The firewall is only the first layer 

Firewalls are designed to protect from known types of threats. However, viruses, adware and malware attack from all angles.  Standard firewalls do not protect you from email danger and intrusions from website sites you think are safe anymore due to more advanced data mining and viruses.  It’s important to understand the threats and know that virus/data capture/adware software manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar business all designed to steal from you!

There are websites dedicated to teach people how to create viruses and hack into your computers. It’s a fast involving business and to protect yourself you need to team up with one of the best solutions, F-Secure suite.

F-Secure for business client security is continually being updated to protect all size of companies (top rated 3 out of 4 years). It’ is focused 100% on business to ensure strict security and peace of mind with minimal effort.  Intuitive, easy-to-manage with very low system overhead! Companies need  varying degrees of security and F-Secure for business internal controls are customizable to protect you on your computer,  laptop and mobile smart phone.  Along with its software update detection (over 597 programs) it has earned several years of independent top rating fro it’s business class protection.

In large companies F-Secure gives IT mangers total profile control and in small companies customizable protect to keep your system clear at a very low cost.  Contact Advanced Business Computers at (305) 477-2320 now before you spend money with partial solutions such as Norton, McAfee and other off the self weak solutions.  Advanced Business Computers is  a local certified F-Secure partner who can monitor and manage your security and collaboration needs so you can focus on what matters – your business. F-Secure is perfect for keeping your business running smoothly and constantly protected.