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Whether you are seeking to replace equipment coming off-lease, or are in the process of beginning a new business or work site; office equipment is essential to keeping a well-running space. However, finding the best printer copier scanner equipment at a great price can be frustrating. Due to the rising costs of such office equipment, many clients are choosing durable a gently used printer copier scanner on the market instead of leasing or buying new. If you are in the market for new office equipment, consider the advantages of buying gently used copiers over new office equipment.

copr printer scanner office equipment

Copier printer dealer Select

Dealer Select copier printer scanner lease certified MFD equipment is a business class, low page meter, demo units or slightly used copiers, multi-function that are true work horses designed for millions of pages. Lease certified Dealer Select units have been well maintained and guaranteed to be quality certified for lease. Certification requires each machine to be completely checked by certified technicians, rollers, gears, belts, drums, toners, fusers, pads, and other normal wear parts replaced. They have to have LOW current meter page count – under 3 months of actual duty cycle usage.

Lease certified dealer Select gives you the assurance that the equipment you receive will be trouble free and provide many years of quality service. You will save 35% to 57% off the price of a new unit by selecting certified lease printer copier dealer select units. Plus, most of the time the Dealer Select is a higher end model than the new ones quoted!

All dealer select unit have full 100% warranty on all equipment from 90 days to 5 years. You are 100% covered for all parts and labor. Advanced Business Computers will deliver and install the unit. This insures that the equipment is certified for warranty!

All dealer select refurbished copiers printers come with fresh Supplies – Why pay a cent more for supplies? These certified used Copier Printer Scanner MFD machines will arrive ready to run! Completely refurbished by certified technicians. All printers, faxes and MFD’s go through a 67 point reconditioning process. Simply put, all equipment is rigorously inspected, parts replaced, and system tested to greatly reduce problems and hassles so they are certified lease ready. Most office equipment companies do not offer leases on refurbished units. However, these Dealer Select refurbished copiers and MFD’s are different. Advanced Business Computers Inc. dealer select copier printer scanners are 100% certified lease approved.


Business color copier printer scanner use to be an expensive ordeal for companies. companies when to traditional providers such as Canon, Ricoh and Minolta. However, Okidata has broken the mold with a cost effective color copier printer scanner MFD that not only lower in cost but produces color pages that revival and in many cases better that Sharp, Canon and Minolta. The ES9465/ES9475 is a true business class color and black & white printing/copying/scanning with optional high-speed fax. It’s a feature rich device that was designed for companies who need color but not the traditional price tag

The Okidata copier printers are fast up to 50 ppm/cpm in color  with the first page out within  6.1 seconds in Color. Okidata uses LED technology that create precise color images rated at 225,000 pages per month.  Plus, you do not need a technician to replace normal consumables such as the drums, toners and developers – no tools required!

The ES9465/ES9475  offer standard duplex (2-sided) print-and-copy capability standard, and can handle heavier paper stock (up to 100 lb. cover/280 gsm). Plus, they can produce banners which Ricoh’s, Canon, Minolta, Toshiba’s and other brands wish they could do!

Complete the job professionally with an optional multi-staple or saddle-stitch finisher and hole punch unit. If floor space is a concern, there’s even a finisher that fits inside the ES94655 itself, providing automatic stapling without adding to the MFP’s footprint. Plus, record what works: the hard disk drive can securely store specific print copy, scan and finishing settings as templates.

The Okidata ES9465/ES9475 Color A3 MFPs from Okidata: fast print and copy speeds, breathtaking output, unmatched technology. What more could you ask for? Contact Advanced Business Computers Inc now for more details and answer to your equipment needs including leasing and maintenance programs.

