Are you having copier problems?  Is your Copystar, Kyocera or IKon causing problems?  It may be time for an upgrade.  One of the hottest brands and most reliable are the Kyocera and Copystar copier printer scanner milti-funciton business class office equipment.  They are true leaders in low cost to operation and longevity of equipment. Their mean time between failures re the best in the industry.  However, there is a problem if you choose the wrong Kyocera or Copystar equipment.  Kyocera, just Lexmark does with Dell computers, sells modified units to special clients. When they do this the special client request that Kyocera, just like Lexmark does for Dell, modifies the imbedded software  and sometimes the actual hardware to try to force people to  only use one source for repairs and supplies.

Case in point: The Kyocera 3050i (“i:” stands for Ikon version). I Last week a client had their hard drive go bad. The service technicians installed the new hard drive , however, since the firmware (embedded software) was modified by Ikon they were forced to pay Ikon (Non Xerox) extremely high fees to get their unit working again.

Instead of being able to obtain the standard Km-3050 firmware from Kyocera, Kyocera said they do not have the “i” version and they HAVE TO GO TO Ikon for support.  It cost them $450 for a 30 minute copier printer repair.  When you purchase a Kyocera or other brand of office equipment make sure it is not a modified only one place can fix device.  Got to an independent copier printer scanner company who is not locked into contract with one particular brand. Ask if the printer copier lease agreement is for modified hardware. Check their references and be careful of hidden charges.