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Whether you are seeking to replace equipment coming off-lease, or are in the process of beginning a new business or work site; office equipment is essential to keeping a well-running space. However, finding the best printer copier scanner equipment at a great price can be frustrating. Due to the rising costs of such office equipment, many clients are choosing durable a gently used printer copier scanner on the market instead of leasing or buying new. If you are in the market for new office equipment, consider the advantages of buying gently used copiers over new office equipment.

copr printer scanner office equipment

Copier printer dealer Select

Dealer Select copier printer scanner lease certified MFD equipment is a business class, low page meter, demo units or slightly used copiers, multi-function that are true work horses designed for millions of pages. Lease certified Dealer Select units have been well maintained and guaranteed to be quality certified for lease. Certification requires each machine to be completely checked by certified technicians, rollers, gears, belts, drums, toners, fusers, pads, and other normal wear parts replaced. They have to have LOW current meter page count – under 3 months of actual duty cycle usage.

Lease certified dealer Select gives you the assurance that the equipment you receive will be trouble free and provide many years of quality service. You will save 35% to 57% off the price of a new unit by selecting certified lease printer copier dealer select units. Plus, most of the time the Dealer Select is a higher end model than the new ones quoted!

All dealer select unit have full 100% warranty on all equipment from 90 days to 5 years. You are 100% covered for all parts and labor. Advanced Business Computers will deliver and install the unit. This insures that the equipment is certified for warranty!

All dealer select refurbished copiers printers come with fresh Supplies – Why pay a cent more for supplies? These certified used Copier Printer Scanner MFD machines will arrive ready to run! Completely refurbished by certified technicians. All printers, faxes and MFD’s go through a 67 point reconditioning process. Simply put, all equipment is rigorously inspected, parts replaced, and system tested to greatly reduce problems and hassles so they are certified lease ready. Most office equipment companies do not offer leases on refurbished units. However, these Dealer Select refurbished copiers and MFD’s are different. Advanced Business Computers Inc. dealer select copier printer scanners are 100% certified lease approved.


Copier maintenance lease agreements

Your equipment is important to your business. Copier printer scanner MFD failures takes your important time, creates hassle and costs you money.  Stop wasting your time and money. Why not get totally FREE printer maintenance & copier repairs for doing what you are already do . . . buy supplies?  Ask how to get 100% Totally FREE repairs and replacement equipment at Absolutely No Cost with the purchase of Supplies.

Get Hassle Free Printer Copier Maintenance, repairs and upgrade Program That Saves You Money Now!  

FREE REPAIR- Never Pay for a Repair Again: No more expensive copier or printer repair bills. 100% free parts, labor and maintenance. You never pay for any labor or parts needed to maintain your equipment in great running condition.   No more copier service repair quote approval chasing. Relief from worrying about repair costs. No more copier or printer technician chasing or finger pointing. Just fast 100% guaranteed on-site service at NO COST to you!

 Free Equipment:Do you have outdated copier or printer? Or do you need an extra printer, copier or fax? Quality durable equipment is costly. Get equipment you need now at no cost. How? By doing what you are already doing – buying supplies with the Gold Program.

Free PM – Prevent Breakdowns Before they Happen!: We will provide FREE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE for your printers and copiers during each service call. Preventive maintenance includes cleaning, lubrication and turn-up your printers to factory specifications on a scheduled basis. This is a service included FREE with every service call.

Head of The Line Treatment: Get placed in front of the line for super fast service. Gold clients are special clients who desire the Red Carpet Treatment. All service calls are completed super fast. 93% of all calls are completed within 4 hours.

Here are some copier leasing questions that are commonly asked.  What is better to lease or buy printer copier office equipment?  First, you determine you means and the desires.  How many pages are you copying and printing with your current office copiers, printers and fax machines. Do you expect the monthly volume to increase or decrease?  How many people will  use the leased copier printer equipment? Here are some more printer copier leasing questions you should ask.  These will help you better determine your needs and expenses.

1.  What size paper are you using? If you plan to use 11 x17 to print double size remember these count as two (2) pages when calculating your monthly page count on your copier printer scanner equipment

2.  Who is doing the printer copier repair service and how do they respond. If the company offers software to help track paper jams, page counts and other issues then use it to reduce your time involvement in chasing technicians and supplies.  So companies offer this service but you need to make sure if they do offer it they monitor  copier printer status so you do not need to chase for supplies and service.

3.  Many printer copier leasing companies charge you shipping charges for supplies. Check your copier printer lease agreement. Unless it says you page for shipping do not. This is just a way for companies to penny pinch you. A fee cents her and a few cents there add up over time.

