Document management with a quality digital document scanner that provides ease of use maintenance.  Canon business class Dr scanners are among the best scanners.  Plus, unlike Fujitsu scanners, Canon digital document computer scanners are easy to maintain and Canon does not limit the service providers available to provide repairs like Fujitsu does.

The Canon Dr9050, Dr-908, Dr-7580 and other 75 page per minute high volume digital  scanners provide innovation and value.  They handle stacks of pages quickly and will accept different sizes of paper in the same stack so yo do not need to separate the documents when scanning documents to your computer network after all, that’s what people expect from Canon’s DR-Series Scanners.

The Canon digital scanners offer  high-performance features that make converting paper documents easier. The Canon dr scanners give you high-speed precision feeding technology, compact design, high-speed color capability and even flexible configuration options.  Plus, with Advanced Business Computers you can obtain a 100% guaranteed refurbished Dr scanner for less than  half the cost of a new one. These high end very durable scanners are designed for millions of document scans and the used digital scanners offer are low used certified by an approved Canon Dr service technician.

features of the document scanner by Canon include:

Document Feeding Automatic or Manual
Document Size Width 2″ – 12″
Document Size Length 2.8″ – 17″Long Doc. Mode: Up to 118.1″Document WeightAutomatic Feeding: 14 – 56 lb. BondManual Feeding: 11 – 68 lb. Bond
Feeder Capacity 500 Sheets
Grayscale 8-bit
Color 24-bit
Scanning Element 3-Line contact Image Sensor (CMOS)
Light Source RGB LED
Operating Modes Simplex, Duplex, Color, Grayscale, Black and White, Error Folio Diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement (Two Types), Auto Color Detection
Drop Out Color RGB and Custom
Optical Resolution 600 dpi
Output Resolution 100/150/200/240/300/400/600 dpi