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The new version of Windows is out -Version 10 and Microsoft is offering a limited time free upgrade from Windows 8 and Windows 7 users. Microsoft knows windows 8 was a flop.  80% of out computer clients are still using windows 7 and many windows 8 users know the pain of connecting the copier printers and scanners to a windows 8 system.  What many people do not know is that many times when an operating system is changed the hardware may need to be updated too.   Printers, Copiers and scanners have internal firmware. Firmware is software that copier and printer repair technicians update to get hardware to work with new operating systems. However, there is a couple problems with firmware updates.

Okidata MSP3537 Basic model without stand or added drawers

Okidata MSP3537 Basic model without stand or added drawers

The number one problem is that the firmware update software does not always work so some times when the firmware is updated it causes the hardware to crash and there is no way to recover (you can not put back the old firmware in the hardware).  Sometimes even with the new firmware the equipment it does not solve networking issues with new operating systems.  When on a network there are many, many things that can prevent communication between the device and the network and 97% of the time is a operating system issue not a device. issue.  Copier printer technicians usually know basic networking , however, depending upon  a companies network IT person they may have set up a network with restrictions that can prevent communication with copiers printers which a standard copier repair person can not resolve.

We highly recommend, if possible, get your free version of Windows 10 software on CD but do not install it.  Hopefully, in 12 months or so after most of the bugs get out and when hardware manufacturers produce update firmware to communicate with Windows 10 you can then install it.  However, always consult your IT person and your Hardware people to make sure they know for a fact that the hardware will work with Windows 10 before installing the new operating system.

As in all equipment before placing any document scanner repair service or maintenance request call make sure you have the basic details including model, manufacturer and basis problem. If you are having a scanner paper jam be ready to tell the technician on the phone where the paper is getting suck. In the feeder? Inside the unit? Upon exit?

If you are having a document scanner communication problem (images not being sent to your computer) check the cabling first. then reboot your computer and try again. Many times a scanner will stop working due to an unknown communication problem between your devices.

When you contact the scanner repair facility if they cannot give you an estimate over the phone look someplace else.  Many companies you see on the internet are just referral companies. They say they cover the whole USA but they actually bid out your service call to somebody close to your location so there is a good chance the scanner repair technician is what we call a one man show contractor (not a company just a one person business).  Get a local document scanner repair company not is at all possible.

When taking to the technician on the phone the tech should ask you basic trouble shooting questions. Again if they do not ask you relevant questions then go someplace else.  An reliable scanner repair company will be about to diagnose 97% of all problems over the phone to give you an accurate repair cost.

The majority of scanner problems are related to ADF feeding and communication. Maintenance kits for scanners repairs will last anywhere from 50K to over 250,000 pages depending upon the make and model of your document scanner. The next most frequent scanner repair problems are excessive paper fibers in the unit, dirty cameras and paperclips/staples stuck inside the unit which usually require a technician to resolve. be careful if you plan to do self repair because scanners require calibration and if your unit gets out of calibration it could be a costly mistake.

Canon best in class document scanners

      What is the best in class document scanners for your business? Do you check the reliability of the company and the ease of repair including the ability to select from several repair centers.  Several scanner manufactures, such as Fuji and Kodak, greatly limit your ability to select your repair center which results in extremely high repair and maintained bills.  Are there scanners better than other brands such as Canon or Ricoh in durability and ease of use? No. They just want to control the market to make sure they can regulate service and maintenance agreement prices.  What companies offer Superior document scanners that are reliable and reduce cots to maintain: Canon, Ricoh and HP dedicated scanners. Of the three Canon offer the widest range of products and extremely durable units.  Canon and HP offer entry level inexpensive units too.
    If you are looking for a workhorse scanner to that will last millions scans then the Canon DR-G1100 and 1130 are great choices. If you prefer saving some money then a completely refurbished Canon DR-7050, 950 or DR-9080 are perfect for high volume users.  One company that excels in great refurbished and new scanner is Advanced Business Computers. Yes, you can even lease a document scanner and related document management software including computer.
    The current model DR-G1100 scanner is ideal for processing large amounts of documents in mission-critical, centralized production scanning environments.  Its a very heavy duty designed to withstand the rigors of production-level scanning while maintaining speed. The DR-G1100 scanner will help companies improve productivity, maintain business continuity, and increase efficiencies.
High Performance The DR-G1100 scanner handles up to 100 pages per minute—both sides in a single pass—and holds up to 500 sheets in the ADF. It is also equipped with a dedicated, onboard image processing chip, making it capable of maintaining fast scanning speeds, even with various image processing capabilities enabled. These features all help contribute to improving productivity. Reliable and Flexible
The DR-G1100 scanner is flexible enough to reliably handle a variety of document types, from business cards to ledger-sized, long documents, andthin or thick documents,* using its advanced feeding mechanism. This helps reduce labor-intensive pre-sorting and job preparation efforts. Plus, it has the ability to detect double-feeds and will attempt to recover from them. A durable, solid-body design as well as heavy-duty feed and eject trays further help enhance the scanner’s reliability, allowing minimal downtime and maintaining business continuity.
   Many companies who have requirements of very high speed document scanner but does not have the budget for a new scanner obtain high quality refurbished scanners. Due to Canons durability the Dr line is  highly sought after brand in the off-lease and refurbished scanner market.  The Dr scanners parts are readily available to all service centers and they are considerably less expensive to service the Fuji, Kodak and other brands of high end scanners