4.  Is there any charge for making scans on the office equipment? More and more companies are starting to charge for excessive scanning. Remember scanning does use the equipment and excessive scanning will cause the units to need repairs sooner.

5.  What happens at the end of the printer copier lease makes a difference.  Do you need to pay for the return of the equipment? Do you own the equipment for a dollar ($1 buyout) or FMV (fair market value)?  Do not assume that if you need to return the equipment it is local. 95% of the time you need to SHIP the equipment and it can cost several hundreds of dollars.

6.  Remember you will need insurance to cover damage to the lease copier printer scanner office equipment by fire, water, etc.  Most companies have content insurance so you are most likely covered already.  If not, remember you are liable for any damage to the equipment.

7.  Any extra fees you are not aware of when leasing a copier printer? Other items to address up front are lease administration fees, UCC filing fees, delivery and setup, network connectivity, fuel surcharges, color calibration and system overhauls.

The Lease Versus Buy office printer argument

There are a multitude of reasons why leasing your business copier printer  equipment versus buying outright with cash is the best choice for your business. Small businesses especially are better able to manage the cost of expensive office equipment such as copiers, printer scanners, shredders and maintenance that is essential to operate daily and be successful when offered a monthly payment plan rather than coming out of pocket for the full amount all at once. When you lease verses buy with cash, you improve cash flow leaving your business better equipped to handle the debilitating effects of a sluggish economy and other unpredictable events that prevent your business from rising to the top of your industry.

Advantage of Lease Versus Buy

One of the biggest advantages of leasing printer copiers equipment is the ability to conserve cash, and leave bank lines of credit untouched which should be used for the daily operations of business. Cash, plain and simple, once it’s gone, it’s gone, you can’t get it back, so it just doesn’t make good sense to deplete cash reserves unnecessarily without first looking at the alternative purchase option leasing offers your business. Leasing is 100 % financed with low monthly payments over a long term. Generally 24, 36, 48 and 60 month copier printer leasing terms are available with lower up front cost than with traditional financing methods, allowing your business to choose from new top of the line equipment and even used office equipment can be leased.

Office equipment Capital Lease or Operating Lease

Depending on your cash flow needs and the type of revenue producing equipment needed for your operational structure, you will need to decide whether to finance the equipment in the form of a capital lease, or have use of the equipment through an operating lease. It is important to appraise these two types of lease financing with each type having a number of differences to consider before deciding which type of copier or office equipment  lease option is a better fit for your business.

The operating lease is useful when the business or company requires leased or rent copier printers scanners  office  equipment for a given period of time after which the equipment gets returned to the leasing company. Such an option has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the main drawback would affect your business in case the equipment is not likely to get too old within its industry. On the other hand, if the industry in which it is used in which aged equipment does not make a big and negative impact, this option is well worth considering.

The copier scanner fax printer lease option is one in which your company or business will be accounting for equipment that is being leased as if it were purchased outright. When the term of the lease expires, your company would most likely have a nominal buy-out option giving ownership of the equipment to your business.

Want to learn more about your options with Advanced Business Computers Office equipment leasing and the business to business services provided? Our team of knowledgeable experts stands ready to work with you to get your business on the road to success.

The Ricoh MP2851 and MP3351 area great copier printer scanner for businesses. These black and white copier printer scanners are a great option for small offices. It’s a true multifunction Copy, Fax, Print and Scan with complete network connectivity.

The copier scanner printer by Ricoh, Aficio MP 2851 adn 3315, comes with standard interfaces Ethernet, USB 2.0 and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

The Ricoh printer copier is compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 and MP3351 has a memory capacity of 768 MB memory.

Features and Supported Media include Auto Duplex Print, Document Printing, Grayscale/Toner Saver Printing and Photo Printing. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 has B/W Fax, Fax Forwarding and PC Fax Capability for when faxing documents/images, making it a truly versatile All-in-One Printer. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 supports a variety of media sizes, including A3, A4, A5, Ledger 11 x 17″, Legal 8.5 x 14″ and Letter 8.5 x 11″. Whether you are copying photos for friends or sending out birthday cards, it is always nice to be able to print on different media types, and the ones the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 supports are Envelopes, Labels, Plain Paper and Transparencies.

When printing speed is very important, whether you are printing in black and white or color. The black and white printing speed of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 is 28 pages per minute and the MP 3351 is 33 pages pages minute. Both Ricoh printer copier models handle up to 17″ and 11″ respectively.  The copier maintenance and reliability is great on this unit too!

