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How to select copier printer maintenance companies is an important question.  The internet has many trillion website address at this time. The questions is how do you know if you are working with a local copier printer or scanner repair maintenance or lease company verses one who outsources your repair service throughout the USA? One of the first signs that you are calling an company that outsources 99% of their work is the 800 number and/or if they ask you for your location on their website.

First,  look for their physical address to see if the copier repair company is in your area (corporate office) and its not a virtual office location.  Many companies offer virtual offices that provide a local address but not a true physical copier printer scanner repair maintenance local.  One quick question to ask is if you “drop off your equipment” to be repair at their office.

If they say they only provide on-site printer service than 99% of the time this is an outsource copier repair maintenance company.  Outsource printer repair companies have lists of thousands of technicians and other companies they call to do the work for them. In other words, you do not get their employees you get a random repair technician.  Also, local printer copier repair and maintenance companies can respond quicker too!

Why is it important to know this?  Because when you work with an outsource company you do not know what you will get and their costs are higher.  There are several companies that actually bid out your printer or copier repair the job to technicians and the lowest bidding (what they will charge per hour) price technician gets the job. Would you trust you expensive copier printers or scanners to the lowest price bid technician?  Working with a local repair company helps you build a good relationship not only with the company but with the actual technicians who are true employees of the company. We consistently get calls from our local clietns who request a particular employee because of the repair service relationship.  Why settle for a random repair copier or printer service maintenance company when you can get a trusted person who know has an vested interest in keeping you happy?


Replacing ribbons while repair servicing your sato, Zebra or other thermal label printer is done by the end user. You do not need special label printer repair skills. However you do need to be careful.

First, when replacing ribbons on your thermal label printer wear plastic gloves. The gloves not only protects you from stains it also protects the ribbon from your hand oils while repairing your sate, zebra and other thermal printer. Your oils can cause damage corrosion of print heads and other parts of the printer. Print head on sato, intermac and zebra label thermal printers  are costly to repair and replace.

Label printer head replacement on some models require a certified technicians to properly adjust it to your printer. Adjustments include gapping, parallelism and other maintenance  repair steps when repairing the thermal printer. Take care to protect your print heads while replacing thermal printer ribbons and doing standard repairs.

Disposal of ribbons. Not all ribbons are intended for standard trash disposal. Your thermal printer ribbon my contain toxic chemicals and require disposal of the ribbon at specific locations in your city.

When inserting the thermal printer ribbon be careful of the paper and ribbon sensors. We constantly received sate, zebra, intermec and other label print repair service calls for damaged senors after the end user has replaced ribbons. In addition, keep the ribbon material away from the sensors because it can blacked the sensor and causes errors when you replace the therm label printer ribbons.

If you need additional thermal printer repair service assistance in South East Florida, Miami or Ft. Lauderdale areas contact Advanced Business Inc.

Error 50 HP Fuser Fixing Unit Problem

Over the years HP printers, Lexmark, Canon and other prints have greatly changed their fuser assemblies. I would not call it an laser printer improvement. When you get an 50 printer service error on HP printers,  921 error on Lexmark, SC54xx on Ricoh printers and fixing unit faliure on Canon printers is means the fuser assembly has failed.

The fuser assembly is the part that uses pressure and heat to melt the toner to the actual paper. It consist of gears, bushings,  heat rollers, pressure roller, paper pick fingers and other components, If you have an HP laser printer, Lexmark printer then for the most part you change the entire fuser assembly. If you business class Ricoh, Sharp, Canon, Gestetner, Savin and other copier printer scanners then the fuser assembly is rebuilt then majority of the time.

HP laser printers started to change their fusers to use films instead of Teflon coated rollers in their fuser assemblies.  This decreased the cost to make the machine but increase the failure rate of the laser printers.  Some other companies have followed suit. The HP laser printer fuser repair is a whole unit swap out an if obtain from a quality company should come with a 3 to 6 month warranty or 12,000 to 24,000 page warranty.  If it does not then switch your vendor!

Fuser repairs for copier printer scanners is more time consuming and costly than in straight printers. However, the advantage is then most of the companies still use the hard Teflon coated fuser that has a much great life and printer copier service failures.

Do not look for the cheapest price when replacing the fuser assembly during a HP printer repair or copier repair. Look for the best warranty and mid range price. This is especially important with repairing a copier printer because they are rebuilt which means some companies will try to get away with only a partial rebuild to save money and hurt you in the long run. if you have questions call Advanced Business Computers Inc for printer copier repairs in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and other Florida locations.

Large Format Printer Copiers Color

Do you have a need to print or copier pages up to 11 x 17 or 12 x 18  for advertising, newsletters or other business applications?  then a digital color copier or laser printers is the best way to show off you work the best at an economical cost.

Printing color pages from laser printers or color copiers gives you the ability produce hundreds and even thousands of pages at a fraction of the cost of using a ink based machine. Plus the color copiers and color laser printers are faster, more durable and can handle heavy paper stock.

