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Paperless Office Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Attorneys, doctors, accountants, real estate agents and all types of business are going more and more paperless.  Each type of business has federal laws that they must comply with whether it’s client information retention, data security, tax records, etc. It’s important to maintain multiple layers of data retention and storage.  Simply using the old data backup is no longer a viable business practice.  But many companies just fail to understand the problems with going paperless when something fails!

There is a cost saving and expenditure to maintain accurate retrievable and searchable documents.  Just using backup service such as Carbonite, SOS, external USB drive and others is a problem waiting to happen.  Not thinking virus recovery and  time involved to get back up costs business hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

First, lets review Carbonite, SOS, Mozy and other remote online backup systems.  Many clients use these services without the realization that if their in-house system goes down it can take many hours to days to retrieve (download) and restore the information.  Can you afford days of waiting for your data to be downloaded?  Yes, these services are great for long term document storage but not for quick employee get back to work cost saving data recovery.

Mirror Drives – The Fastest Get Back and Running?

Mirror drives get you up and running faster with less work loss than any other method when you have a hardware failure. First, a mirror drive is an EXACT always up to date copy of your main hard drive in the same computer as your main hard drive. These are perfect if you have a physical hard drive failure you can get back and running in a matter of a few minutes. However, if the main hard drive failed due to a virus then your mirror drive will have the same problem so your mirror is worthless. If your equipment is stolen or the mirror drive fails then you are back to square one with hundreds and even thousands of dollars of loss.

The USB external drive backup is NOT an exact copy but a “recent” retainer of your current data. The difference is that the mirror drive has all your data and software ready to go. The USB drive only has data so it will take a bit of work to replace the main hard drive, install the operating system, install the programs and then transfer the data from your USB drive (4..6 hours process). External USB drives are great if you are diligent in backup procedures and storage of the external drive.

Going paperless needs a bit of thought and foresight to implement.  If you assume everything will be ok and dandy without precautions then you are gambling with your business.  Data is your business. Your client list, product costs, A/R, A/P, history, confidential client information etc.  97% of the business today can suffer a complete building fire, flood, virus attack, major theft or other natural occurrence with very little loss of  business if  properly prepared.  Advanced Business Computers specializes in reviewing, recommending and implementing paperless office procedures to prevent major loss and greatly reduce down time.

The Ricoh MP2851 and MP3351 area great copier printer scanner for businesses. These black and white copier printer scanners are a great option for small offices. It’s a true multifunction Copy, Fax, Print and Scan with complete network connectivity.

The copier scanner printer by Ricoh, Aficio MP 2851 adn 3315, comes with standard interfaces Ethernet, USB 2.0 and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

The Ricoh printer copier is compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 and MP3351 has a memory capacity of 768 MB memory.

Features and Supported Media include Auto Duplex Print, Document Printing, Grayscale/Toner Saver Printing and Photo Printing. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 has B/W Fax, Fax Forwarding and PC Fax Capability for when faxing documents/images, making it a truly versatile All-in-One Printer. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 supports a variety of media sizes, including A3, A4, A5, Ledger 11 x 17″, Legal 8.5 x 14″ and Letter 8.5 x 11″. Whether you are copying photos for friends or sending out birthday cards, it is always nice to be able to print on different media types, and the ones the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 supports are Envelopes, Labels, Plain Paper and Transparencies.

When printing speed is very important, whether you are printing in black and white or color. The black and white printing speed of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 is 28 pages per minute and the MP 3351 is 33 pages pages minute. Both Ricoh printer copier models handle up to 17″ and 11″ respectively.  The copier maintenance and reliability is great on this unit too!

The input types accepted by the Ricoh coprre printer scanner  Aficio MP 2851 are: Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and Flatbed. Automatic document feeders are an amazing feature of certain All-in-One Printers, and the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851’s ADF capacity is 50 pages , which is the average for all All-In-One Printers. The dimensions of the document or image that you can scan or copy are 17″ height and 11″ width. The scan resolution plays an important part in obtaining a clear scan or copy of a document or image. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2851’s vertical scan resolution is 600 dpi. The horizontal scan resolution is 600 dpi, which is the average for all All-In-One Printers. Because bit depth quantifies how many unique colors are available in an images color palette, it also plays an important role in distinguishing the good All-in-One Printers from the great. Lastly, being able to shrink and enlarge images is one of the great aspects of owning the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851, especially since it can reduce images by 25% and enlarge them by 400%.

The models sport true 33.6 fax modem speed is 33 Kbps. Transmission speed of the fax part of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 is 3 seconds per page, which is the average for all All-In-One Printers. 320 pages is the memory capacity of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851, which is for all All-In-One Printers. The width, depth, and height of the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 are 24.8″, 25.7″, and 27.9″ respectively. Additionally, the Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 weighs 143 pounds.

Yes, you can lease an Ricoh 2851 or the MP 3351 from Advanced Business computers Inc plus with the printer copier maintenance program all your supplies, repairs and maintenance are included.

Document processing and scanner software?

What are you needs for Document processing and scanner software?  Do you need immediate access so you can modify documents? Or you more interested in scanning documents for storage to relive office space? Or do you need to allow many people to access, move, modify, and send documents while reducing cost associated with handling physical written documents? You have many choose from simple low volume document scanning and storage you may choose Paperport, a free software programs that comes with Kyocera and other brands of copier printer scanners. Or eDrawer which comes in many flavors depending upon your needs from owning the software to a cloud version that cut costs and relieves you of having to increase your network system in your office eDrawer is one of our favorites because it’s a very robust system that handles small offices to large corporations in a efficient easy manner. Its’ comprehensive yet affordable enterprise solution, it offers a secure archive to organize, store and version control and provide a central point of company wide distribution of documents scanned, received by fax, printed or email through a complete database system. The “Cloud” website solution gives you the ability to grow without the expense of buying software, it’s a pay as you need program based on the number of people in your office that needs to access, modify and distribute the documents in the document scanning processing software database.