Document management with a quality digital document scanner that provides ease of use maintenance.  Canon business class Dr scanners are among the best scanners.  Plus, unlike Fujitsu scanners, Canon digital document computer scanners are easy to maintain and Canon does not limit the service providers available to provide repairs like Fujitsu does.

The Canon Dr9050, Dr-908, Dr-7580 and other 75 page per minute high volume digital  scanners provide innovation and value.  They handle stacks of pages quickly and will accept different sizes of paper in the same stack so yo do not need to separate the documents when scanning documents to your computer network after all, that’s what people expect from Canon’s DR-Series Scanners.

The Canon digital scanners offer  high-performance features that make converting paper documents easier. The Canon dr scanners give you high-speed precision feeding technology, compact design, high-speed color capability and even flexible configuration options.  Plus, with Advanced Business Computers you can obtain a 100% guaranteed refurbished Dr scanner for less than  half the cost of a new one. These high end very durable scanners are designed for millions of document scans and the used digital scanners offer are low used certified by an approved Canon Dr service technician.

features of the document scanner by Canon include:

Document Feeding Automatic or Manual
Document Size Width 2″ – 12″
Document Size Length 2.8″ – 17″Long Doc. Mode: Up to 118.1″Document WeightAutomatic Feeding: 14 – 56 lb. BondManual Feeding: 11 – 68 lb. Bond
Feeder Capacity 500 Sheets
Grayscale 8-bit
Color 24-bit
Scanning Element 3-Line contact Image Sensor (CMOS)
Light Source RGB LED
Operating Modes Simplex, Duplex, Color, Grayscale, Black and White, Error Folio Diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement (Two Types), Auto Color Detection
Drop Out Color RGB and Custom
Optical Resolution 600 dpi
Output Resolution 100/150/200/240/300/400/600 dpi

scanner copier maintenance tips

Scanner copier maintenance is essential.  HP, Kodak, Fuji and Canon scanner service basic maintenance and care of equipment critical to keep your office documents flowing smoothly. Regular scanner maintenance repair prevents some repairs and saves your business money. Many problems you can resolve yourself with a little effort.

When you have a problem consult the user manual and determine if the problem or maintenance procedure is covered in the manual. Many of the regular scanner service maintenance problems care simple to resolve and detailed in the scanner user or operations manual.

Cleaning the scanner is the most important single task which includes clearing out any staples, paper clips and other foreign objects from the paper ADF (automatic document feeder).  Clean adf feed rollers which includes the brake and feed rollers. Use  lint free cloth, isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips to clean the glass. Remember always to power off the unit before doing any scanner repair or maintenance.

Do not use compressed air to blow out paper fibers, staples or other objects. Compress are can cause the dirt and debris to go deeper into the unit and cause serious damage to the document scanner.


The most expensive part of the scanner is the CCD cameras. Be careful when you clean them to prevent scratches and damage to the optics of the digital scanner. If you are not sure about y skills calla scanner service technician. CCD’s cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars on low end units to several thousand dollars.


Maintenance consumable kits for digital scanners

Kodak, Fuji, Canon and other document scanners have maintenance kits which consist of the basic ADF feed parts. These parts are designed so you can replace them when needed on your document scanner. Just like car tires the feed and separation tires ware out on the copier scanners.


