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Printer Copier Repair Help Archives

Repair service selection

Questions to ask when selecting a copier printer repair service company.  Is the servicing company a one man show or a business that has several techs so you are not kept waiting and wondering? Advanced Business Computers Inc., in business since 1988, gives you the advantage of an independent servicing company that has no ties to a particular brand of equipment. There are no sales quotes or pressure on your representative to get in the way of providing you with the right equipment or repair service you need.

Small businesses are the life blood of America. As an Advanced Business Computers client you are not just a number, as you would be with a large service corporation, but an important business partner. Working with a small company for repair service gives you a big advantage. You are not treated as just a number but a vital client.

Repair Service ask Questions

When you contact your repair service company ask direct quotes not just the standard service fee.  give details on your copier printer of scanner problem including any error codes.  If the repair service company can’t tell you what an error code means and an estimated costs to service the equipment then go someplace else.   The majority of the errors indicate to the service company the most likely problem with the copier printer printer and what parts are needed.

If the company needs to call you back give them a time limit to return the call. Sometimes error codes are not an exact science. However, even with general error codes that does not point to a specific part needed the repair service  company should still be able to give you the steps and costs of the steps to determine the actual problem.





Advanced Business Computers started as a recycling company of toner cartridge in 1988 for HP printers and has expended to cover copier printer scanner repair for most brands of printer, copiers and MFD’s.

Yes, the OEP recycled or compatible cartridge is 100% certified to work as good as or better than new ones. OEP cartridges have the ultimate better than new 3-in-1 warranty. No, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Lexmark, Canon or other OEM cartridge companies do not warrant your printer against damage by the cartridge. Hewlett Packard, Canon and other manufacturer warranties state that if the cartridge is bad within 30 to 90 days they will replace the cartridge. Why settle for a partial warranty when you can have it all?

Copier printer scanner and MFD service Maintenance

The printer repair division started due the cartridge manufacturing division in 1989 Why? We had two reasons: Nobody specialized in laser printers at that time and most computer repair technicians did not even want to touch them. Second, how can a company produce compatible cartridges without knowing the machines that use them? Since the first, HP printer series, the repair facility has greatly expanded into most brands of copiers, printer, scanners, fax and MFD (all in one devices). This  includes maintenance and leasing of business class equipment.

Security Devices Office equipment security is critical to prevent theft of data and hardware. What happens when you office computers or laptops are stolen form your office? Did you know you are liable for any customer information continued in your stolen equipment? Have you considered physical security to prevent theft of your office equipment? Get the latest most effective physical security devices for you office equipment including security for AV items too. These products product secure computer equipment, audiovisual and other equipment. Computer Networks Installation and Support The Network division grew out of the laser printer repair area. Several law, accounting and mid size company (5 to 30 employees) expressed a need for a qualified network trouble shooting and installation service center. They were tired of companies that that either did not know what they were doing or did not have parts in stock.

Basic copier printer repair service steps

Digital copier printer office equipment is like your car; it needs regular maintenance to keep running with few breakdowns while providing quality copies. Many companies tend to overlook copier printer repair maintenance steps which result in very costly repair bills. All printer copiers scanners MFD office equipment can zoom in and out paper copies, sort multiple copies and scan colors.

Add the ability to scan to email, scan to fax and scan to computers, printer copiers are essentials time saving equipment that requires maintenance to keep you office running smoothly.  As owners operators of your office equipment  you need to be aware of basic copier printer maintenance or have a copier printer technician provide the service on a regular basis. Printer copier maintenance repair should always be a priority to keep your staff running at full speed. Cleaning and emptying he waste hopper is a normal procedure that you cam do when you change the toner cartridges.. However, errors are cannot be prevented.

Here are some service steps to take when performing repair maintenance to your printer copier office equipment.

