Passwords Tracking malware

      Now that you have a ton of complex passwords for your computer security you need to keep track of them.  I personally do not tell my computer to remember passwords to critical sites by the browsers that contain my personal credit information.  Also, I never use debt cards on the internet because its a DIRECT draw from your bank.  Use credit cards so you can review charges on a bill before you pay for better computer security protection!

Some people keep passwords and usernames on their computers which is ok if you have good computer security software such as F-Secure. Not all virus, adware, malware and virus software is the same. In fact, the  best known virus protection programs are among the worst in protection.  We highly recommend F-Secure that combines the top protection engines with top software updating detection programs to give you a total solution. Ask Advanced Business Computers about F-Secure for your computer systems.

Don’t Be Fooled  By E-mails

Hackers are not hard workers.  They want your information to use it or sell it to thieves.  They prefer to go after large amounts of data from major companies but its getting harder for them. Remember hacking your computer security is a multi-billion dollar business.  Large companies are beefing up their computer security so the hackers take the easy route by more actively attacking small company or individuals like you!

Banks, PayPal, eBay, investment firms, etc send emails all the time to you. However, about 99.9% of them never tell you to click on  the link in an email to verify your information!  However, hackers do all the time!  They make the email look so real that you think its the real thing.  If you get an email asking for user name, passwords, or verify your information then do not click on the link in the email. Instead go to the site the normal way you do and  check it out. Never click on a file that has an “.exe”, “.html” or “zip” extension unless you are 100% absolutely sure about the email or you may let a virus in!

When you call  to check on suspicious emails do not use the number in the email because hackers have call centers too!  In fact data thieves will disguises themselves as your service provider and may even call you directly to request your information.

Your information is important. If you have questions concerning data security, data backup or need help call Advanced Business Computers Inc.  Insure your data is secured whether at home, in the office or on the go.  You have a business to run which takes time to educate yourself in your field of expertise.  Unless you have time to continually train on data security, review virus programs and know the current ways hackers can breach your data  let the experts do it for you. F-Secure is a low cost way to greatly protect you from thieves who make a living by stealing your information.

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