Benefits of cloud computing

First, the word cloud is a term many times misused and always used as a buzz word. Many aspects of “Cloud” computing are not new. However, with the advent of high software prices, continually updating of software and firmware it has become a needed service for most companies.  Cloud computing is basically “Off-site” not at your location services to reduce the burden of costly software, hardware and data protection/access.

Cloud computing consists of storing and accessing your companies key information and programs through the internet rather than through your computer’s hard drive. In your office, cloud computing looks like everything is in your computer so the learning curve is very short (couple of hours for most people).

The cloud eliminates the need to buy new software programs, paying for new versions of software, buying new hardware and protecting your data. Not only can you save money on licensing fees, but overhead costs including data storage, software updates, etc., will be reduced as well.  This provides cost relief with better budgeting abilities while staying 100% technology current.

Plus the cloud gives you true real-time 100% mobility to run your business from any location in the world with nothing more than a basic computer, laptop and in some cases tablet computers.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Security of data:  Lost of company information/data due to hardware failures, virus problems, fires, floods and other loss is no longer a concern.

  • Accessibility:  Completed control and access to run your business from anywhere in the world on just about any device.
  • Always 100% up to date on software
  • Software costs:  You no longer need to be concerned with outdated software and incompatibilities.
  • Never have to buy a computer
  • Eco-friendliness:  Fewer resources are needed at your site which means reduced consumption power and lower long term overhead.
  • Reduce costs:  Greatly reduce the need for hardware updates, hard drive failures, viruses corrupting your company vital information and expensive IT support.
  • Much more

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