Kyocera M3560 best in class

Kyocera new release M3560, M3550, M3540 and M3040 series copier printer scanner units are fast durable business class office equipment for people who need fast response up to legal size paper. they are super fat scanning of 62ipm with the 75 page RADF (automatic duplex paper feeder) provides the power and speed most business need today with out the big price tag.  Depending upon the model the unit comes with touch screens and one model without to keep the cost down.  The low cost keeps the copier printer scanner lease monthly payment down while their 500K page maintenance keeps the operation costs extremely low!

The top of the line model Kyocera M3560 is a fast 62ppm printer/copier, 62lpn scanner and has a 7″ color touch screen for easy of use.  It’s designed for fast production of pages and gives the user the abilities of a unit twice as expensive.   The lower end model M3040idn has the same functionality except for fax and slower speed of 42ppm at half the cost!  Yes, the Kyocera copier scanner fax best in class can be setup as a desktop, however, it a large desktop so it may be too high for some users.

If you prefer a full color unit with low cost per page operational costs then ask fore information about the Kyocera FS-8525. It’s a business class copier, printer scanner business class office equipment that produces up to 11 x18 pages in full color or black and white.  The low per page costs keep your organization expenses down while having the functionality of a business class copier scanner fax network device.

All copier printer scanner leases from Advanced Business Computer Inc. include all repairs, maintenance and supplies for he duration of the lease or rental.  Plus, the unit is tracked using PrintSolv print management program so supplies and service calls are generated automatically so yo do not need to chase technicians or supplies.


The Ricoh MP2851 and MP3351 area great copier printer scanner for businesses. These black and white copier printer scanners are a great option for small offices. It’s a true multifunction Copy, Fax, Print and Scan with complete network connectivity.

The copier scanner printer by Ricoh, Aficio MP 2851 adn 3315, comes with standard interfaces Ethernet, USB 2.0 and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

The Ricoh printer copier is compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 and MP3351 has a memory capacity of 768 MB memory.

Features and Supported Media include Auto Duplex Print, Document Printing, Grayscale/Toner Saver Printing and Photo Printing. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 has B/W Fax, Fax Forwarding and PC Fax Capability for when faxing documents/images, making it a truly versatile All-in-One Printer. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 supports a variety of media sizes, including A3, A4, A5, Ledger 11 x 17″, Legal 8.5 x 14″ and Letter 8.5 x 11″. Whether you are copying photos for friends or sending out birthday cards, it is always nice to be able to print on different media types, and the ones the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 supports are Envelopes, Labels, Plain Paper and Transparencies.

When printing speed is very important, whether you are printing in black and white or color. The black and white printing speed of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 is 28 pages per minute and the MP 3351 is 33 pages pages minute. Both Ricoh printer copier models handle up to 17″ and 11″ respectively.  The copier maintenance and reliability is great on this unit too!

The input types accepted by the Ricoh coprre printer scanner  Aficio MP 2851 are: Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and Flatbed. Automatic document feeders are an amazing feature of certain All-in-One Printers, and the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851’s ADF capacity is 50 pages , which is the average for all All-In-One Printers. The dimensions of the document or image that you can scan or copy are 17″ height and 11″ width. The scan resolution plays an important part in obtaining a clear scan or copy of a document or image. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851’s vertical scan resolution is 600 dpi. The horizontal scan resolution is 600 dpi, which is the average for all All-In-One Printers. Because bit depth quantifies how many unique colors are available in an images color palette, it also plays an important role in distinguishing the good All-in-One Printers from the great. Lastly, being able to shrink and enlarge images is one of the great aspects of owning the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851, especially since it can reduce images by 25% and enlarge them by 400%.

The models sport true 33.6 fax modem speed is 33 Kbps. Transmission speed of the fax part of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 is 3 seconds per page, which is the average for all All-In-One Printers. 320 pages is the memory capacity of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851, which is for all All-In-One Printers. The width, depth, and height of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 are 24.8″, 25.7″, and 27.9″ respectively. Additionally, the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 weighs 143 pounds.

Yes, you can lease an Ricoh 2851 or the MP 3351 from Advanced Business computers Inc plus with the printer copier maintenance program all your supplies, repairs and maintenance are included.

