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Computer service how to select a company


When selecting a technology “IT” company there are several important considerations to discuss with the technology computer service company.  First determine your requirements: what type of technology support do you need?  It’s easy to find companies that service computers to find.  However finding a reliable computer network service company is challenge in most cities. many companies shop by price without thinking what happens when you have an emergency and the tech not reachable.  Check to see if the technology network servicing company has multiple employees.

Check on the experience of your partner. What do they service?  Ask for references and actually call the references with a list of questions.  Does the technology company have a basic understanding of your computer network business structure?

Next what network computer support level do you need? Call when needed since you do not have many failures. Monthly maintenance of systems to keep the computer equipment running smoothly and quicker?  or do you need complete maintenance and service program that covers all hardware failures and OS support?

Computer virus firewall protection F-Secure

The firewall is only the first layer 

Firewalls are designed to protect from known types of threats. However, viruses, adware and malware attack from all angles.  Standard firewalls do not protect you from email danger and intrusions from website sites you think are safe anymore due to more advanced data mining and viruses.  It’s important to understand the threats and know that virus/data capture/adware software manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar business all designed to steal from you!

There are websites dedicated to teach people how to create viruses and hack into your computers. It’s a fast involving business and to protect yourself you need to team up with one of the best solutions, F-Secure suite.

F-Secure for business client security is continually being updated to protect all size of companies (top rated 3 out of 4 years). It’ is focused 100% on business to ensure strict security and peace of mind with minimal effort.  Intuitive, easy-to-manage with very low system overhead! Companies need  varying degrees of security and F-Secure for business internal controls are customizable to protect you on your computer,  laptop and mobile smart phone.  Along with its software update detection (over 597 programs) it has earned several years of independent top rating fro it’s business class protection.

In large companies F-Secure gives IT mangers total profile control and in small companies customizable protect to keep your system clear at a very low cost.  Contact Advanced Business Computers at (305) 477-2320 now before you spend money with partial solutions such as Norton, McAfee and other off the self weak solutions.  Advanced Business Computers is  a local certified F-Secure partner who can monitor and manage your security and collaboration needs so you can focus on what matters – your business. F-Secure is perfect for keeping your business running smoothly and constantly protected.

Virus Firewall Wall Still Burn Down

Basically a computer virus firewall is the first defense against intrusion into your computer and network. However, walls do come crumbling down if you are not pro-active in your protection. Firewalls are not a one stop all protection. They are designed against known types of threats.  The firewall software acts as a screener to try to detect intrusion into your computer system from mainly internet related threats.

Protection is a multi-layered process. The computer or smart phone firewall is step number one in protecting your systems. It screens data and messages going in and out of your system (traffic),  reviews requests, validates internet connections and acts as a barrier (wall).   Firewalls come in many strengths and abilities.  Firewalls are only as good as the manufacturer of the software.  F-Secure, top rated security program, utilizes top rate/tier  software to create a constant real-time protection and updating.

Most computers come with basic weak security by large well known providers that fail to truly protect your system. Advanced Business Computers Inc. with F-Secure suite create a multi-layered protection grid across your computer and network.  It uses real-time protection combined with real-time software update detection to create a barrier against internal and external threats at a very low cost per system.

Paperless Office Part II

Step One Semi-Paperless Office

First, do not assume everything will be ok and you will never have a problem.   Right at the beginning create multiple layers of data retention and protection processes.  Reliable, frequent/real-time  backups are always important but much more so in a paperless office. A paperless office should have multiple layers of  protection including incremental and full backups, and on-site and off-site backups.

Semi-Paperless/Paper-less process needs to take into account data protection (virus, encryption, etc.), data recovery procedures and document management (how to retrieve individual or related documents).

Next, create a plan on how to take your current records to a paperless state. This includes equipment requirements (scanners, storage, etc.), data management (how it’s stored so you can retrieve it), and management procedures.  The amount of data, government requirements and size of your business will determine the procedures.

Now, determine costs in time and equipment needed to handle your needs. Until you have determined the most efficient practice for your office, the procedures with costs, should be reviewed and revised regularly.

Initially, you may decide to leave old documents in paper and just go semi-paperless with new business. This process needs to be thought out due to employee time now and in the future. The physical costs (hardware, monthly retention services) is minor when compared to labor costs.  Ask Advanced Business Computers to review your paperless transition and document handling procedures.

