Short term copier printer rental for a week to a few months is costly due to time involved in delivering, setting up, installing software and connecting to computers.  If your needs is for a low volume copier printer that only does up to standard size pages it may be better to obtain a desktop unit for a $300 such as a Brother MFC dollars than spending$697 or more for a week/month of a full size floor unit. However, the floor copier printer units will  accommodate paper sizes up to 11 x 17, have multiple drawers and provide more abilities.

First determine you printer copier scanner needs and requirements If you are producing over 1000 pages a week and you need the unit for a month or more then the full size unit will save you time and possibly money.  The low end desktop units costs much more in supplies and rental of copier printer machines include supplies, installation and maintenance.  In addition, if you need color then the rental or lease of a unit reduce costs when compared to sub $1000 desktop color unit.

Many construction companies use short term leases/rentals of Ricoh, Kyocera and Sharp copier printers because the are robust durable units when compared to other bands. The Ricoh copier printers offer great color at a low per page cost and include network, copying, scanning, faxing and printing in Mac and Windows based environments.

When you check on prices make sure you look at what pages are included with the copier printer lease or rental. Then check the overage costs. Overage is the cost you will be charged per page if you go over the number of pages included in the agreement. Its best to under estimate the page than over estimate so you do not pay for pages not used.  Usually short term leases are restricted to unit the company has in stock to keep costs down. If you want a new office machine printer copier scanner for a short term period be prepared for extremely high quotes because the units cost thousands of dollars new.

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