Kyocera copiers including the Copystar copier brand of Kyocera, has the industries best approach to equipment maintenance. Instead of having multiple maintenance kits at various intervals they created one Kyocera maintenance repair kit with a huge interval between replacements (up to 300,000 pages).

The Copystar Kits and the Kyocera repair maintenance kits contain 95% of all parts that present problems with copier printer scanner equipment. The maintenance kit contains the fuser assembly, Kyocera drum, developer, transfer charge rollers, paper feed rollers, separation rollers and other wear and tear parts.

When the technician installs the maintenance kit during the Kyocera or Copystar copier repair service maintenance call they should perform several procedures beyond just replacing the parts in the Kyocera maintenance kit.  Addition steps during the copier printer maintenance service repair call include complete cleaning of the machine, lubrication of drive gears, color adjustment and final test of all the functions of the Kyocera copier printer scanner.

The complete copier printer maintenance repair service call will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.  The Kyocera and Copystar maintenance kits currently range $500 to $795 depending upon the model of the Kyocera printer copier.

If you need help installing a maintenance kit the go to Advanced Business Computers Inc. request a free over the phone quote to solve your copier printer repair problem for Kyocera and Copystar brands.

Even get a complete new printer copier maintenance delivered directly to your facility. Contact Advanced Business Computers Inc. now!

Kyocera Copystar Maintenace Kit repair

The Kyocera copier printers and all in one equipment is considered one of the best copier scanners in the industry for reliability and duty cycle (durability).  The most of the Kyocera KM and Copystar CS line have a duty cycle between maintenance cycles of 300.000 pages. That far and above Most of Canon copiers 80K, Ricoh copiers 150K, and Toshiba 60K maintenance cycles.

The company of Mita owes the Kycoera and Copystar brands. This articles concerns the Mita Kyocera and the Mita Copystar copiers only.

What’ s in the Kyocera and Copystar repair maintenance kit?

The Kyocera maintenance kits contains 95% off all the wear and tear parts. Both the Mita Kyocera copier repair and the Copystar repair maintenance kits are the exact same parts.  The kit contains the fuser, developer, drum unit, corona rollers, paper pickup roller and separation rollers.  Plus the Mita Kyocera copier repair kit comes other material for handling the parts.

It is recommended that an authorized Mita Kyocera copier repair technicians install the kit? Yes.  Beyond installing the parts the equipment needs cleaning, lubrication and adjustments once the copier maintenance kit is installed.  It’s takes a copier repair service technician approximately 1.5 hours to complete the installation and copier maintenance steps.

What’s the cost of a maintenance kit?

This varies by company. The range is From $597 to $947 not including the installation and copier repair maintenance.  If you have a copier lease maintenance program or copier maintenance agreement then the copier repair maintenance Kit is usually included.

If you need a copier maintenance kit for Kyocera, Ricoh, Sharp or other brand for copier repair please contact Advanced Business Computers Inc.

Copiers and MFD Equipment: Which One is right for you in Miami and in Other Areas of the USA!

Color copiers printers, all in one printers, and other office equipment are increasingly adding features. The traditional lines between the copier and printer equipment industry is blurring.  What the difference between a copier based printer or a printer all in one? Which color copier printer or laser printer is best for your business?

First, you need to know a few facts: who makes what laser printer or digital copier. In the digital copier industry there few players than you think. Ricoh copiers are the exact same (made by the same company) as Lanier, Gestetner and Savin.  Kyocera copier all in one’s are the exact same as the Copystar.  HP laser printers are actually Canon based. Dell’s color printers are Samsung or Fuji/Xerox. The Dell black and white printers are made by Lexmark. IBM are Lexmark printers too!

Many copier companies in Miami and South Florida specialize in one or two brands. The copier leasing companies have a vested interest just to sell there brands.  That is why you need to do your homework. If a copier company only represent one brand how can they be unbiased as to what’s best for you?

Look online or ask for the Bti, Bertl and copier “better buys for business” rewards. The copier printer and all in one awards is a starting place.  Next look at the durability of the laser printer or digital copier your leasing.  When does the hp printer or Kyocera copier require maintenance kits (at what page count)? Some brands of copier printer all in ones require several maintenance kits others only one.

When is your copier equipment lease up in Miami? Do you have a lump sum or 1$ buy-out clause at the end of the lease? What is the current value of the copier in Miami? What is the estimated life of the copier printer scanner?  Most of these questions are simple to determine with a few keystrokes on the internet.

Get all the answer before you commit to a lease or used copier printer.   Ask questions. Look at the terms. Know you digital copier and printer page counts. Be very careful not to fail in the low ball tactics of some copier printer leasing companies.

Request your 100% FREE copy of . . . .

“What Copiers Companies Do Not Want You to Know that Doubles Your Costs Almost Behind Your Back!

(87% of the companies get fooled by copiers companies in Miami – are you one of them?)

If you have may questions please feel free to contact us.  See our website for additional information. Feel free to call us or request help through our blog or go ahead to our website or call us for a quick response.

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