Advanced Business Computers started as a recycling company of toner cartridge in 1988 for HP printers and has expended to cover copier printer scanner repair for most brands of printer, copiers and MFD’s.

Yes, the OEP recycled or compatible cartridge is 100% certified to work as good as or better than new ones. OEP cartridges have the ultimate better than new 3-in-1 warranty. No, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Lexmark, Canon or other OEM cartridge companies do not warrant your printer against damage by the cartridge. Hewlett Packard, Canon and other manufacturer warranties state that if the cartridge is bad within 30 to 90 days they will replace the cartridge. Why settle for a partial warranty when you can have it all?

Copier printer scanner and MFD service Maintenance

The printer repair division started due the cartridge manufacturing division in 1989 Why? We had two reasons: Nobody specialized in laser printers at that time and most computer repair technicians did not even want to touch them. Second, how can a company produce compatible cartridges without knowing the machines that use them? Since the first, HP printer series, the repair facility has greatly expanded into most brands of copiers, printer, scanners, fax and MFD (all in one devices). This  includes maintenance and leasing of business class equipment.

Security Devices Office equipment security is critical to prevent theft of data and hardware. What happens when you office computers or laptops are stolen form your office? Did you know you are liable for any customer information continued in your stolen equipment? Have you considered physical security to prevent theft of your office equipment? Get the latest most effective physical security devices for you office equipment including security for AV items too. These products product secure computer equipment, audiovisual and other equipment. Computer Networks Installation and Support The Network division grew out of the laser printer repair area. Several law, accounting and mid size company (5 to 30 employees) expressed a need for a qualified network trouble shooting and installation service center. They were tired of companies that that either did not know what they were doing or did not have parts in stock.