The Scanner System

Systems include not only the scanning devices, but also the computer and operating system as well as the software. There is a tendency to think that problems are mechanical. This is not always the case. In order to resolve the troubles, users may require technical competency. A+ skills and practices should be employed to troubleshoot the system before a service call. The technician is hired to fix the hardware. It is not his job to diagnose computer systems. This is your job or the job your IT department.

Feed issues and poor scan quality are usually corrected through cleaning and replacing worn consumables. Brake and pick rollers should be checked to ensue that they are properly installed. The paper path should also be inspected and any foreign objects removed.

Be careful when servicing your scanner or copier scanner equipment. It you are not sure of your technical skills then get a professional scanner repair maintenance company. In South Florida call Advanced Business Computers Inc. to repair and maintain your document scanners. Ask about service maintenance agreements that covers all parts and labor.

Document scanning software review eDrawer

What are you needs for Document processing and scanner software?  Do you need immediate access so you can modify documents? Or you more interested in scanning documents for storage to relive office space? Or do you need to allow many people to access, move, modify, and send documents while reducing cost associated with handling physical written documents?

You have many choose from simple low volume document scanning and storage you may choose Paperport, a free software programs that comes with Kyocera and other brands of copier printer scanners. Or eDrawer which comes in many flavors depending upon your needs from owning the software to a cloud version that cut costs and relieves you of having to increase your network system in your office

eDrawer is one of our favorites because it’s a very robust document processing scanner system that handles small offices to large corporations in a efficient easy manner. Its’ comprehensive yet affordable enterprise solution, it offers a secure archive to organize, store and version control and provide a central point of company wide distribution of documents scanned, received by fax, printed or email through a complete database system.

The “Cloud” website solution gives you the ability to grow without the expense of buying software, it’s a pay as you need program based on the number of people in your office that needs to access, modify and distribute the documents in the document scanning processing software database.

HP problems – hp 5035 fixes

HP is trying to become more active in the higher end copier ,market. However they have greatly fallen short in their equipment.  This has resulted in many hp problems.  Basically HP takes a printer and designs a MFD copier printer scanner fax unit around it.  It’s not a from scratch machine originally design as a full business class copier printer.  The cost of the machine are approximately the sames as Ricoh, Sharp, Kyocera or Copystar copier printer scanner fax machine so there is not cost advantage. Hp is trying to leverage their name as the selling point.  However, there are some inherent problems:

here are specifications fro the HP M5035mfp

HP LaserJet M5035 MFP is a copier, printer color scanner, and fax MFD office class device that comes as a desktop to a full size machine with the additional of addition drawers stand unit.

  • Handles letter, legal and 11×17 size documents
  • 35 ppm copy/print speed
  • 50 page ADF
  • Superior network connectivity and management
  • Embedded LDAP and Kerberos network authentication
  • Embedded send to network folder and e-mail

However,  there are problems and one is not solvable – light scanning and copying. HP M5035MFP repair of the lightness problem has not solution. The unit prints great (remember it a MFD designed around a printer) but when it starts developing lightness of scanning HP has not solutions.  Up grading the firmware does not solve the scanning repair problem. Cleaning the and doing HP maintenance on the optics does not solve the problem.  The only solution we haev not tried is replacing the WHOLE adf with the image scanner unit due to excess costs and time. If you need a true full business class copier printer scanner you may want to look elsewhere than HP at the present time. Kyocera, Copystar, sharp and Ricoh are among the best and easiest to service repair.


Lines on page in copier printer scanners are caused 99% of the time by one of three things:  ADF (automatic document feeder) dirty, bad drum or fuser assembly. As an end user the one thing you can resolve 99.9% of the time yourself if the cleaning of the copier printer scanner ADF glass.

Debris on the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) glass can cause lines or streaks when copying using the ADF.  Simple copier printer scanner maintenance of the scanner glass is simple for most models.  Fist, do not confuse the large flat glass on your copier printer scanner as the ADF Glass. Each of these products utilize a separate piece of glass (ADF glass) when making copies or scans thru the ADF.

Debris can adhere to the thin long prinrer scanner copier adf scanner flass, which produces a line or streak on copies from the bottom to the top of the page. The debris can be Wite Out®, adhesive residue from a Post It® note, ink or paper dust. A soft lint free cloth moistened with water will usually be sufficient to clean debris. If needed, lens cleaner or glass cleaner can be applied to the cloth. this is a simple printer copier repair maintenance procedure.

