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Why select an independent office equipment dealer?

The difference between dependent and independent dealers is important to know when a company. As an independent dealers, Advanced Business Computers Inc. is a non-quota authorized dealer for various brands of copiers, printer copier, scanners, and other office equipment.  Independent dealer of office products & equipment are not limited to any one equipment manufacturer.  However, dependent dealers are REQUIRED to meet monthly hardware selling quotas. Dependent dealers are driven to push new equipment instead of allocating your current equipment in the best manner to better control your print environment.

Advanced Business Computers Inc., as an Independent dealer, is free to give you expertise in the industry to provide you with a solution driven cost reduction approach without the pressure to sell you equipment due to quotas.  Are our prices on new equipment the lowest?  No.  No dealer can compete against manufacturer direct hard selling quota based sells people.  We are not employees of Sharp, Ricoh, HP, Kyocera and other manufacturers of  printer copier office equipment.

 Independent Dealer Advantage

As an independent manufacturer authorized dealer;  service to keep your operation running smoothly is the main focus not selling you unjustified more expensive equipment.  In addition, obtaining new equipment is not always the best fit for a company.

In many instances Dealer Select equipment is better suited for a department or cost center than higher cost new units. You may need the functionality of a new unit but your volume in a particular area may be low. Why put a high price new machine when you can have a heavier duty lower cost Dealer Select unit?  When offered this solution, clients have picked the Dealer select over high cost new units 7 to 1 since 2005! They get a heavier duty unit which means less break downs at lower cost than a new unit. This is the advantage over dependent dealers who must sell new office equipment even if you do not need it!

Yes! Advanced Business Computers is an authorized dealers for many brands of office equipment which provides you with technicians with a very broad range of talents and service certifications.  You get carefully selected  equipment from the various OEM manufacturers.  Products that meet high standards of functionality and reliability based on your needs. These choices are based on hands on experience with the actual machines. You benefit from over 25 years of experience since 1988 from technicians. Advanced Business Computers Inc. sales staff were all technicians or IT people first.

The foremost criteria for any office equipment product offered, “Is it reliable?”, because unreliable office equipment is no bargain at any price.     Selecting a office equipment hardware company is only one step in keeping our company running smoothly.  Please ask questions or request a hands on evaluation to get a better idea of how to control your company office equipment assets including employee related costs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

P.S.    Anybody can say they provide independent reliable office equipment and service – but do they? One simple call to and you will notice the difference.  The focus should be on your needs not selling equipment or locking you into long term contracts.

One of the most common problems beyond the regular HP maintenance repair kit installation is the failure of laser printers communication with the network.  If you HP printer, Lexmark laser or other laser printer fails to print a job then you need to check your communications.   On a network when you send a print job it goes through your switch to the laser printers Nic (network) card (HP jetdirect) and then to the laser printer copier formatter board.

The first item to check when repairing your Hp printer problem is your network cable on your printer copier to make sure its seated well in the printer and the network switch.  At the same time check to see if your NIC card (HP jetdirect card) shows a green light.  If the card does not show a green light then it is not communicating with the network or the formatter card in the printer. If this happens first install a new NIC card to repair the printer copier problem. IF the new card still does not show a light then either the formatter is bad or the network connection.

If you have a second network printer then take the network cable out  of the printer having the repair problem and put it in to the other printer to eliminate the switch and network cable as being the printer repair problem. If the cable works in the other printer then you know you will need to replace the formatter and possibly the jetdirect card.  If the connection does not work on the other printer then you have a network problem (bad cable, switch, other).  Repairing printer copiers communication problems is a process of elimination.

When repairing your HP printer or other brand copier printer  make sure you follow logical steps in eliminating possible printer failure to communicate problems. Advanced Business Computers Inc  is a great source for help and information. If you need a reliable printer copier repair company  contact then now for quick support and laser printer copier mFD repairs.


the fuser assembly is the part the uses pressure and heat to melt (Fuse) the toner to the paper on copier printer fax machines. The actual fuser assembly has several parts that will cause sc521, sc541, sc542 and other Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier error codes.  If you are hainvg a call service repair maintenance with one of the following codes then you have a problem with the fuser assembly.

SC531 copier repair error means the thermistor is open.  The thermistor is a temperature gauge that sends signals to the for matter of the copier printer. the repair requires replacing one or more thermistors in the printer copier  fuser assembly.

sc541 ricoh savin error is a temperature warm up area which means the fuser is not reaching the right temperature to fuser the toner to the paper.

SC543 si the opposite of SC541. This copier repair error code means the fuser is getting too heat and can not regulate itself.  Just as in the SC541 and sc531 the copier repair requires replacing the thermistors.  Also, the thermostat my need replacing.

SC544 is the basically the same printer fax repair error as the error code sc542.

SC545 and sc546 means the fuser can not maintain a stable temperature.  This copier repair is usually solve with replacing the thermistors and may require the replacement of the heating element in the fuser assembly.

SC547 Savin, Gestetner, Lanier and Ricoh error code means that the hot roller does not increase in temperature when required.  This error code is repaired by replacing the thermistors. thermalstat and/or heating unit.

SC550 means the fusing web needs to be replaced on the Rioch, Savin, Lanier or Gestetner copier printer scanner. the fusing web is a roll that lubricates some models of copiers fuser heat roller.  If you do not do the copier repair maintenance replacement of the fuser web then it will cause paper jams and damage to the fuser assembly.

There are several other fuser error codes for the Ricoh Lanie Savin and Gestetner copier scanner. If you have a code and need information to solve the repair the copier printer please contract Advanced Business Computers Inc or post a request here for more help.

