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Why select an independent office equipment dealer?

The difference between dependent and independent dealers is important to know when a company. As an independent dealers, Advanced Business Computers Inc. is a non-quota authorized dealer for various brands of copiers, printer copier, scanners, and other office equipment.  Independent dealer of office products & equipment are not limited to any one equipment manufacturer.  However, dependent dealers are REQUIRED to meet monthly hardware selling quotas. Dependent dealers are driven to push new equipment instead of allocating your current equipment in the best manner to better control your print environment.

Advanced Business Computers Inc., as an Independent dealer, is free to give you expertise in the industry to provide you with a solution driven cost reduction approach without the pressure to sell you equipment due to quotas.  Are our prices on new equipment the lowest?  No.  No dealer can compete against manufacturer direct hard selling quota based sells people.  We are not employees of Sharp, Ricoh, HP, Kyocera and other manufacturers of  printer copier office equipment.

 Independent Dealer Advantage

As an independent manufacturer authorized dealer;  service to keep your operation running smoothly is the main focus not selling you unjustified more expensive equipment.  In addition, obtaining new equipment is not always the best fit for a company.

In many instances Dealer Select equipment is better suited for a department or cost center than higher cost new units. You may need the functionality of a new unit but your volume in a particular area may be low. Why put a high price new machine when you can have a heavier duty lower cost Dealer Select unit?  When offered this solution, clients have picked the Dealer select over high cost new units 7 to 1 since 2005! They get a heavier duty unit which means less break downs at lower cost than a new unit. This is the advantage over dependent dealers who must sell new office equipment even if you do not need it!

Yes! Advanced Business Computers is an authorized dealers for many brands of office equipment which provides you with technicians with a very broad range of talents and service certifications.  You get carefully selected  equipment from the various OEM manufacturers.  Products that meet high standards of functionality and reliability based on your needs. These choices are based on hands on experience with the actual machines. You benefit from over 25 years of experience since 1988 from technicians. Advanced Business Computers Inc. sales staff were all technicians or IT people first.

The foremost criteria for any office equipment product offered, “Is it reliable?”, because unreliable office equipment is no bargain at any price.     Selecting a office equipment hardware company is only one step in keeping our company running smoothly.  Please ask questions or request a hands on evaluation to get a better idea of how to control your company office equipment assets including employee related costs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

P.S.    Anybody can say they provide independent reliable office equipment and service – but do they? One simple call to and you will notice the difference.  The focus should be on your needs not selling equipment or locking you into long term contracts.

Basic copier printer repair service steps

Digital copier printer office equipment is like your car; it needs regular maintenance to keep running with few breakdowns while providing quality copies. Many companies tend to overlook copier printer repair maintenance steps which result in very costly repair bills. All printer copiers scanners MFD office equipment can zoom in and out paper copies, sort multiple copies and scan colors.

Add the ability to scan to email, scan to fax and scan to computers, printer copiers are essentials time saving equipment that requires maintenance to keep you office running smoothly.  As owners operators of your office equipment  you need to be aware of basic copier printer maintenance or have a copier printer technician provide the service on a regular basis. Printer copier maintenance repair should always be a priority to keep your staff running at full speed. Cleaning and emptying he waste hopper is a normal procedure that you cam do when you change the toner cartridges.. However, errors are cannot be prevented.

Here are some service steps to take when performing repair maintenance to your printer copier office equipment.

  1. Always power off and then unplug your copier printer before any maintenance steps for your safety..
  2. Use on lint free soft clothes to clean the copier printer glass and other areas when doing the copier maintenance.
  3. If you are not sure of a particular part or assembly then leave it alone.
  4. Do not spray any liquids of any type in side the unit or in gear assemblies.
  5. Always, empty the waste hopper when changing the copier printer toner. If you are not sure how to remove the waste hopper ask your copier printer service technician.
  6. Do not refill your toner cartridge unless you are absolutely sure you are using the right toner – NOT ALL TONER IS TE SAME – and you know how to remove the discharge waste toner first.
  7. Open the top cover of the machine then wipe the glass surface using the cloth.
  8. If you are having a paper jam try wiping off the paper fibers from the rollers first before calling a printer copier service technician.
  9. If he paper jam is happening near the fuser assembly be very careful not to touch the fuser assembly because on some units it gets up to 600 degree and can cause serious burns.

