Anti-virus was the buzz word of the 90s and up to a short time ago the main way to protect your important information along with your computers and network systems. However, with the size of the virus industry (yes multi billion dollars profit motivated thieves and hackers) off the shelf anti-virus programs does not cut it anymore. Problems get past them! On the average we receive 17 to 21 calls a week concerning corrupt computers 93% of the time caused by malware! In about 99% of the cases the customer has anti-virus program that was either included with their computer or purchased off the shelf in their local office supply store, such as Norton and McAfee.

Standard Anti-Virus just does not protect like it should anymore!

The majority of the off the shelf virus protection software is just about worthless due to their inherent inability to go beyond standard detection and stop strategy. Most anti-virus programs are based on “known” viruses and when you receive updates is just more “new known” virus protection patterns. The problem is that the virus/adware/hacker industry is so large that there is no 100% way to stop all viruses, adware and hackers using standard detection methods. F-Secure goes beyond the standard virus protection method.

F-Secure incorporates several top fire wall, virus, and adware protection, detection and mitigation programs including automatic software update protection patches. Companies are experimenting with different methods of fooling virus and adware to trap them before they cause damage to your systems. They are implementing more detection into the programs than just prevention of known threats.

Your data is under constant attack and filtering out hackers is a prime concern for most businesses. Top tier business class solutions, such as, F-Secure Business gives you a powerful customizable solution to prevent, detect and minimize data and computer threats. Advanced Business Computers Inc, an authorized F-Secure partner, offers complete multi-layered internal and cloud based protection including on android smart phones which contain critical personal information craved by hackers.

Call Advanced Business Computers now and get the details on F-Secure business suites. Only a few dollars a month, the top in class F-Secure Business Protection Software Suite gives your IT people more time to do important tasks and you greater protection from data thieves and corruption.