The low cost of ink based printers has caused problem with service centers because of the manufacturers inability to offer repair parts. If you plan to purchased a ink based printer By Epson, Lexmark, Xerox, HP,  Canon and other brands NOT INCLUDING Brother then when the unit fails plan to throw it away. It does not matter if the ink based printer copier cost $50 or $500, the manufactures do not haev parts for them. If you call HP or Epson after the warranty period they will offer to swap the unit out for a price and usually the price is 95% of the cost of a new unit.

During warranty periods for the HP Officejet, Epson Stylus,  photo smart or other NON-Brother brand ink based printer the manufacturers swap out the printers – they do not repair them.  There are a few repair shops with parts, however beware, the parts are off used machines. As an authorized repair facility for several brands we have access to all parts for all printers if offered by the printer manufacturer. the problem is they do not offer parts because they do not have them.

The one except to ink based printer repairs is Brother machines. Brother has all parts needed to repair their brand of printers.  Brother MFC’s are reliable and the advantage to them is that Brother many times gives people warranty repair even beyond the warranty period on their printers.  We have received work orders for Brother printer and MFC’s warranty repairs that are 2..3 years old even when the person has NOT purchased extended warranty.