The Breakdown Stopping Cost Cutting Never Pay a Cent for Repairs, Supplies or Maintenance Again Solution

 (And get hassle relief so you have time for important things)

      Most company’s staff’s time is stretched to the limit so printer copier lease maintenance headache relief is essential.  Managing equipment, equipment failures, vendor shuffling, supply purchasing takes time and resources from your department and as well as you.

Time is money. Repairs are work interruption problems. Equipment supervising and supply ordering takes even more time out of your busy schedule. Do you have more important things to do than to baby sit your equipment?

The primary goal of PrintSolv is to give your staff and you time back to do more important tasks while providing cost relief. Could you use more time while getting better control over your equipment usage, costs and problems?

Advantages of PrintSolv Print Management Solution


Hassle #1: The copier printer broke down again! If you are like most business people, the last thing you want is a problem with your equipment. The next biggest hassle is determining the problem and chasing technicians to get it resolved.

Hassle relief:Automatic repair response. PrintSolv monitors 24/7 your print related equipment. When a problem occurs – PrintSolv automatically notifies service personnel to take care of the problem so you do not need to!

Hassle #2:  Did you like to spend your money replacing equipment? What about getting approval for expensive repairs or general maintenance to prevent problems? Failure to due maintenance is the number one cause of equipment failure and equipment life shorting. Maintenance catches problems before they occur.

Your equipment costs money. If you had the ability to prolong the life without automatically at no additional costs – would you be interested?  Does your staff or you loose time when equipment fails? Staff time is getting more costly and it is not recoverable. No more with PrintSolv.

Hassle relief: No more maintenance or repair costs. Greatly reduce breakdowns. PrintSolv Solutions automatically schedules regular maintenance which reduced breakdowns and prolongs the life of your equipment.

Has this happened to you?

 “What a Pain! . . .

       I need to get a report out NOW and we are out of toner!”

Hassle #3 – Supplies ordering, cost comparing and stocking. Let’s face it, supplies are boring things to think about. It’s a low on priority until an emergency occurs. Taking inventory, creating purchase orders, calling for supplies, receiving supplies and then processing payment of the supplies is a pain and take you time!


Hassle Relief: The PrintSolv monitors your supplies and will automatically dispatch supplies at NO cost to you. No More supply ordering, tracking or inventory.

Since you already buy supplies, manage the equipment, get distracted from more important tasks, call copier printer technicians for repairs, select replacement hardware, spend time with multiple vendors, and hope that the choices you are making are cost effective, ask yourself this question:  Why not consider relieving yourself of these interruptions and lower priority tasks so you have time for things more important to you?


Stop paying for repairs or chase technicians again

Stop wasting time tracking, ordering & paying for supplies

Reduce work interruptions

Better equipment control and long life

Get Free equipment upgrades

Get hassle and Money relief – PrintSolv


These are just a few of the advantages of the PrintSolv solution from Advanced Business Computers Inc.

PrintSolv is designed to greatly reduce your equipment failures, relieve your staff time and prolong the life of the equipment while controlling costs.  It’s a real-time pro-active problem solving and supply management program. Best of all, you do not need to lift a finger to do anything!

An off lease copier printer scanner maintenance lease agreement is a great way of managing your printing costs.  Advanced Business Computers located in Miami Florida provides quality dealer select off-lease refurbished copiers, printer, and scanners. All dealer select copier printers are available for purchase or lease starting at $87 per month depending upon the brand and model for the printer copier machine. All refurbished dealer select models from Ricoh, Lanier, HO, Sharp, Kyocera, Lanier and other brands go through a complete warrantied restoration process.

The result is a guaranteed, superior copier printer product, tested for proper operation, and ready for your business needs. The copiers and printers are brought back to factory original condition. All units are tested and setting reset to insure reliability when you obtain your office equipment. Once you select the copier printer scanner that fit your needs Advanced Business Computers Inc. will personally delivery the copier printer scanner to your office and install the software eon your network of computers. Only dealer select models are offered which means your copier printer scanner office equipment will have low page counts and low life left in the unit.