The copier printer maintenance repair procedures vary depending upon your equipment make and models. Most user manuals have a section on basic equipment maintenance repair procedures. As long as you perform basic maintenance you will add years to the life of your equipment and help prevent costly copier printer repair bills.

The Copystar CS-3035, CS-4035, and CS-5035 are the same models as the Kyocera KM series (KM-3035, KM-4035, and cs-5035). They are both manufactured and distributor BY Kyocera corporation. They use the same copier print repair parts, maintenance kits, Drum units, and other internal components.  Eventual as with any copier printer, they need maintenance and replacement of parts. One to the main copier printer repairs parts consist of the drum unit. The drum that the Kyocera or Copystar copier printer scanner creates the image and then transfers the image onto the actual paper.

If you are having a fuzzy image problem, lines and/or back ground gray areas then the drum could be the cause of the problem. Usually, this requires a service technician or somebody with some knowledge of copier printer repair and adjustment to resolve. However, you can do the actual replacement yourself. The first step is to do a cleaning of he drum unit to se if the problem goes away or is reduced.

A basic kind of drum maintenance is drum refresh.  The process you are going to attempt is the “drum refresh” process that clears away debris from the drum area.  One that is done you will need to manually perform the copier printer transfer roller grid maintenance.

Here are the steps to doing the Kyocera Copystar drum refresh maintenance process:

  1. Load paper into the MP tray on the right side of the Kyocera or Copystar model you want to repair. Use standard size or 11 x 17 size paper (11 x 17” I preferred to do a better cleaning).
  2. Using the touch screen on the copier printer and select basic to get the screen back to the original screen.
  3. No press the “Default setting/Counter” button above the number 1 key on the key pad – not on the touch screen.
  4. On the touch screen select “User Adjustment” feature.
  5. Select “Drum refresh” option on the screen . Make sure you already loaded the paper onto the MP tray.
  6. Now press the “On” option located on the screen bottom right corner
  7. The Drum refresh process should start. This copier printer maintenance task will take a few minutes. Be patient.  Once the process is completed you can close / end out the screens selections to get back to the “Basic” screen.

Now its time to manually perform the copier printer repair maintenance step of cleaning the transfer corona. This copier printer repair process is easy to accomplish.

  1. Open the front cover and look for a blue brush/plastic piece that is usually on the door. If you do not fine t then get several cotton q-tip swab. DO NOT use your fingers or cloths that will leave fibers!!
  2. Now look on the right side of the copier and pull open the top access door.
  3. You will see the transfer roller assembly which you will need to clean. The transfer roller is a black (sometimes turns gray) sponge roller.
  4. Now put everything back together and make sure you put the blue brush back.

Now run several test prints to see if the image improves. If it does not improve then you will need a certified Kyocera Copystar copier printer service repair technician to adjust the unit and possibly replace parts.

HP mid range and higher printers are considered work horses.  they are designed for easy printer fax copier repair and installation of maintenance kits.   However, thee are some exceptions to the rule.  The HP 4250 and HP 4350 series laser printers are work horse, but one with a problem- swing arm gear.  Repairing the printers  normal problems such as paper feed issues and fuser assemblies are simple just like there previous models the HP 4200 and HP 4100 laser printers.  However, HP designed the drive gear/swing plate with a flaw: its plastic, it wear out often and you need to tear apart the printer in many pieces to repair.

