Ricoh has always been a leader in value in the off lease market. Just like cars, when you looking for an refurbished or used copier printer model you want one that is of great quality and maintains it value.  Currently, the Ricoh the MP C4503 and MP C 5503 models possess great functionality that give you value and quality without the price tag of a new office equipment

Ricoh Great Value with Quality

Ricoh’s MP-C4504/5503 models provide great color and black white production with its solid resolution specifications and storage options.  The quality and repair-ability far outshines other brands including Xerox, canon, Minolta and Toshiba. These models with print/copy/scan spends of 45 or more pages per minute come standard with 1,100 page capacity and automatic duplex (two sided copying).

The MP-c4503 and MPc-5503 come standard with print, scan, copy, network connectivity and much more. Most off leased unit have the fax options too. The Ricoh copier has a variety of optional security features, such as user authentication, secured printing, access restriction and others that limit user capabilities. Being able to choose and control security settings is important in a busy office environment where it’s inevitable that the copier will be used by many different people.

Cost Of Ricoh Leased Units

When leasing a color copier printer, whether a Ricoh unit, or other brand make sure it includes service with supplies. All Advanced Business Computers Inc. are demo or dealer select models that insure that you get a quality printer copier with fresh supplies and maintenance kits.  Business Class copier printer scanners need regular maintenance just like you car. Ones that were not maintained will haev problems and reduce life expectancy.   Do not get copier printers beyond 2 generations behind the current model.   Stay away form refurbished/used Toshiba, Canon and  Konica Minolta units due to their excessive costs to repair and tendency to break down more often than Ricoh, Sharp and Kyocera brands.

Yes, Ricoh has great black/white units too with the same quality, easy of repair and their color units.  Contact Advanced Computers In located in Miami Florida now for more information and reliable copier printer service leasing.