The copier printer scanner scanner glass is usually about .5 to 1″ wide and9″ to 12″ long. On most models for copier printer scanners  your scanner adf glass is located either BEFORE the large flat bed glass (to the right on most machines) or in the ADF section. Most adf sections can be hinged up so you can access the scanner glass. When you do the copier printer scanner repair maintenance on the adf glass use water or a glass cleaner. However, be careful not to use too much liquid!

In recent years scanners have played an increasing roll in business from sending documents to  storage of business papers to reduce papers storage and office clutter.  Scanners just like printer copiers require regular maintenance to produce the best images and prevent work stoppage.  Canon scanners, fuji scanners and other scanner brand maintenance consist of replacing a few parts that most people can do themselves.

The main maintenance repairs parts for scanners consist of the paper feeder rollers and pads.  Depending upon your model you may need to repair the scanners and install the maintenance kits every 40K to 200K pages.  The higher end scanners from fuji, Canon, Kodak and other brands are designed for maintenance around the 200K page mark. Yes, you may need to replace the scanner maintenance kit sooner depending upon the paper being scanned.

On lower end models (sub $2,000 scanners senders) expect more maintenance and shorter periods between breakdowns than in the higher end models.  The actual time between document digital scanner  breakdowns depends upon the volume of paper sent through your scanner.  Digital scanners repairs get expensive due to the limited number of repair facilities and manufacturer policies. Case in point: if you haev a fuji scanner get ready for expensive repairs. Fuji puts all their repairs through one company in the USA which means NON competition and higher scanner repair prices. You do not have much  of a choice.  Expect to pay $350 or more just for a fuji scanner technician to show up to do a cleaning of your scanner. if you select Canon or HP your repairs will be less expensive.  However, HP does has limited choices so go for the Canons instead. Canon has many great reliable document scanners and more service possibilities.



A word on digital senders.  As more and more companies reduce costs on area that greatly reduces waste is document storage.  Due to tax laws and company requirements document storage using digital senders or document scanners has growth greatly in the past few years.  If you need low volume scanner(less than 100 pages per day) then there are plenty of great HP and Canon scanners.  Stay away from Fujitsu (Fuji) low end scanners due to they are very expensive to maintain and Fuji  keeps a lock hold on servicing the units.Their high end scanners are very durably just like the Canon’s and HP high end digital senders.  What’s the best scanner document image for you?

First, determine the sizes of paper you plan to scan and the average daily usage.  If you do not plan to scan more than 250 pages images per day that are either legal or standard size letters then go with a new one from HP. They have many great ones in the price range of $500 to $800 that will work for several years (stay away from the low end ones). The HP Scanjet 5000 or the HP Scanjet 827 are great models for lower end use.  Do not get the lower end ones because the new ones come with a 1 year warranty.  The good thing about HP is that the repair parts are easily obtainable and there are several service options beyond HP themselves. If you plan to continually scan 300 or more pages per day then you will need a more durable machine.

Just like trucks, there are light duty durable trucks and heavy duty tanks. Which one fits you needs depends upon several factors.  This is the are where is good to have somebody who you came ask questions and I do not mean you office supply store clerks. I mean a company who specializes in scanners repairs and maintenance.  first, thing to know is that the Fuji brand is very well know for their quality of scanners. However, they are also the most expensive to maintain because Fuji keeps a strangle hold on the service.  Very few  companies are authorized beyond Fuji can service their machines and the min service call at this time is $450.  So unless you have deep pockets stay away from Fuji digital document scanners.

What digital document scanners senders are recommend the most and best for your needs?  Canon, HP and Kodak digital scanners document imagers senders brands.  In the used refurbished scanners we recommend the Canon brand or the HP digital senders again based upon your speed, paper size and volume needs.  The most repairable digital document scanners units are the HP and Canon brands due to the number of dealers who have access to parts and training.  That does not mean they break down all the time. They do not – they are very durable.  But due to more competition the repair and maintenance of the HP digital scanner senders and Canon scanners are less than the Fuji, Kodak and other brands brands.  Plus, used HP and Canon scanners are available at a reasonable price when compared to Fuji and Kodak brands.