Plus with Advanced Business computers print management program your equipment will be maintained including all supplies, repairs and maintenance for the complete term of the lease. If you purchase the copier printer scanner then you have the option of including a Printsolv copier printer scanner maintenance program to keep the printer copier unit running for years.

Great low cost copier scanner fax

The Kyocera copystar TA-221 is a great full size business class copier printer for smaller offices who want a quality machine that produces up to ledger size pages (11 x 17)  without braking the bank.  In essence, its a great low cost copier scanner fax.  In fact, the Kyocera printer copier scanner TA-221 leases start out at $89 per month depending upon your requirements.

The Kyocera TASKalfa 221 B&W Multifunctional System delivers the essential functionality and performance that business workgroups require. Dependable and productive, the TASKalfa 221 offers an exceptional array of features including standard network print and copy, and optional network scan and fax. For businesses looking for a true multi-tasking device, the TASKalfa 221 delivers exceptional results.

The copier printer maintenance kits on the Kyocera consist of two items the drum/developer and the fuser assembly.  The printer scanning is designed fro 160,000 pages at 5% coverage before the need to replace the maintenance kits. Its exceptional low cost per page operation is the hallmark of Kyocera equipment.  This copier printer is designed for companies who produce (print/copy) on the average 10,000 to 20,000 pages per month .  it combines a very durable duplex (two sided) document feeder on the copier and gives you full color scanning.

Industry Analysts conducted in-depth interviews with Service Managers within 139 office equipment dealerships nationwide, encompassing more than 30,000 multifunctional copier printer scanner devices. Service Managers, true experts on which products perform best, were questioned on the products they work closely with on a daily basis.

    Kyocera copier printer scanners rated highest in Product Reliability, Service Support, Inventory and Overall Average while ranking first in 33 out of 39 performance categories. In 2011, Kyocera copystar set an OPA Survey record winning “Most Reliable” more than any other manufacturer of business class printer copiers scanners in the past decade.

Kyocera the leader in durable business class copier printers releases Kyocera FS-6530 replaces the CS-305.  Standard copier printer features include Network Print, Copy and Color Scan with optional Fax/network fax.

The Kyocera ECOSYS FS-6530MFP provides the superior functionality and quality printyour customers need in a conveniently small device design.   Kyocera’s advanced, award-winning ECOSYS technology is well regarded as a cost-effective and highly reliable solution. The Kyocera FS-6530MFP MFP assures that your most critical document imaging demands are satisfied budget friendly and virtually worry-free. This copier printer is designed for advanced reliability while reducing the environmental impact and cutting printing costs. The FS-6530 printer copier scanner is a reliable partner for workgroups that require a high level of functionality, ease-of-use and represents the smart choice for eco-friendly, cost-conscious offices.

The capabilities of the FS-6530MFP can be enhanced with unique and scalable business applications, powered by HyPAS –Kyocera’s powerful software development platform. These applications, developed by Kyocera or by our third-party solution partners, allow your business to further optimize your ECOSYS MFPs’ “out-of-the-box” performance. Kyocera applications transform your multifunctional printer into a powerful resource that suits your existing document imaging and workflow needs today, as well as delivers the flexibility you need for tomorrow. The is a true business class full size printer copier MFD that is designed for offices that produce 20,000 to 30,000 page per month with a duty cycle of 100,000 pages.

Copystar /  Kyocera CS 255c or Taskalfa 255C color printer copier scanner all-in-one is a great choice for a small to a medium office. Great reliability of Kyocera trade mark. Couple that with low cost copier printer supplies and you have an winner whether you want the 225c or faster 305C Kyocera will make a great choice.

Take greater command of your business with a lower total cost of ownership.

