Virus Firewall Wall Still Burn Down

Basically a computer virus firewall is the first defense against intrusion into your computer and network. However, walls do come crumbling down if you are not pro-active in your protection. Firewalls are not a one stop all protection. They are designed against known types of threats.  The firewall software acts as a screener to try to detect intrusion into your computer system from mainly internet related threats.

Protection is a multi-layered process. The computer or smart phone firewall is step number one in protecting your systems. It screens data and messages going in and out of your system (traffic),  reviews requests, validates internet connections and acts as a barrier (wall).   Firewalls come in many strengths and abilities.  Firewalls are only as good as the manufacturer of the software.  F-Secure, top rated security program, utilizes top rate/tier  software to create a constant real-time protection and updating.

Most computers come with basic weak security by large well known providers that fail to truly protect your system. Advanced Business Computers Inc. with F-Secure suite create a multi-layered protection grid across your computer and network.  It uses real-time protection combined with real-time software update detection to create a barrier against internal and external threats at a very low cost per system.

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