  1. Always power off and then unplug your copier printer before any maintenance steps for your safety..
  2. Use on lint free soft clothes to clean the copier printer glass and other areas when doing the copier maintenance.
  3. If you are not sure of a particular part or assembly then leave it alone.
  4. Do not spray any liquids of any type in side the unit or in gear assemblies.
  5. Always, empty the waste hopper when changing the copier printer toner. If you are not sure how to remove the waste hopper ask your copier printer service technician.
  6. Do not refill your toner cartridge unless you are absolutely sure you are using the right toner – NOT ALL TONER IS TE SAME – and you know how to remove the discharge waste toner first.
  7. Open the top cover of the machine then wipe the glass surface using the cloth.
  8. If you are having a paper jam try wiping off the paper fibers from the rollers first before calling a printer copier service technician.
  9. If he paper jam is happening near the fuser assembly be very careful not to touch the fuser assembly because on some units it gets up to 600 degree and can cause serious burns.

The copier printer maintenance repair procedures vary depending upon your equipment make and models. Most user manuals have a section on basic equipment maintenance repair procedures. As long as you perform basic maintenance you will add years to the life of your equipment and help prevent costly copier printer repair bills.

How to select copier printer maintenance companies is an important question.  The internet has many trillion website address at this time. The questions is how do you know if you are working with a local copier printer or scanner repair maintenance or lease company verses one who outsources your repair service throughout the USA? One of the first signs that you are calling an company that outsources 99% of their work is the 800 number and/or if they ask you for your location on their website.

First,  look for their physical address to see if the copier repair company is in your area (corporate office) and its not a virtual office location.  Many companies offer virtual offices that provide a local address but not a true physical copier printer scanner repair maintenance local.  One quick question to ask is if you “drop off your equipment” to be repair at their office.

If they say they only provide on-site printer service than 99% of the time this is an outsource copier repair maintenance company.  Outsource printer repair companies have lists of thousands of technicians and other companies they call to do the work for them. In other words, you do not get their employees you get a random repair technician.  Also, local printer copier repair and maintenance companies can respond quicker too!

Why is it important to know this?  Because when you work with an outsource company you do not know what you will get and their costs are higher.  There are several companies that actually bid out your printer or copier repair the job to technicians and the lowest bidding (what they will charge per hour) price technician gets the job. Would you trust you expensive copier printers or scanners to the lowest price bid technician?  Working with a local repair company helps you build a good relationship not only with the company but with the actual technicians who are true employees of the company. We consistently get calls from our local clietns who request a particular employee because of the repair service relationship.  Why settle for a random repair copier or printer service maintenance company when you can get a trusted person who know has an vested interest in keeping you happy?


The low cost of ink based printers has caused problem with service centers because of the manufacturers inability to offer repair parts. If you plan to purchased a ink based printer By Epson, Lexmark, Xerox, HP,  Canon and other brands NOT INCLUDING Brother then when the unit fails plan to throw it away. It does not matter if the ink based printer copier cost $50 or $500, the manufactures do not haev parts for them. If you call HP or Epson after the warranty period they will offer to swap the unit out for a price and usually the price is 95% of the cost of a new unit.

During warranty periods for the HP Officejet, Epson Stylus,  photo smart or other NON-Brother brand ink based printer the manufacturers swap out the printers – they do not repair them.  There are a few repair shops with parts, however beware, the parts are off used machines. As an authorized repair facility for several brands we have access to all parts for all printers if offered by the printer manufacturer. the problem is they do not offer parts because they do not have them.

The one except to ink based printer repairs is Brother machines. Brother has all parts needed to repair their brand of printers.  Brother MFC’s are reliable and the advantage to them is that Brother many times gives people warranty repair even beyond the warranty period on their printers.  We have received work orders for Brother printer and MFC’s warranty repairs that are 2..3 years old even when the person has NOT purchased extended warranty.

Your Zebra printer, Sato and Datamax thermal label printer is the cornerstone of your specialty printing operations for products, parts and other label applications. Having problems with your Zebra printer or paper jams causes lost time. Zebra label printers and other thermal printers are designed for hundreds of hours of usage between breakdowns. However, there are a few common problems that occur that can be prevented with regular maintenance by an experienced Zebra technician, sate repair specialist or Datamax  repair facility. The thermal printer repair technicians keep your printer in optimum working condition. There is no better alternative for the long-term life of your Zebra printer than regular maintenance.


