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Best color desktop copier printer scanner

desktop copier printer

Brother Color MFC in image

The best desktop copier printer may not be the brand you most recognize.   Many companies think first about cost of office equipment and never check on reliability and cost of supplies.  First of all we will not discuss ink-based printer copiers.  Only toner based units were considered since they are much more reliable and lower in cost to repair including cost per page.  If you are doing 3..10 pages per day and are more concerning with the cost of the unit then the reliability and cost to use then stop reading this article.

Device vs long term costs of desktop copier printers

The general rule of thumb is that desktop copier printers scanners cost to operate is directly related to the cost of the device. Its worth it to spend a few more dollars to lower your operating costs.  This is a industry standard wide rule and its 100% true.  You need to first determine the amount of pages you are planing to produce (copy, faxes received and prints form computer).


Advanced Business Computers considered three brands considered were HP, Brother and Okidata.   HP is the most recognizable name but everybody in the industry knows HP does not make their machines. HP uses canon based engines (inner parts) and design plastic to go around the unit.  Brother and Okidata make their units. None of then brands are 100% USA made.

   Which Brands of desktop copier scanner printer should you get?

The cost per page between the three brands are very cost with HP and Brother beating out Okidata.  Okidata is the only one that gives you the ability to produce banners as long as 52″ in length which is very handy in a retail environment.   If you are looking for best reliability then Brother beats both HP and Okidata based on repairs and repair costs.

Best color output is HP with Brother and Okidata very close.  If you need the most reliable color unit with very good color then select Brother brands of toner based multi-functions. What you do not care about cost of the equipment or repair then select HP.  Do you own a  restaurant or store then select Okidata brand of desktop copier printer scanner multi-function equipment.


Buyer beware, with all the companies going out of busy its become a free for all in the user copier printer scanner fax markets.  We consistently get calls from companies who have purchased used copier printers machine from companies going out of business or at auctions that lasted a few days and then started to haev problems.  When purchasing a used or reconditioned copier printer scanner fax whether Canon, Ricoh, Sharp, Kyocera or other brand you need to thoroughly test the unit.   Better yet hire a certified service technician to check ti out first before parting with your hard earned money.

One of the more common problems we are starting to see lately is the system rest of the factory configured calibrations and even the serial numbers. on many brands of printer copier scanners fax MFD machines a service technician can reset the factory ONLY calibrations settings. These settings control the laser strength, density calibration and even house the serial numbers.  Once these are reset they can not be recovered or properly recalibrate because these calibration settings were done at the time of the manufacturer of the copier printer using specialized equipment not available in the field. can you tell if the settings haev been changed?  Yes and not

If you print the configuration or service log history you may notice an entry stating that the system was reset. Or if you print the used reconditioned copier printer configuration or service page and notice no serial number then you know somebody tampered with the counters, and factory only settings.  Purchasing a used copier printer fax is just like purchasing a used car. You want to know the true past history and usage. It’s better to have a service technician review the copier printer scanner used or refurbished equipment before you buy to prevent costly repair maintenance after a few days or weeks after purchase.

What can go wrong when the settings are reset? Plenty – first image quality when you replace the developer or drum unit. Second – lose of functionality of the unit that requires activation codes to use the fax, scanner or printer features.  Inability to get a maintenance agreement because the serial number and history is wiped out.  Used refurbished printer copier scanner office equipment will greatly reduce your overall cost but selecting one that was reset can be a costly mistake.




Copiers and MFD Equipment: Which One is right for you in Miami and in Other Areas of the USA!

Color copiers printers, all in one printers, and other office equipment are increasingly adding features. The traditional lines between the copier and printer equipment industry is blurring.  What the difference between a copier based printer or a printer all in one? Which color copier printer or laser printer is best for your business?

First, you need to know a few facts: who makes what laser printer or digital copier. In the digital copier industry there few players than you think. Ricoh copiers are the exact same (made by the same company) as Lanier, Gestetner and Savin.  Kyocera copier all in one’s are the exact same as the Copystar.  HP laser printers are actually Canon based. Dell’s color printers are Samsung or Fuji/Xerox. The Dell black and white printers are made by Lexmark. IBM are Lexmark printers too!

Many copier companies in Miami and South Florida specialize in one or two brands. The copier leasing companies have a vested interest just to sell there brands.  That is why you need to do your homework. If a copier company only represent one brand how can they be unbiased as to what’s best for you?

Look online or ask for the Bti, Bertl and copier “better buys for business” rewards. The copier printer and all in one awards is a starting place.  Next look at the durability of the laser printer or digital copier your leasing.  When does the hp printer or Kyocera copier require maintenance kits (at what page count)? Some brands of copier printer all in ones require several maintenance kits others only one.

When is your copier equipment lease up in Miami? Do you have a lump sum or 1$ buy-out clause at the end of the lease? What is the current value of the copier in Miami? What is the estimated life of the copier printer scanner?  Most of these questions are simple to determine with a few keystrokes on the internet.

Get all the answer before you commit to a lease or used copier printer.   Ask questions. Look at the terms. Know you digital copier and printer page counts. Be very careful not to fail in the low ball tactics of some copier printer leasing companies.

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