Do you shop for equipment buy price or the cost to operate. If you are just printing or copying under 30 pages a day then a low cost HP Office jet or photo smart may work for you. However, if your volume i 50 pages per day or higher its very wise to determine the cost of the supplies and how long the cartridges last before you buy you equipment.   When a client ask us for a quote on a new printer or copier they first thing we ask is how many pages do you produce in a month. If you do not know then ask your self how often do you buy a case (10 reams) of paper. Each case contains 5,000 pages.  If you buy 1 case every two months then you are using 2,500 a month or about 750 pages a week.

No considered that the lower the cost of the equipment the more costly it is to use and less durable. If you buy a $300 HP, canon or Lexmark printer copier expect to spend .03 (three cents) per black white page and around 12 cents on color just on the supplies.  If you do just black and white pages then your weekly cost will be $22.5 and monthly $90. So within 3 months you have spend as much on supplies as the equipment.  If you use color 50% of the time then your color cost will be $180 a month. That’s a lot of money to spend on supplies!  Now consider a business class unit that is much more durable, much more reliable , has more features and faster and cost less per month. Call Advanced Business Computers now for a free estimate on a business class unit. You can lease a color unit including the first 3,000 per month for under $127 a month.



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