The repair of the HP printer swing plate requires the removal of the coverings, circuit boards and other parts which takes an experience printer repair technician about an hour to complete.  Most technicians when learning how to do this repairs take 2 hours or more to do it.  It’s imp[important that you specify that you want a technician who has a proven repair record when doing this repair. It’s not  simple repair.  You will need to provide a good size printer repair work area the removal of the parts.

Also when repairing the swing plate of the HP laser printer you may need to replace the fuser assembly at the same time. The fuser assembly is a swap HP printer repair part that only takes a few minutes to accomplish.

Laser printers copiers and scanners require power surge protection just like you computer.  However, many companies make the fatal mistake of using UPS,  partial protection or the low joules surge protectors that are ineffective.  Let’s first address the copier printer scanner fatal mistake of using a UPS.

Printer copier faxes require a different type of surge protection than computers. If you have a computer and value your data and software then you should be using a UPS (battery power surge with surge protection) especially if you live in areas such as the lightening capital of America Miami or other areas with frequent thunder storms.  When the power  goes out the UPS will maintain power to your compute and monitor with an UPS for a set period of time. This time gives you the ability to normally shut down your computer without data lose.  However, you should never connect your printer, copier or fax machine to the UPS. Copier printers and fax machines draws too much amperage (different from voltage).  The amperage will shorten the life of your UPS and cause possible cause power feed back which destroy printer formatter, copier network connections and cost you a major printer copier repair bill. Put them on a good surge protector instead (see below about Joule ratings lightening spike stopping power)

The second power concern is not protecting all aspects of your copier printer scanner.  Most people realize that you need to protect the power line of the equipment. However, we receive more copier printer repair technician calls for failed communication boards due to power spikes than power supplies. If you have a copier printer fax scanner network then you have three possible sources of surges that will cause a major printer copier repair bill: one the power cord, two the network connection and three the telephone line. If you do not have a fax then you have copier repair exposure on your power and network connection.   Do not assume that you only need power connections protection to prevent printer or copier repairs. Power surges have a tendency to jump cables and your network connection line is use to 5 volts not a power spike of hundreds of volts.

Finally, you need to know the joules rating of your surge protector.  If you assume that all surge protection is the same then we will see you soon for a copier, printer or fax repair. If you live in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or other areas of South Florida using a cheap low joules protector is like playing Russian roulette.  When you purchase a copier printer surge protector you need to look at the joules rating. The higher the joules rating the better the device.  Look for joules rating of 1200 or above. Then look at the connections. Does it have everything you need: power, network and phone protection?  When ask we always supply 2,400 joules protection for equipment in Miami.  Florida is the lightening capital of the US and South Florida is the lightening capital of Florida!

Proper power protection protects your against expensive repair on copiers printer faxes and scanners. get 1,200 or better yet 2,400 joules sure protectors. They are not expensive and then can save you hundreds in copier printer repair services.

Problem with printing to a digital copier or copier printer. It takes too long to print the document.

Cause One:    The higher the resolution the slower the print job. The laser printer does not start printing until it receives the full letter document into the printer copier memory.  The more details your printer copier document ha the longer it will take to download to the equipment. Try limiting the amount of graphic or increase the amount of memory in your printer or copier printer.

Cause Two: Older computer upgraded with a new operating system. The printer or print copier scanner can only receive the document as fast as the computer can send it.  The new operating systems have more overhead and will cause an older printer copier to seem slow but the actual problem may be the computer. Make use your computer has MORE than the minimum amount of RAM for your operating system to help speed downloads to your digital printer or printer copier scanner office machine.

Cause Three: Using older type of connector instead of faster or slow network. If your copier printer scanner is on a network then that’s another bottle neck. Your document must go through your computer to a network switch which routes it to the actual printer copier. Check to see if your are using 100 or 1000 switch. Does your computer have a 1000 GHz connection or the slower 100? Upgrading you network switches and network adapter will speed up the whole network and the printer copier speed.

If you need assistance in speeding up your computer or are looking for suggestions on how to improve your copier printer work flow contact Advanced Business Computers Inc.