Ricoh savin gestetner Lanier Fuser Errors

One of the most common copier printer repair problem is related to the fuser assembly. Often questions are asked about replacing the units verses obtaining the PM kit or fuser repair parts for copiers printers.  On a small number of some model copier printers by Rich, Lanier, Gestetner, Savin, Sharp, Canon and other copeir printer scanners the user can actually replace the fuser fixing assembly.  the fuser or fixing assembly (both are the same thing) is the part that uses heat and pressure to fuse (Melt) the toner onto the paper.

The fuser contains gears, rollers, thermal control devices and heating elements. if you get a fuser error code many times it is cause by the copier printer thermistor or thermostat failure inside the fuser assembly. On most models the copier printer repair consists of replacing 2 to 3 thermal control devices. This requires complete dis-assembly of the fuser assembly which is not something most people can do on their own unless they are trained copier printer certified repair technicians. teh average time to do this task is 1 to 1.5 hours with copier repair parts ranging from $60 to $100 dollars depending upon your copier printer scanner model.

The second cause of fuser failure is worn out parts. This requires a complete copier printer fuser repair overhaul or replacement.  On some models the solutions is just to swap the fuser assembly to repair the copier printer problem which can be accomplished by a end user with limited repair skills.  However, with many copier printer scanner models by Ricoh, Canon, Toshiba, Savin, Gestetner, Lanier and other brands there is a maintenance kit design specifically to rebuild the fuser assembly. The maintenance kit requires a certified copier printer repair technicians to install and adjust. The repair takes approximately 1.5 hours with parts costs $290 to $500 depending upon your model and manufacture of the copier printer.

The copier printer maintenance kit usually contains 95% of all the wear and tear parts in the fuser assembly. Some additional parts that may be need are the fuser bushings, cleaning webs and fuser drive gears.  yes, you can purchase a whole fuser instead of the maintenance kit but be warned the whole fuser assemblies are very very expensive. The average costs of a complete fuser assembly on a mid size copier printers is usually $600 to over $1000 not including the labor to install and adjust the equipment. If your copier printer has a fuser error or paper jam at the fuser them it needs maintenance.  If you have questions please contact Advanced Business Computers or ask it on this blog for a quick response.  Copier printer parts and maintenance is important to keep your business running smoothly. Ask for a copier printer maintenance agreement service quote before you have problems to avoid expensive repairs.

HP Printer copier MFD Repair 2840 Series

The HP MFD 2840 was introduced in 2005 as a HP printer scanner copier new generation machine. It was designed for entry level color business applications that copied or printed on the average 1,500 to 2,00 page per month.  the previous models of HP MFD non-color models such as the 3390 and 3350 were very reliable for home offices and low volume. However from the start the HP 2840 has various repair service problems.

The two laser printer MFD repair problems most associated are the ADF (automatic document feeder) scanner failure and the toner cartridge carousel alignment problem. Neither problems are not normal user repairable printer problems.

The scanner error code 5 requires the replacement of the ADF image scan unit.  This requires taking apart the ADF unit to install the scanner under the unit. It takes a printer repair technicians approximately 45 minutes to complete this laser printer repair on the HP 2840. The part costs between $167 to $247 depending upon HP current supply and market demand.  This part has been on national allocation several times over the past 2 years due to the demand for the printer scanner repair. In recent months the demand has dropped because of the age of the machine and lower laser printer scanner machine replacement costs.

The second most common problem with the copier printer scanner MFD HP 2840 which requires a trained technician is the toner cartridge carousel alignment repair.  In most a cases this problem just requires labor unless the carousel does not stay aligned but in some cases the carousel unit will need to be replaced.  This problem could be caused by normal usage, bumping the printer copier, and putting the toner cartridge in wrong causing a jam which results in a printer repair.  It takes a technician 1.5 to 2.5 hours to solve this problem. However, there are no guarantees that the problem stays solved. It is not unusual for the carousel to become mis-aligned a few days to a few months after the HP laser printer repair.

since the HP 2840 color printer scanner was introduce HP has struggled with several other color MFD devices. It’s important to read the laser printer copier scanner specifications and recommended monthly usage.  If you just buy by price you will loose in the long run in excessive printer and printer repair costs. If you have questions please eitehr post it here or contact Advanced Business Computers, Inc.

Printer Copier Maintenace Cleaning steps

What are the maintenance steps for copiers, printers, faxes and scanners?  Just like you car: printers copiers scanners need regular maintenance to prevent expensive repairs and copier printer problems.

First, it’s not using condensed air to blow-out toner, dirt and paper particles. This actually causes more damage than good because it pushes the dirt and toner into the device causing damage to fusers, drums and other parts.  Step one on printers:  remove the toner cartridge, drawers, fuser assembly and other parts.  Then use a 2 micron filter vacuum.

Step two:  Use a rubber restore chemical on the paper feed rollers (or replace he rollers) and lubricate the proper internal gears.  During this process all the drums, developers, hoppers and other components are checked for leaks, excessive wear and corrosion.

Test and make any image quality adjustment. Yes you can do this yourself if you have the tools and know how. Many people do their own car oil changes and a few install their own tires including balancing them – do you? What is peace of mind worth to you to have the job done right?  Call now to prevent expensive copier printer or fax repair bills!

Copier printer repair technician would actually do an more intensive copier printer maintenance procedure including lubricating gears and assemblies. If you want a more details answer then contact Advanced Business Computers Inc located in Miami Florida. they cover all of Southeast Florida for you printer copier fax computer and scanner problems.