CS 255c Features

Functions: Network Print, Copy and Color Scan. Optional Fax/Network Fax
  • Speed: 25/25 PPM
  • Max Monthly Duty Cycle: 40,000 pages per month
  • Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi, 8 bit Color Depth
  • Standard Paper Supply: Std 600, Max 1600
  • Max Paper Size: 11″ x 17″
  • Max Paper Weight: Drawers: 43lb Bond MPT: 140lb. Index
  • Original Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″ – 11″ x 17″ (Statement-Ledger)
  • Duplexing: Standard
  • Network Connectivity: Standard: 10/100/1000Base TX; High Speed USB 2.0, USB Host (2); Optional: 10/100/1000Base TX (for Dual NIC)
  • Fax Modem Speed: 33.6Kbps
  • Fax Memory: 9.5MB

Designed with you in mind, the CS 255c Color copier printer scanner multifunctional system with SMARTtech (Simple print Management and Replacement Technology) assures simple-to-operate and simple-to-manage MFP functionality. Offering affordable business color copying and printing, it is ideal for virtually every busy office and work group. And thanks to Kyocera’s SMARTtech design, when repair service is required interruption to your business activities is minimal, to ensure maximum up time when you need it most. Now your business can print, copy, scan all in color or fax when needed all within your budget thanks to one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownerships’ in its class.  Contact Advanced Business Computers Inc now for a free quote to lease or if you prefer to purchase the industry leader in reliable copier printer equipment Kyocera. Special note: Kyocera and Copystar are the same machines with different labels.

Which refurbished Ricoh color copier printer scanner to buy? As an independent Ricoh, Sharp and Kyocera dealer Advanced Business Computers specializes in newly reconditioned copiers and the new Ricoh, Sharp and Kyocera print copier scanner office equipment Advanced Business Computers Inc. has an inventory of over 2,700 off leased machines and only selects the top 5% to refurbish fro the local South Florida market.  The best color copier printer office equipment in south florida depends on your needs.  There is no one size fits all.

The one word of advice when you are looking for refurbished or used equipment is do not believe the seller about the age. One wholesale company in Miami is saying the Ricoh 3228, 3232 and the MPC250 are recent models. They are not. If you are getting a color machine by Ricoh, Lanier or Savin (all the same company and equipment but just different names/model labels) get at least the MPC4000 or newer machine (the MPC4500 is older than the MPC4000 model).

If you have a constrained printer copier office equipment budget then get the Ricoh MPC3500 or the MPC4500 which are still good models but much more durable than the lower end Ricoh MPC2500 and MPS3000. Obtaining a refurbished used of-lease print copier MFD will save up to 73% off new. Advanced Business Computers Inc primarily specializes in copier, printers, scanners and fax office equipment since 1988.

The line of Ricoh, Kyocera and Sharp office equipment copiers printers are extensive and includes Copystar printer copiers, Kyocera copier all-in-one, Savin copiers printers, Gestetner copiers, Lanier copiers and Sharp digital copiers. Advance Business Computers dealer Select models insure that you only get the top 5% of all off-lease office equipment and yes you can lease them too. Dealer Select Lease Certified printer copier scanner fax equipment are business class very low usage demo units or slightly used recent copiers, multifunction copiers printers Scanner fax machines that are true work horses.

Lease certified Dealer Select copier printer all-in-one units have been well maintained and guaranteed to be quality certified for lease. Lease certification requires each machine to be completely checked by certified technicians, rollers, gears, belts, drums, toners, fusers, pads, and other normal wear parts replaced. They are all LOW, LOW page count machines – under 2 months of actual duty cycle usage. Lease certified dealer Select gives you the assurance that the equipment you receive will be trouble free and provide many years of quality service. You will save 47% to 73% off the price of a new unit by selecting certified printer copier lease dealer select unit. Plus, most of the time the Dealer Select is a higher end model than the new ones quoted!