Whether you need a set of proven procedures, scanners , software, IT services, training or additional temporary staff – contact Advanced Business Computers now.  Ask about cloud product comparison and implementation support including document management, software management with cost analysis.  All businesses are projected, within the next 3 to 5 yrs, to have 87% of their business computers/network hardware, data and software to be cloud based.  There is a great cost savings and immediate advantage to cloud based computing – ask us!

Passwords Tracking malware

      Now that you have a ton of complex passwords for your computer security you need to keep track of them.  I personally do not tell my computer to remember passwords to critical sites by the browsers that contain my personal credit information.  Also, I never use debt cards on the internet because its a DIRECT draw from your bank.  Use credit cards so you can review charges on a bill before you pay for better computer security protection!

Some people keep passwords and usernames on their computers which is ok if you have good computer security software such as F-Secure. Not all virus, adware, malware and virus software is the same. In fact, the  best known virus protection programs are among the worst in protection.  We highly recommend F-Secure that combines the top protection engines with top software updating detection programs to give you a total solution. Ask Advanced Business Computers about F-Secure for your computer systems.

Don’t Be Fooled  By E-mails

Hackers are not hard workers.  They want your information to use it or sell it to thieves.  They prefer to go after large amounts of data from major companies but its getting harder for them. Remember hacking your computer security is a multi-billion dollar business.  Large companies are beefing up their computer security so the hackers take the easy route by more actively attacking small company or individuals like you!

Banks, PayPal, eBay, investment firms, etc send emails all the time to you. However, about 99.9% of them never tell you to click on  the link in an email to verify your information!  However, hackers do all the time!  They make the email look so real that you think its the real thing.  If you get an email asking for user name, passwords, or verify your information then do not click on the link in the email. Instead go to the site the normal way you do and  check it out. Never click on a file that has an “.exe”, “.html” or “zip” extension unless you are 100% absolutely sure about the email or you may let a virus in!

When you call  to check on suspicious emails do not use the number in the email because hackers have call centers too!  In fact data thieves will disguises themselves as your service provider and may even call you directly to request your information.

Your information is important. If you have questions concerning data security, data backup or need help call Advanced Business Computers Inc.  Insure your data is secured whether at home, in the office or on the go.  You have a business to run which takes time to educate yourself in your field of expertise.  Unless you have time to continually train on data security, review virus programs and know the current ways hackers can breach your data  let the experts do it for you. F-Secure is a low cost way to greatly protect you from thieves who make a living by stealing your information.

Simply put computer criminals have tons of time on their hands to crack your computers to get personal information and data.  It’s not just spyware and adware that attacks your computer which are in direct attacks. As large corporation get more protective its the smaller companies and individuals that are next on the list of the hackers. Hackers know of ways to get around computers and  it is a multi billion dollar business to get your  information.  Here are the minimum ways to protect yourself from hackers and data thieves:

Not all Passwords are the same

      I know you heard it a bunch of times. Your information is only as good as your passwords.  Getting around passwords is a Basic science to hackers and data thieves. They have special computers to use  that try hundreds of thousands of combinations to get passed your password and user name. The hackers have patience and do not work hard because they use computer programs to do all the work.  They like easy work and victims. What can you do to make it harder from them to crack your password?

First, do not use common words in your password security. Include numbers, capital letters and special characters.  Better yet use made up words. Many hackers have special computer programs that go through the dictionary, try words plus number, words plus special characters, etc until they crack your passwords. Use made up words instead to make it harder such as “$tne1K478AG#”.

Second, use different passwords for each account. Yes I know it is a pain to keep all your passwords straight but if you use similar words with slight differences then they will hack you.

Internet/Cloud Interception!

It’s important that your data is encrypted and secured.   Cloud is a fancy word for what we use to call off-site computer center. The difference now it’s not just storage but programs and services.  Depending upon your cloud service your data may be stored on your local computer or on a Cloud server. Your cloud service should be through  a secured server.  Look at the location address. If it starts with “https://” then its a secured site that is well protected (nothing is perfectly protected).  Remember your information/data could be intercepted on the way to the cloud server.  So, if the cloud address is missing the “s” beware!  Before you sign up for a cloud service ask them about their security!  Most cloud services are very safe but ask anyway!

The cloud is an on demand service or program that can include hardware with software as a service to your company. The companies that act now will be ahead of the curve and realize the benefits and savings now.