One of the most common problems is ribbon loading when not using direct thermal labels. When you just loaded a ribbon check the path you used for the ribbons installation. Sometimes the users load the ribbon in the same path as the media labels on the Zebra, Sato or Datamax printers, which is incorrect. This would cause paper jams and even excessive wear on the print head. Always check the path right after installation of thermal printer ribbons and/or rolls of labels.

Another common problem is in corrected or outdated printer drivers for your Zebra printer. Use the driver utilities which are an advanced driver program that updates missing, outdated or corrupt device drivers that may be causing your Zebra device to experience problems, slow down or crash. An driver is piece of software the communicates with you printer and acts as a bridge between your thermal label printer and the computer.  Sato and Datamax thermal label printers also require proper and updated drivers to operate efficiently too.

One of the few problems thermal labels printer repair technicians encounter is a bad print head. Considering a print head of a thermal printer from Zebra, Sato,  AMT, Datamax,and  Citizen are designed to imprint millions of characters before failure. Thermal label printers do not have fuser assemblies, paper pick up rollers or transfer roller as do laser printers that require more frequent repairs.

Prior to replacing or doing a thermal label printer repair of a zebra, Datamax Citizen or Sato printer you may want to consider doing a through cleaning of the print-head.  Zebra printer repair and maintenance technicians only replace the print head as a last resort. May times a certified label printer repair person can PM the the thermal printer and the printers print head to prevent a costly replacement. Print Heads range in price from $350 to well over $600 depending upon your printer model and manufacturer.  Qualified thermal printer printer repair technicians are not your average bred of people. If you use a laser printer technician or a computer tech to work on your expensive Zebra, Sato, Datamax or Citizen printer then you are taking a big risk.  Thermal printer repair is completely different than toner or ink based printer repairs.

Thermal printer print heads by Zebra, Datamax,  AMT, SATO and Citizen require alignment adjustments and calibrations that laser printers do not require all all.  Mis-aligned print heads will cause ghosting, lines and marks on labels if not properly service. It’s not just insert it in and let it run. This is were regular printer repair technicians and technicians trained on thermal printer repairs are different the knowledge required to determine if the bad images are due to calibration, alignment issues or the actual print head.

Make sure you receive the warranty statement on all thermal printer by Zebra, AMT, Datamax, Citizen and Sato printer repairs once services. Ask you therm printer repair company if you go to them or the manufacturer for warranty claims – if they say the manufacturer then switch vendors! Your Zebra, Sata, Datamax or AMT service company should be your point of contact for all print head warranties for the repairs they accomplished.   Most print heads come with a 6 month to 1 year limited warranty. If your company says 30-days then the part is either used or the printer repair company is not authorized and/or properly trained.



What used or refurbished HP printer is best for your company depends upon your requirements.  First, we will not consider the ink based models or the sub $800 printers due to their very low resale value.   This article will discuss the used and refurbished HP printers designed for  small and mid-size business class.  The criteria is based on HP best printers with low operating costs and a great history of dependable service.

If you are a small business looking to produce over 2,000 pages per month then the cost of the HP supplies and repairs costs should be a major concern. Many of the low end HP printers haev excessive per page costs. Per page cost is the amount of money it takes to produce a one page document. If you just look at the price tag of the laser printer you will loose big time. The lower end printers cost 3 to 4 times more than  higher end printers such as the P4015N and have a very short life. Its wiser to get a 2..3 year old HP 4250, HP 4350 or used P415N printer than has a per page cost of less than $0.008 (eight of a cent) than to purchase a $300 with a page cost of $0.03 (three cents or more) .

The HP 4250, HP 4350, P4015 are currently in the highest demand in the used refurbished HP printer market due to their durability,  longer lasting cartridges and overall low cost to operate. HP 4250 and HP 4350 repairs are inexpensive when you consider the mean time between failures. If you obtain a quality refurbished used HP printer then expect it to last 100,000 pages or more before you haev any problems.  The trick is to get a completely refurbished unit from a HP authorized repair center who offers on-site warranty service with the purchase of  the printer. Also, you want a unit with less than 150,000 pages if possible. The HP 4250 and HP 4350 has a life of  over 2,000,000 (two million) pages.

