Some of the best office document shredders are made by Dahle.  Dahle are GSA government approved business class secure shredders.  Documents shredders have always been a problem area for small businesses.   The run of the mill shredders in office store are not designed for daily business usage.  They usually fail within a year due to shredder motor or cutters breakage.   Please the majority of them are not secure shredders designed for the now privacy laws.

Office shredders come in a variety of durability , cleanliness, shredder paper sizes and sizes. Dahle shredders have excelled in quality in all aspect. They offer a complete line of shredders designed for small offices to large institutions that require DOD secure shredding of client private information.

Plus, Dahle Cleantec technology even offers shredders that keeps paper particles that are dangerous to workers health out of your air.  Dahle document office shredders provides improved air quality and promotes a healthy work environment be eliminating up to 98% of emitted fine dust. In addition, they provide automatic oiling of the cutters to prevent excessive wear on the shredder.  Most companies do not know that document shredders require oiling to prevent the cutters from binding and breaking which is the number on cause of shredder failure.