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Whether you are seeking to replace equipment coming off-lease, or are in the process of beginning a new business or work site; office equipment is essential to keeping a well-running space. However, finding the best printer copier scanner equipment at a great price can be frustrating. Due to the rising costs of such office equipment, many clients are choosing durable a gently used printer copier scanner on the market instead of leasing or buying new. If you are in the market for new office equipment, consider the advantages of buying gently used copiers over new office equipment.

copr printer scanner office equipment

Copier printer dealer Select

Dealer Select copier printer scanner lease certified MFD equipment is a business class, low page meter, demo units or slightly used copiers, multi-function that are true work horses designed for millions of pages. Lease certified Dealer Select units have been well maintained and guaranteed to be quality certified for lease. Certification requires each machine to be completely checked by certified technicians, rollers, gears, belts, drums, toners, fusers, pads, and other normal wear parts replaced. They have to have LOW current meter page count – under 3 months of actual duty cycle usage.

Lease certified dealer Select gives you the assurance that the equipment you receive will be trouble free and provide many years of quality service. You will save 35% to 57% off the price of a new unit by selecting certified lease printer copier dealer select units. Plus, most of the time the Dealer Select is a higher end model than the new ones quoted!

All dealer select unit have full 100% warranty on all equipment from 90 days to 5 years. You are 100% covered for all parts and labor. Advanced Business Computers will deliver and install the unit. This insures that the equipment is certified for warranty!

All dealer select refurbished copiers printers come with fresh Supplies – Why pay a cent more for supplies? These certified used Copier Printer Scanner MFD machines will arrive ready to run! Completely refurbished by certified technicians. All printers, faxes and MFD’s go through a 67 point reconditioning process. Simply put, all equipment is rigorously inspected, parts replaced, and system tested to greatly reduce problems and hassles so they are certified lease ready. Most office equipment companies do not offer leases on refurbished units. However, these Dealer Select refurbished copiers and MFD’s are different. Advanced Business Computers Inc. dealer select copier printer scanners are 100% certified lease approved.


Business color copier printer scanner use to be an expensive ordeal for companies. companies when to traditional providers such as Canon, Ricoh and Minolta. However, Okidata has broken the mold with a cost effective color copier printer scanner MFD that not only lower in cost but produces color pages that revival and in many cases better that Sharp, Canon and Minolta. The ES9465/ES9475 is a true business class color and black & white printing/copying/scanning with optional high-speed fax. It’s a feature rich device that was designed for companies who need color but not the traditional price tag

The Okidata copier printers are fast up to 50 ppm/cpm in color  with the first page out within  6.1 seconds in Color. Okidata uses LED technology that create precise color images rated at 225,000 pages per month.  Plus, you do not need a technician to replace normal consumables such as the drums, toners and developers – no tools required!

The ES9465/ES9475  offer standard duplex (2-sided) print-and-copy capability standard, and can handle heavier paper stock (up to 100 lb. cover/280 gsm). Plus, they can produce banners which Ricoh’s, Canon, Minolta, Toshiba’s and other brands wish they could do!

Complete the job professionally with an optional multi-staple or saddle-stitch finisher and hole punch unit. If floor space is a concern, there’s even a finisher that fits inside the ES94655 itself, providing automatic stapling without adding to the MFP’s footprint. Plus, record what works: the hard disk drive can securely store specific print copy, scan and finishing settings as templates.

The Okidata ES9465/ES9475 Color A3 MFPs from Okidata: fast print and copy speeds, breathtaking output, unmatched technology. What more could you ask for? Contact Advanced Business Computers Inc now for more details and answer to your equipment needs including leasing and maintenance programs.

Copier maintenance lease agreements

Your equipment is important to your business. Copier printer scanner MFD failures takes your important time, creates hassle and costs you money.  Stop wasting your time and money. Why not get totally FREE printer maintenance & copier repairs for doing what you are already do . . . buy supplies?  Ask how to get 100% Totally FREE repairs and replacement equipment at Absolutely No Cost with the purchase of Supplies.

Get Hassle Free Printer Copier Maintenance, repairs and upgrade Program That Saves You Money Now!  