Let’s say you are behind on our Microsoft office version or you need more computers due to  new employees, old hardware are breaking down or inadequate for your needs.    In the traditional business model, you would get pricing on hardware, pricing on software including licenses, determine the costs to get IT to connect it to your network and plan the installation.  In a cloud environment you no longer need to buy the hardware or the software.  It’s all included in the service, just like your satellite TV/Cable TV/cell phones, you get the hardware and software as part of the service.  As long as you maintain the service you get hardware upgrades, software upgrades and support at no additional cost.

Cloud services are scalable to fit your needs on demand.  More examples of cloud services online data storage and backup solutions, Web-based e-mail services, hosted office suites and document collaboration services, database processing, managed technical support services and more.

It’s predicted that 75% of all business within the next 5 years will be cloud based. 93% of all business within the next 2..3 years will be partially reliant on the cloud for their business needs.

Do you have questions concerning cloud computing and services? Advanced Business Computers provides scalable service to fit your business. Whether you need support in selecting the right cloud service, cost analysts, planning, implementation or just have questions concerning programs or what the cloud means to you – call 305 477-2320 now.

Benefits of cloud computing

First, the word cloud is a term many times misused and always used as a buzz word. Many aspects of “Cloud” computing are not new. However, with the advent of high software prices, continually updating of software and firmware it has become a needed service for most companies.  Cloud computing is basically “Off-site” not at your location services to reduce the burden of costly software, hardware and data protection/access.

Cloud computing consists of storing and accessing your companies key information and programs through the internet rather than through your computer’s hard drive. In your office, cloud computing looks like everything is in your computer so the learning curve is very short (couple of hours for most people).

The cloud eliminates the need to buy new software programs, paying for new versions of software, buying new hardware and protecting your data. Not only can you save money on licensing fees, but overhead costs including data storage, software updates, etc., will be reduced as well.  This provides cost relief with better budgeting abilities while staying 100% technology current.

Plus the cloud gives you true real-time 100% mobility to run your business from any location in the world with nothing more than a basic computer, laptop and in some cases tablet computers.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Security of data:  Lost of company information/data due to hardware failures, virus problems, fires, floods and other loss is no longer a concern.

  • Accessibility:  Completed control and access to run your business from anywhere in the world on just about any device.
  • Always 100% up to date on software
  • Software costs:  You no longer need to be concerned with outdated software and incompatibilities.
  • Never have to buy a computer
  • Eco-friendliness:  Fewer resources are needed at your site which means reduced consumption power and lower long term overhead.
  • Reduce costs:  Greatly reduce the need for hardware updates, hard drive failures, viruses corrupting your company vital information and expensive IT support.
  • Much more

Anti-virus was the buzz word of the 90s and up to a short time ago the main way to protect your important information along with your computers and network systems. However, with the size of the virus industry (yes multi billion dollars profit motivated thieves and hackers) off the shelf anti-virus programs does not cut it anymore. Problems get past them! On the average we receive 17 to 21 calls a week concerning corrupt computers 93% of the time caused by malware! In about 99% of the cases the customer has anti-virus program that was either included with their computer or purchased off the shelf in their local office supply store, such as Norton and McAfee.

Standard Anti-Virus just does not protect like it should anymore!

The majority of the off the shelf virus protection software is just about worthless due to their inherent inability to go beyond standard detection and stop strategy. Most anti-virus programs are based on “known” viruses and when you receive updates is just more “new known” virus protection patterns. The problem is that the virus/adware/hacker industry is so large that there is no 100% way to stop all viruses, adware and hackers using standard detection methods. F-Secure goes beyond the standard virus protection method.

F-Secure incorporates several top fire wall, virus, and adware protection, detection and mitigation programs including automatic software update protection patches. Companies are experimenting with different methods of fooling virus and adware to trap them before they cause damage to your systems. They are implementing more detection into the programs than just prevention of known threats.

Your data is under constant attack and filtering out hackers is a prime concern for most businesses. Top tier business class solutions, such as, F-Secure Business gives you a powerful customizable solution to prevent, detect and minimize data and computer threats. Advanced Business Computers Inc, an authorized F-Secure partner, offers complete multi-layered internal and cloud based protection including on android smart phones which contain critical personal information craved by hackers.

Call Advanced Business Computers now and get the details on F-Secure business suites. Only a few dollars a month, the top in class F-Secure Business Protection Software Suite gives your IT people more time to do important tasks and you greater protection from data thieves and corruption. seo tool


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