Color printer copier costs compared to a standard black and white office equipment if much more expensive due many factors. However, in terms of company marketing and appearance it’s a must for service businesses.  Whether you are a large company or a one man show appearance does make a difference. Send letters or proposals not using color in the document gives you the appearance of being a small shop with limited abilities. Small color printers do not provide the abilities of creating full size brochures (11 x 17 folded in half), stapling or booklet issues.


What is the cost of a full size color copier printer scanner that can produce pages sizes standard 8.5 by 11 to 11 x 17 tabloid sizes?  We are not going to discuss the actual copier printer leasing costs of the hardware but instead just the supply side.  Business class printer copiers each contain 4 drums, 4 developers, 4 toners, image unit and fuser.  Each time a page is produces each of the items are used up a bit.  Toner is replaced most often and then the drum/developer. The fuser and transfer kits last much longer. On the average it cost between $.04 to $0.12 per standard size page.  The least expensive units cost the most to use and the high end cost the least to use.


If you do not expect a high volume of color printing then we suggest obtaining a dealer select unit from Advanced Business Computers located in South Florida to keep your costs down while still getting a quality high end color printer copier scanner.   Typical printer copier leases start from $137 per month including all supplies, maintenance and repairs.  Currently, dealer select Ricoh and Okidata offer the best quality dealer select units that are durable and low cost to operate.

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