If you just need to print color pages then (not scan or copy) up to 11 x 17 in size then consider the HP printer 5500 or 5550.  The other option is Okidata or Lexmark printers. The main difference between 11 x 17 HP printers and the other brands is the ease of repair and low cost maintenance.   On the high end of cost (toners, repairs and maintenance) are Xerox phaser printers and Minolta printers .

If out need a full bleed color printer up to 12 x 18 then check out the Sharps color printers or color copier printers. They provide full bleed quality prints at a low cost. We have several clients who just love the Sharp Ar-C260p model and even refurbished used Sharp copier printer AR-C320 that not only prints in color, it faxes, copiers, and scans too!  Ricoh copiers are another favorite due to durability and quality of output.

HP printer all in ones that print, copy, fax and scan are great choices too, however, they tend to cost more per page us use than true copier printer based machines from Ricoh, Sharp, and Kyocera.  On the high side of maintenance are the Toshiba, Xerox and Canon brands of copier printers scanners.

The other option is quality low page count  used copier printers with warranty. Check out the Ricoh, Kyocera and Sharp brands which are the more durable brands.

There is a confusion concerning the quality of color prints a copier  or printer produces.Do you own a color copier, laser printer or all in one printer copier scanner?  Do you expect the same quality of prints whether you scan, email or print an image from your computer?

Clients call all the time concerning the quality of color prints produced on their all in one color copier or laser printer all in one. The conversation usually involves around poor quality copied images when compared to one printed from the computer to the color digital copier or printer all in one color. Some of them believe they should get the same quality of print from the SCANNED images as the one printed directly from their digital camera connected printed directly from their computer.

Why is the quality greater from the computer than from the scanned image?  Simple – resolution. When you transfer an image directly from your digital camera to your computer the resolution of the actual image is much greater than the one scanned from your color copier or color printer scanner.

The scanner will always produce images with less quality due to the limitations of the device. Most scanners have a scan resolution of 1200 dpi digital enhanced 2400 dpi which equates to 1.5 to 2.8MP.  Even the low end digital camera produce 6mp images with many of them over 10mp.  This alone show you the scanned image is much lower resolution on your color copier scanner or printer scanner.

Plus, the scanner uses light to take a picture of the image.  The light actually distorts the colors on the color copier scanner or color printer all in one. this further reduces the quality of the image copied. So what should you do?

Whenever possible use the digital format of the image from the camera connected to your computer to produce your color print.  If you have to use the copier then try copying at different darkness using the settings on your color copier scanner or color printer all in one device.

Next before your select your color printer or colour copier printer make sure you tell the dealer your various needs.  Get help from an independent color copier or color laser printer dealer that is not locked into a particular brand.  What’s more important: getting the right equipment at a far price or the name on the color copier scanner?


Advanced Business Computers Inc.

P.S.  Request a free evaluation of your needs.  Please post your questions about color all in one printer scanners copiers here to get a prompt answer.  Even get high quality Dealer Select units at up to 70% off  now.

Did you know that the HP laser printers are actually made by Canon? HP laser printer marketing has captured the majority of the printer copier market. However, their laser printer and all in one toner based machine are actually made by Canon Corporation. Of top major laser printer copier manufacturers Brother and Lexmark make their own printers, copiers sand all in one machines.  Dell laser printers are either Lexmark or Samsung printers.

Now you know who makes them so let see how the digital laser printer copier cartridges work in simple terms.

When the laser printer copier received the information from your computer is builds image in its memory.  Once the image is completely compiled in the copier printer memory, the controller starts to lay the magnetic image (latent image) on the drum unit using a laser light. The laser light puts a charge on the toner cartridge drum where it wants to attract toner of the copier laser printer.

If you have a HP laser printer or Lexmark then the drum is part of the printer’s toner cartridge. Brother MFC, Okidata laser printers, Sharp, Ricoh and Gestetner have separate toners and drum units.

In the laser printer and digital copier, as the drum rotates the toner it attracted toner to the magnetic image on the drum. The toner is hold in the cartridge toner reservoir. At the same time the paper is subject to a high voltage to produce a magnetic charge on the laser printer copiers’ paper.  The paper passes below the drum and attracts the toner on the drum thus “transferring the image” to the paper.

As the drum continues around the drum blade wipes off the excess toner and discharges the magnetic latent image. Now what the difference between compatible and OEM cartridges?

First, what’s OEM?  It means “Original equipment manufacturer”. In other words, HP printers are a Canon cartridge that is relabeled and sold as an HP toner cartridge. All toner cartridge, whether compatible or one work the same way. The trick is to find a company who does a fantastic job in making compatible toner cartridges for laser printers copiers.

The best way is to test drive a cartridge. Ask you local companies to test drive a compatible cartridge. Many companies will even give you FREE printer maintenance just for trying their toner laser printer cartridge service. Call or request a Free 21 day trial now!

Do you a FREE toner cartridge trial contact us nowAdvanced Business Computer, Inc.