Repair service selection

Questions to ask when selecting a copier printer repair service company.  Is the servicing company a one man show or a business that has several techs so you are not kept waiting and wondering? Advanced Business Computers Inc., in business since 1988, gives you the advantage of an independent servicing company that has no ties to a particular brand of equipment. There are no sales quotes or pressure on your representative to get in the way of providing you with the right equipment or repair service you need.

Small businesses are the life blood of America. As an Advanced Business Computers client you are not just a number, as you would be with a large service corporation, but an important business partner. Working with a small company for repair service gives you a big advantage. You are not treated as just a number but a vital client.

Repair Service ask Questions

When you contact your repair service company ask direct quotes not just the standard service fee.  give details on your copier printer of scanner problem including any error codes.  If the repair service company can’t tell you what an error code means and an estimated costs to service the equipment then go someplace else.   The majority of the errors indicate to the service company the most likely problem with the copier printer printer and what parts are needed.

If the company needs to call you back give them a time limit to return the call. Sometimes error codes are not an exact science. However, even with general error codes that does not point to a specific part needed the repair service  company should still be able to give you the steps and costs of the steps to determine the actual problem.