What is the best in class document scanners for your business? Do you check the reliability of the company and the ease of repair including the ability to select from several repair centers.  Several scanner manufactures, such as Fuji and Kodak, greatly limit your ability to select your repair center which results in extremely high repair and maintained bills.  Are there scanners better than other brands such as Canon or Ricoh in durability and ease of use? No. They just want to control the market to make sure they can regulate service and maintenance agreement prices.  What companies offer Superior document scanners that are reliable and reduce cots to maintain: Canon, Ricoh and HP dedicated scanners. Of the three Canon offer the widest range of products and extremely durable units.  Canon and HP offer entry level inexpensive units too.
    If you are looking for a workhorse scanner to that will last millions scans then the Canon DR-G1100 and 1130 are great choices. If you prefer saving some money then a completely refurbished Canon DR-7050, 950 or DR-9080 are perfect for high volume users.  One company that excels in great refurbished and new scanner is Advanced Business Computers. Yes, you can even lease a document scanner and related document management software including computer.
    The current model DR-G1100 scanner is ideal for processing large amounts of documents in mission-critical, centralized production scanning environments.  Its a very heavy duty designed to withstand the rigors of production-level scanning while maintaining speed. The DR-G1100 scanner will help companies improve productivity, maintain business continuity, and increase efficiencies.
High Performance The DR-G1100 scanner handles up to 100 pages per minute—both sides in a single pass—and holds up to 500 sheets in the ADF. It is also equipped with a dedicated, onboard image processing chip, making it capable of maintaining fast scanning speeds, even with various image processing capabilities enabled. These features all help contribute to improving productivity. Reliable and Flexible
The DR-G1100 scanner is flexible enough to reliably handle a variety of document types, from business cards to ledger-sized, long documents, andthin or thick documents,* using its advanced feeding mechanism. This helps reduce labor-intensive pre-sorting and job preparation efforts. Plus, it has the ability to detect double-feeds and will attempt to recover from them. A durable, solid-body design as well as heavy-duty feed and eject trays further help enhance the scanner’s reliability, allowing minimal downtime and maintaining business continuity.
   Many companies who have requirements of very high speed document scanner but does not have the budget for a new scanner obtain high quality refurbished scanners. Due to Canons durability the Dr line is  highly sought after brand in the off-lease and refurbished scanner market.  The Dr scanners parts are readily available to all service centers and they are considerably less expensive to service the Fuji, Kodak and other brands of high end scanners