FREE REPAIR- Never Pay for a Repair Again: No more expensive copier or printer repair bills. 100% free parts, labor and maintenance. You never pay for any labor or parts needed to maintain your equipment in great running condition.   No more copier service repair quote approval chasing. Relief from worrying about repair costs. No more copier or printer technician chasing or finger pointing. Just fast 100% guaranteed on-site service at NO COST to you!

 Free Equipment:Do you have outdated copier or printer? Or do you need an extra printer, copier or fax? Quality durable equipment is costly. Get equipment you need now at no cost. How? By doing what you are already doing – buying supplies with the Gold Program.

Free PM – Prevent Breakdowns Before they Happen!: We will provide FREE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE for your printers and copiers during each service call. Preventive maintenance includes cleaning, lubrication and turn-up your printers to factory specifications on a scheduled basis. This is a service included FREE with every service call.

Head of The Line Treatment: Get placed in front of the line for super fast service. Gold clients are special clients who desire the Red Carpet Treatment. All service calls are completed super fast. 93% of all calls are completed within 4 hours.

One of the most frustrating parts of copier printer repair service is to quickly determine the meaning of error codes.  Savin, Ricoh, Gestetner and Lanier copier printer repair maintenance codes are all the same. The copiers use the same maintenance and repairs parts because all are manufactured by Ricoh corporation,

The following list of copier maintenance repair error codes are directly from the Ricoh service manuals.   If you are familiar with repairing Ricoh and Lanier copier printer them the errors codes are group by problem.  Several of the copier printer error codes are very similar.  This group of printer copier error codes from Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier copiers scanners start with copier repair error code SC184 and ends at SC306.

SC 184 CIS Transmission error

SC191 BAr code scanning error

SC192 Automated SBU adjustment error

SC193 Image transfer error/IDU error

SC194 SBU white level detection error

SC195 DF gate assert error

SC196 DF gate negate error

SC197 DF gate error

SC198 Memory address error

SC188 DF scanning finish error

SC201 Polygon motor error

SC220 Laser synchronization detection error

SC221 Scan length detection errro

SC230 BCU received no feedback from LD F-gate timeout

SC231 Laser beam feedback from LD F-gate error

SC240 LD power supply excessive

SC260 HP sensor error

SC261 HP sensor not turning off

SC285 Line position error

SC300 Charge corona output error 1

SC301 Charge corona output error 2

SC302 Charge corona output error 3 grid voltage error

SC303 Charge corona output error 4 grid leak

SC304 Charge roller current correction error

SC305 Charge corona wire cleaner error 1

SC306 Charge corona wire cleaner error 2

Next week look for another list of copier printer repair maintenance error codes for Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier brands of printer copier scanners.  if you have printer repair or copier repair questions please post a question here or contact Advanced Business Computers Inc in Miami Florida for more repair help and problem solving.

The economy has created a big win fall for Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Canon and other manufacturers of printers and copiers. They know companies are buying the lower costs printer scanner copier machines thinking they are reducing costs.  However, they fail to realize that they are saving a few dollars at first and then paying through the nose for the supplies!

We just receive a call from a new client. The own a Canon D880 copier and a HP M1522 printer which they recently purchased (3 months ago).  they purchased these units because they were low in cost but they did not take into account the cost of the supplies and how often they will need to purchase cartridges.

They are purchasing one Canon D880 toner and three HP M1522 toners per month.  They are spending approximately $297 per month on just supplies to produce 6,000 to 7,500 pages of print.  In other words, they are supping as much every month in supplies as the machines cost!   Plus, when something goes wrong, printer repair or Copier service, the low end machines are not worth fixing.  It’s better to get a higher end business class machine that is low in cost to use and designed for many years of use.

What did they do? They opted to get a Kyocera KM-2560 for $210 per month including all printer copier supplies, repairs, parts etc and then they gave their HP printer and Canon to a local church as a write off.  Unless you are producing less than 2,000 pages per month you will save with the proper copier printer lease.  Business class office equipment saves companies money and headaches in the long run.  Ff you are not sure contact us to get a free over the phone evaluation on whether its better to buy a low end copier printer fax or a higher end copier printer  scanner.