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Best color desktop copier printer scanner

desktop copier printer

Brother Color MFC in image

The best desktop copier printer may not be the brand you most recognize.   Many companies think first about cost of office equipment and never check on reliability and cost of supplies.  First of all we will not discuss ink-based printer copiers.  Only toner based units were considered since they are much more reliable and lower in cost to repair including cost per page.  If you are doing 3..10 pages per day and are more concerning with the cost of the unit then the reliability and cost to use then stop reading this article.

Device vs long term costs of desktop copier printers

The general rule of thumb is that desktop copier printers scanners cost to operate is directly related to the cost of the device. Its worth it to spend a few more dollars to lower your operating costs.  This is a industry standard wide rule and its 100% true.  You need to first determine the amount of pages you are planing to produce (copy, faxes received and prints form computer).


Advanced Business Computers considered three brands considered were HP, Brother and Okidata.   HP is the most recognizable name but everybody in the industry knows HP does not make their machines. HP uses canon based engines (inner parts) and design plastic to go around the unit.  Brother and Okidata make their units. None of then brands are 100% USA made.

   Which Brands of desktop copier scanner printer should you get?

The cost per page between the three brands are very cost with HP and Brother beating out Okidata.  Okidata is the only one that gives you the ability to produce banners as long as 52″ in length which is very handy in a retail environment.   If you are looking for best reliability then Brother beats both HP and Okidata based on repairs and repair costs.

Best color output is HP with Brother and Okidata very close.  If you need the most reliable color unit with very good color then select Brother brands of toner based multi-functions. What you do not care about cost of the equipment or repair then select HP.  Do you own a  restaurant or store then select Okidata brand of desktop copier printer scanner multi-function equipment.


HP color Laser Printer Problems

Hewlett Packard Color laser printers for the most part offer very good value for the money when you review the mid-range models and higher. However, as in most brands of color printers the sub $700 color laser printers are not designed for business usage.

Case in point:  The Hewlett Packard 2600/2605 series color laser printers.  There are several know problems and the major one is the replacement of the the transfer belt.  Usually this is a simple end user installable supply item. But not with the 260o.  Also, the toner carriage tends to have contact problems so you will need to clean the contracts frequently. Then add the high cost per page for the supplies and you begin to realize that it truly color laser designed for low volume home usage (less than 1,00 per month).

The HP color printer 1600, 2500 and the 2600 color lasers also has problems with the front door breaking.  Everything is plastic and not thick durable plastic either. Open the door to the toner area and you will know what I mean.  Again another indication that this is a HOME color laser printer for light usage.

If you need a color laser printer then always check the manufacturers usage recommendation.  Ask an authorized laser printer or color copier printer dealer for advice.  See if they ask the right questions first before you make the selection of your preferred color printer or color copier dealer.

Does  the color copier dealer or printer center  they only offer one brand or seem more interested in getting you into a 5 year lease than solving your problem?  Do they ask you your monthly volume and determine your true cost per page? Do they offer exact per page agreements to save you money big time or do they load he agreement with pages you will never use?

If you need help or have questions on which model is best for your business then contact Advanced Business Computers Inc now via the web, this blog or by mail.  Remember equipment failure and expensive copier printer lease can be prevented with the right information.

Large Format Printer Copiers Color

Do you have a need to print or copier pages up to 11 x 17 or 12 x 18  for advertising, newsletters or other business applications?  then a digital color copier or laser printers is the best way to show off you work the best at an economical cost.

Printing color pages from laser printers or color copiers gives you the ability produce hundreds and even thousands of pages at a fraction of the cost of using a ink based machine. Plus the color copiers and color laser printers are faster, more durable and can handle heavy paper stock.

If you just need to print color pages then (not scan or copy) up to 11 x 17 in size then consider the HP printer 5500 or 5550.  The other option is Okidata or Lexmark printers. The main difference between 11 x 17 HP printers and the other brands is the ease of repair and low cost maintenance.   On the high end of cost (toners, repairs and maintenance) are Xerox phaser printers and Minolta printers .

If out need a full bleed color printer up to 12 x 18 then check out the Sharps color printers or color copier printers. They provide full bleed quality prints at a low cost. We have several clients who just love the Sharp Ar-C260p model and even refurbished used Sharp copier printer AR-C320 that not only prints in color, it faxes, copiers, and scans too!  Ricoh copiers are another favorite due to durability and quality of output.

HP printer all in ones that print, copy, fax and scan are great choices too, however, they tend to cost more per page us use than true copier printer based machines from Ricoh, Sharp, and Kyocera.  On the high side of maintenance are the Toshiba, Xerox and Canon brands of copier printers scanners.

The other option is quality low page count  used copier printers with warranty. Check out the Ricoh, Kyocera and Sharp brands which are the more durable brands.