Datamax Sato Zebra Thermal Image problems

The thermal label printers by Zebra, Datamax, Citizen, Sato and others use old technology that is proven to last many years with few problems. The main part that wears out and meed thermal label printer repair is the print head.   This causes thermal image problems.  What i sthe first step to determine if the print head is bad and needs repair on the Zebra, Datamax and sato printers?

If you are getting a label image problem on your Zerba, datamax, sato or citizen thermal label prints check for a  build up of ribbon residue on the print head. Be careful not to scratch the print head when cleaning it.  Also, always unplug the label printers power. When doing label printer print head maintenance remember to only use non abrasive cleaner. Never use a scrubbing pad or or ruff texture cloth when cleaning the printer head of the Zebra, Datamax and Sato printers print head.  Some of these models cost several thousand dollars and print heads cost in the $300 to $500 dollar range depending upon you model and manufacturer of the thermal label printer so be careful.

If after doing the the thermal printer cleaning maintenance you are still getting poor images then you may want to call a service technician to adjust the gaping and alignment of the print head before repairing it.   Alignment and gaping of the print heat is usually not something a non-tech can accomplish when repairing the zebrea, sato and datamax printers.  Beyond the alignment check the ribbon to make sure it is aligned properly and i all else fails contact Advanced Business Computers for your label printer repair help.




The Copystar CS-3035, CS-4035, and CS-5035 are the same models as the Kyocera KM series (KM-3035, KM-4035, and cs-5035). They are both manufactured and distributor BY Kyocera corporation. They use the same copier print repair parts, maintenance kits, Drum units, and other internal components.  Eventual as with any copier printer, they need maintenance and replacement of parts. One to the main copier printer repairs parts consist of the drum unit. The drum that the Kyocera or Copystar copier printer scanner creates the image and then transfers the image onto the actual paper.

If you are having a fuzzy image problem, lines and/or back ground gray areas then the drum could be the cause of the problem. Usually, this requires a service technician or somebody with some knowledge of copier printer repair and adjustment to resolve. However, you can do the actual replacement yourself. The first step is to do a cleaning of he drum unit to se if the problem goes away or is reduced.

A basic kind of drum maintenance is drum refresh.  The process you are going to attempt is the “drum refresh” process that clears away debris from the drum area.  One that is done you will need to manually perform the copier printer transfer roller grid maintenance.

Here are the steps to doing the Kyocera Copystar drum refresh maintenance process:

  1. Load paper into the MP tray on the right side of the Kyocera or Copystar model you want to repair. Use standard size or 11 x 17 size paper (11 x 17” I preferred to do a better cleaning).
  2. Using the touch screen on the copier printer and select basic to get the screen back to the original screen.
  3. No press the “Default setting/Counter” button above the number 1 key on the key pad – not on the touch screen.
  4. On the touch screen select “User Adjustment” feature.
  5. Select “Drum refresh” option on the screen . Make sure you already loaded the paper onto the MP tray.
  6. Now press the “On” option located on the screen bottom right corner
  7. The Drum refresh process should start. This copier printer maintenance task will take a few minutes. Be patient.  Once the process is completed you can close / end out the screens selections to get back to the “Basic” screen.

Now its time to manually perform the copier printer repair maintenance step of cleaning the transfer corona. This copier printer repair process is easy to accomplish.

  1. Open the front cover and look for a blue brush/plastic piece that is usually on the door. If you do not fine t then get several cotton q-tip swab. DO NOT use your fingers or cloths that will leave fibers!!
  2. Now look on the right side of the copier and pull open the top access door.
  3. You will see the transfer roller assembly which you will need to clean. The transfer roller is a black (sometimes turns gray) sponge roller.
  4. Now put everything back together and make sure you put the blue brush back.

Now run several test prints to see if the image improves. If it does not improve then you will need a certified Kyocera Copystar copier printer service repair technician to adjust the unit and possibly replace parts.