desktop copier printer

Brother Color MFC in image

The best desktop copier printer may not be the brand you most recognize.   Many companies think first about cost of office equipment and never check on reliability and cost of supplies.  First of all we will not discuss ink-based printer copiers.  Only toner based units were considered since they are much more reliable and lower in cost to repair including cost per page.  If you are doing 3..10 pages per day and are more concerning with the cost of the unit then the reliability and cost to use then stop reading this article.

Device vs long term costs of desktop copier printers

The general rule of thumb is that desktop copier printers scanners cost to operate is directly related to the cost of the device. Its worth it to spend a few more dollars to lower your operating costs.  This is a industry standard wide rule and its 100% true.  You need to first determine the amount of pages you are planing to produce (copy, faxes received and prints form computer).


Advanced Business Computers considered three brands considered were HP, Brother and Okidata.   HP is the most recognizable name but everybody in the industry knows HP does not make their machines. HP uses canon based engines (inner parts) and design plastic to go around the unit.  Brother and Okidata make their units. None of then brands are 100% USA made.

   Which Brands of desktop copier scanner printer should you get?

The cost per page between the three brands are very cost with HP and Brother beating out Okidata.  Okidata is the only one that gives you the ability to produce banners as long as 52″ in length which is very handy in a retail environment.   If you are looking for best reliability then Brother beats both HP and Okidata based on repairs and repair costs.

Best color output is HP with Brother and Okidata very close.  If you need the most reliable color unit with very good color then select Brother brands of toner based multi-functions. What you do not care about cost of the equipment or repair then select HP.  Do you own a  restaurant or store then select Okidata brand of desktop copier printer scanner multi-function equipment.