The input types accepted by the Ricoh coprre printer scanner  Aficio MP 2851 are: Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and Flatbed. Automatic document feeders are an amazing feature of certain All-in-One Printers, and the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851’s ADF capacity is 50 pages , which is the average for all All-In-One Printers. The dimensions of the document or image that you can scan or copy are 17″ height and 11″ width. The scan resolution plays an important part in obtaining a clear scan or copy of a document or image. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851’s vertical scan resolution is 600 dpi. The horizontal scan resolution is 600 dpi, which is the average for all All-In-One Printers. Because bit depth quantifies how many unique colors are available in an images color palette, it also plays an important role in distinguishing the good All-in-One Printers from the great. Lastly, being able to shrink and enlarge images is one of the great aspects of owning the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851, especially since it can reduce images by 25% and enlarge them by 400%.

The models sport true 33.6 fax modem speed is 33 Kbps. Transmission speed of the fax part of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 is 3 seconds per page, which is the average for all All-In-One Printers. 320 pages is the memory capacity of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851, which is for all All-In-One Printers. The width, depth, and height of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 are 24.8″, 25.7″, and 27.9″ respectively. Additionally, the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 weighs 143 pounds.

Yes, you can lease an Ricoh 2851 or the MP 3351 from Advanced Business computers Inc plus with the printer copier maintenance program all your supplies, repairs and maintenance are included.

Kyocera is best in class office equipment

Kyocera is best in class office equipment.  Kyocera copier printer scanner multi-function office digital equipment is known for their very durable and long lasting copiers. The Kyocera TA-420i is no exception and when combined with a copier printer maintenance lease agreement gives companies and exceptional value.


The Kyocera TASKalfa 420i provides fast black & white multifunctional system productivity, flexibility and ultra-reliability that your business like yours require, all in a bold, black and silver design. Combined with their long last copier printer maintenance kits it will provide millions of quality copiers and prints.


At an impressive 42 ppm, the TASKalfa 420i combines unique long life copier printer maintenace kits technology and a robust array of features, such as full color scanning and USB print-from and scan-to functionality. Teh Kyocera copier printer TA-401 maximizes performance with HyPAS, Kyocera’s powerful and scalable software solutions platform. Designed to meet your customers’ specific document imaging requirements, the HyPAS-enabled TASKalfa 420i seamlessly integrates with widely accepted software applications and operates in virtually any business environment.

Plus, they are available new and Dealer select models from Advanced Business Computers located in Miami Florida. The copier printers scanners are Engineered with innovative product features and proven reliability, the Kyocera TASKalfa 420i will revolutionize the office environment.

Great low cost copier scanner fax

The Kyocera copystar TA-221 is a great full size business class copier printer for smaller offices who want a quality machine that produces up to ledger size pages (11 x 17)  without braking the bank.  In essence, its a great low cost copier scanner fax.  In fact, the Kyocera printer copier scanner TA-221 leases start out at $89 per month depending upon your requirements.

The Kyocera TASKalfa 221 B&W Multifunctional System delivers the essential functionality and performance that business workgroups require. Dependable and productive, the TASKalfa 221 offers an exceptional array of features including standard network print and copy, and optional network scan and fax. For businesses looking for a true multi-tasking device, the TASKalfa 221 delivers exceptional results.

The copier printer maintenance kits on the Kyocera consist of two items the drum/developer and the fuser assembly.  The printer scanning is designed fro 160,000 pages at 5% coverage before the need to replace the maintenance kits. Its exceptional low cost per page operation is the hallmark of Kyocera equipment.  This copier printer is designed for companies who produce (print/copy) on the average 10,000 to 20,000 pages per month .  it combines a very durable duplex (two sided) document feeder on the copier and gives you full color scanning.

Industry Analysts conducted in-depth interviews with Service Managers within 139 office equipment dealerships nationwide, encompassing more than 30,000 multifunctional copier printer scanner devices. Service Managers, true experts on which products perform best, were questioned on the products they work closely with on a daily basis.

    Kyocera copier printer scanners rated highest in Product Reliability, Service Support, Inventory and Overall Average while ranking first in 33 out of 39 performance categories. In 2011, Kyocera copystar set an OPA Survey record winning “Most Reliable” more than any other manufacturer of business class printer copiers scanners in the past decade.

Kyocera know for their fantastic quality copier printer scanner networked MFD office equipment, still has the top two series used equipment.  Kyocera and Copystar 5035 and 3060 still Hot on the resale market   Independent dealers know which brands and model s are durable and which ones are not in the refurbished copier printer market. Dealers know what machines are durable and what machines to stay not even consider. Used and refurbished Kyocera 3035, 4035, 5035, 3060 and the 3050 series still hold top honors with independent copier printer dealers.  Whether you get the Copystar version or the Kyocera version (exact same machine)  when purchasing a used refurbished printer copier you will not go wrong with a Kyocera.

