How to select copier printer maintenance companies is an important question.  The internet has many trillion website address at this time. The questions is how do you know if you are working with a local copier printer or scanner repair maintenance or lease company verses one who outsources your repair service throughout the USA? One of the first signs that you are calling an company that outsources 99% of their work is the 800 number and/or if they ask you for your location on their website.

First,  look for their physical address to see if the copier repair company is in your area (corporate office) and its not a virtual office location.  Many companies offer virtual offices that provide a local address but not a true physical copier printer scanner repair maintenance local.  One quick question to ask is if you “drop off your equipment” to be repair at their office.

If they say they only provide on-site printer service than 99% of the time this is an outsource copier repair maintenance company.  Outsource printer repair companies have lists of thousands of technicians and other companies they call to do the work for them. In other words, you do not get their employees you get a random repair technician.  Also, local printer copier repair and maintenance companies can respond quicker too!

Why is it important to know this?  Because when you work with an outsource company you do not know what you will get and their costs are higher.  There are several companies that actually bid out your printer or copier repair the job to technicians and the lowest bidding (what they will charge per hour) price technician gets the job. Would you trust you expensive copier printers or scanners to the lowest price bid technician?  Working with a local repair company helps you build a good relationship not only with the company but with the actual technicians who are true employees of the company. We consistently get calls from our local clietns who request a particular employee because of the repair service relationship.  Why settle for a random repair copier or printer service maintenance company when you can get a trusted person who know has an vested interest in keeping you happy?


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