Scanner copier maintenance is essential.  HP, Kodak, Fuji and Canon scanner service basic maintenance and care of equipment critical to keep your office documents flowing smoothly. Regular scanner maintenance repair prevents some repairs and saves your business money. Many problems you can resolve yourself with a little effort.

When you have a problem consult the user manual and determine if the problem or maintenance procedure is covered in the manual. Many of the regular scanner service maintenance problems care simple to resolve and detailed in the scanner user or operations manual.

Cleaning the scanner is the most important single task which includes clearing out any staples, paper clips and other foreign objects from the paper ADF (automatic document feeder).  Clean adf feed rollers which includes the brake and feed rollers. Use  lint free cloth, isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips to clean the glass. Remember always to power off the unit before doing any scanner repair or maintenance.

Do not use compressed air to blow out paper fibers, staples or other objects. Compress are can cause the dirt and debris to go deeper into the unit and cause serious damage to the document scanner.


The most expensive part of the scanner is the CCD cameras. Be careful when you clean them to prevent scratches and damage to the optics of the digital scanner. If you are not sure about y skills calla scanner service technician. CCD’s cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars on low end units to several thousand dollars.


Maintenance consumable kits for digital scanners

Kodak, Fuji, Canon and other document scanners have maintenance kits which consist of the basic ADF feed parts. These parts are designed so you can replace them when needed on your document scanner. Just like car tires the feed and separation tires ware out on the copier scanners.


The Scanner System

Systems include not only the scanning devices, but also the computer and operating system as well as the software. There is a tendency to think that problems are mechanical. This is not always the case. In order to resolve the troubles, users may require technical competency. A+ skills and practices should be employed to troubleshoot the system before a service call. The technician is hired to fix the hardware. It is not his job to diagnose computer systems. This is your job or the job your IT department.

Feed issues and poor scan quality are usually corrected through cleaning and replacing worn consumables. Brake and pick rollers should be checked to ensue that they are properly installed. The paper path should also be inspected and any foreign objects removed.

Be careful when servicing your scanner or copier scanner equipment. It you are not sure of your technical skills then get a professional scanner repair maintenance company. In South Florida call Advanced Business Computers Inc. to repair and maintain your document scanners. Ask about service maintenance agreements that covers all parts and labor.