Why are the Kyocera and Copystar brands in such high demand?  simple – durability and longest maintenance duty cycle of any brand in the 30 to 50 page per minute machines.  The Copystar Kyocera 4035, 5035 h 4050 and 5050 has a maintenance duty cycle of 500,000 pages. The 3060 has a duty cycle of 300,000 pages. What does this mean?  Lower operating costs and less failures.  Plus, Kyocera Copystar is the ONLY Digital copier printer company that actual warrants their maintenance kits for the number of page stated if you get the kit installed and registered by an authorized dealer!  Xerox, Canon, Minolta, Sharp, Ricoh and other brands 99% of the time does not give any warranty on the maintenance kits unless you have the units under a maintenance program.

What other brands to consider in the used market?  Ricoh brands (Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier) and Sharp.  Again this is based on INDEPENDENT dealers who are not aligned with an particular brand.  So it’s buyer beware when taking to a dealer who is a representative for one particular brand. They have quotas to fill and used copier printer scanners all in one machine office equipment to move out.  Dependent dealers are very bias towards their brands of copiers printer they represent.

When looking to purchase or lease a used refurbished copier printer scanner ask questions. How may techs does the copier dealer employ (out outsource).  If they give you a cell phone as a copier printer repair service Contact beware because most of the time these are one man show companies or companies who totally outsource their printer copier repairs.

With all the models of copier printer scanners on the market is may be a bit confusing of which models or brands to consider.  I am going to discuss the most popular models.   This entry is based on the fasting moving brands of printer copiers from off lease machines with the export market taken out of the equation.  Major leasing companies send most of their off lease equipment to 2 to 3 major wholesale distributors of copier printer scanner equipment in the USA. Dealers then receive daily lists to bid on the used machines to refurbished for their clients.

The fastest moving brands of used reconditions copier printers scanners from these warehouses are Kyocera, Ricoh and Sharp.  Yes, Canon , Toshiba and other models do sell but not as quick as the top three.  Between the used Kyocera Ricoh and Sharp copier printer scanners equipment the Kyocera KM_3035 / 4035 / 5035 with under 300K pages and complete systems (copier, duplex,  printer scanner and fax) move within a couple hours. Sharp AR-M455 and AR-M355 are the next copiers printers.

The ones that move the slowest of the major brands are Xerox, Konica-Minolta, Canon and Toshiba brands of copier printer MFD.  When talking about Ricoh that includes all Ricoh brands: Lanier, Gestetner and Savin. Kyocera include used refurbished Copystar copiers printers.  All brands that do not have the fax and scanner feature are slow movers. The majority of the people who are in the market for copier printers new, used or refurbished what all the features included in the copier printer MFD. The up an coming models due to low availability of the most popular Kyocera and Sharp are the Kyocera of Copystar 3050, 4050 and the 5050.  when dealers select used machines to refurbish they look at the durability of the copier printer, cost to refurbished and  market feature demands.

The high end HP printer scanner copiers designed for work groups, such as the HP 4345mfp and the current model  5035MFP are designed heavy usage. The HP printer scanner copier based unit is designed around the very reliable HP printer line. Basically they are the printers with the addition of the copier scanner fax  feeders and control boards. The use the all in one cartridge that contains the drum, toner, and pcr rollers so overtime you change the HP toner cartridge it’s like getting a new print engine. The repair of the HP 4345 MFP and the 5035 MFD copier printer scanners are quick and can be accomplished by any certified HP service center.

The repair costs and frequency for the HP 4345MFD and the 5035MFD are similar to the HP 4250 and HP 4350 models. They are work horses and when maintained properly with a mean repair period of 80,000 pages or more.  The ADF kit should last 80,000 to 120,000 pages and the internal maintenance kit 200,000 pages depending upon the paper used and who often you pm the machine.  The machine should be cleaned., lubricated and adjust approximately every 60,000 to 80,000 pages.  If you are in a dirty shop type of environment then the HP repair maintenance should be more frequent.

The HP 4345MFD and the HP 5035MFP are designed for a department size office of 5..10 staff members who produce  10,000 t0 20,000 pages per month.  New HP 5035MFD xs cost $599.99 and refurbished low page count copier printer scanner fax units average $2100.  The HP 4345MFD are discontinued at this time and refurbished copier printer scanner of this model range $1800 to $2000 with 90 day warranty.



The HP printer scanner maintenance repair kits for the ADF (automatic document feeder) and the 250,000 page maintenance kit are practically user installable. If you have good mechanic skill with a screw driver then you can repair or install the HP maintenance kits parts your self. However, when installing the HP 4345 and 5035 maintenance kits you should do a complete PM of the machine (lubrication and cleaning with a true toner vacuum) at the same time it ensure that parts last there expect life.