Buyer beware, with all the companies going out of busy its become a free for all in the user copier printer scanner fax markets.  We consistently get calls from companies who have purchased used copier printers machine from companies going out of business or at auctions that lasted a few days and then started to haev problems.  When purchasing a used or reconditioned copier printer scanner fax whether Canon, Ricoh, Sharp, Kyocera or other brand you need to thoroughly test the unit.   Better yet hire a certified service technician to check ti out first before parting with your hard earned money.

One of the more common problems we are starting to see lately is the system rest of the factory configured calibrations and even the serial numbers. on many brands of printer copier scanners fax MFD machines a service technician can reset the factory ONLY calibrations settings. These settings control the laser strength, density calibration and even house the serial numbers.  Once these are reset they can not be recovered or properly recalibrate because these calibration settings were done at the time of the manufacturer of the copier printer using specialized equipment not available in the field. can you tell if the settings haev been changed?  Yes and not

If you print the configuration or service log history you may notice an entry stating that the system was reset. Or if you print the used reconditioned copier printer configuration or service page and notice no serial number then you know somebody tampered with the counters, and factory only settings.  Purchasing a used copier printer fax is just like purchasing a used car. You want to know the true past history and usage. It’s better to have a service technician review the copier printer scanner used or refurbished equipment before you buy to prevent costly repair maintenance after a few days or weeks after purchase.

What can go wrong when the settings are reset? Plenty – first image quality when you replace the developer or drum unit. Second – lose of functionality of the unit that requires activation codes to use the fax, scanner or printer features.  Inability to get a maintenance agreement because the serial number and history is wiped out.  Used refurbished printer copier scanner office equipment will greatly reduce your overall cost but selecting one that was reset can be a costly mistake.




HP mid range and higher printers are considered work horses.  they are designed for easy printer fax copier repair and installation of maintenance kits.   However, thee are some exceptions to the rule.  The HP 4250 and HP 4350 series laser printers are work horse, but one with a problem- swing arm gear.  Repairing the printers  normal problems such as paper feed issues and fuser assemblies are simple just like there previous models the HP 4200 and HP 4100 laser printers.  However, HP designed the drive gear/swing plate with a flaw: its plastic, it wear out often and you need to tear apart the printer in many pieces to repair.

The repair of the HP printer swing plate requires the removal of the coverings, circuit boards and other parts which takes an experience printer repair technician about an hour to complete.  Most technicians when learning how to do this repairs take 2 hours or more to do it.  It’s imp[important that you specify that you want a technician who has a proven repair record when doing this repair. It’s not  simple repair.  You will need to provide a good size printer repair work area the removal of the parts.

Also when repairing the swing plate of the HP laser printer you may need to replace the fuser assembly at the same time. The fuser assembly is a swap HP printer repair part that only takes a few minutes to accomplish.

Your HP laser printer requires periodic maintenance. This maintenance includes repairing the fuser assembly of the printer. The fuser is a common problem that causes laser printer paper jam repair and toner smearing problems. The fuser error code on the HP laser printer is 50.x where is a number between 1..5.

Hewlett Packard fusers assemblies are replaced every 80,000 to 2000,000 pages depending upon on the laser HP printer model.

The first step in repairing a fuser error is to turn off the HP printer and let the laserjet cool down for at least 30 minutes.  Unplug the power cord and then make sure the fuser assembly is cool. Remember the fuser assembly gets very hot which can causes serious burns – far warning. If you are not sure of your abilities get a certified HP repair technicians to replace the fuser causing the printer error

Now open the back of the printer (you may need to remove covers and/or exit trays). Remove the screws holding the printer repair part you are replacing (fuser) and slide out the unit. Slide in the replacement fuser assembly and reassemble the back of the HP laserjet printer you are repairing.

Some clients do not want to put in the whole assembly. The fuser assembly of an HP printer consists of several parts. We do not recommend that you rebuild the unit unless you have previous fuser assembly rebuilding experience. You need to replace the roller, bearings, pick fingers, heat roller, Thermister, thermostat, and have good mechanical abilities.  Contact an authorized HP printer repair service center instead

If you have a specific  HP printer repair service question or need additional help with your repair f the printer please contact use at Advanced Business Computers Inc.

God Created Cell Phones

OK I know we are not in the cell phone business, however, here is something I wrote when a friend said his is Techno – no – nothing.

Year 0 – Phone Technology years started

Year 1 – God created Satellite phones with big modems and even bigger antennas. We can talk away from home now.

Year 5  – God created beepers. Life was getting techie.

Year 10 – God created the brick cell phone. Life was getting better

Year 20 – God created small cell phones. Life was good

Year 25 – God created cell phone text messaging. Life is reversing.

Year 28 – Kids stop talking and started typing messages with thumbs. Life was getting frustrating.

Year 30 – Everybody stopped talking. Life was all thumbs.

Year 31 – Black market flourished for small finger transplants to press the keys to text message. Life was expensive sore little fingers.

Year 33 – Evolution took over and people no longer have mouths.  Life is silent.

Year 35 – Phones no longer dial nor have speakers.

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