Companies are keeping their office equipment, such as their copier repair scanner multi-function devices, longer.  Gone are the times many companies blindly replace equipment every 3 to 5 years. If your copier printer is doing the work load required then why pay more for a new equipment just to be stuck in another lease for many years. The main problem with keeping older copier printers beyond 3 to 5 yrs are the changes in the computer operating system. Microsoft has changed the operating system from Windows 7,  8 ,  8.1 and now Windows 10 all in the last 7 years.  Many companies experience connective problems and image quality problems when they upgrade their computers but keep their 3 year old printer copiers.

If you are experiencing problems with connecting older equipment with newer machines you are not alone.  The business class copier printer scanners have inside them software called firmware. This firmware is the go between “translator” of commands between the computers device driver (software in your computer) and the hardware in the printer copier scanner multi-function device.   Many times when a operating system changes the firmware needs to be updated to work properly.  You may experience communication failure,  inability to scan to computers and even image quality issues if the firmware is not updated.

Depending upon the printer copier and your technical abilities you may be able to upgrade the firmware yourself. However, not all firmware upgrades are obtainable from the manufacturers website to download.  Many require technical expertise and cards to perform the upgrades. If you try and the firmware upgrade fails to install properly in your printer copier then the machine may go down 100% and possibly lose your system settings.  It’s recommended to call a company that specializes in business class multi-functions to determine if its end user upgradable or not.

Advanced Business Computers Inc. located in South Florida specializes in Ricoh, Sharp, Kyocera, Okidata, HP, Lexmark and other brands of printer copiers.  If  you are in the Southeast Florida area contact them to get reliable information on your  printer copier scanner including problem resolution and firmware upgrades

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