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Designjet plotter ink bag system

What’s an Inkbag for HP designjet lotters?

     So, what exactly is an Inkbag for HP plotters and designjet printers?  Ink bag system is a patented bulk printing alternative to refurbished cartridges, new designjet inks or messy refill kits and are compatible with many HP printers on the market. The best part is that everything is sealed so there is no mess or confusing directions! When the Inkbag is empty, simply send it back for credit towards your new purchase!

Every HP designjet Inkbag begins with a recycled ink cartridge. We thoroughly clean each cartridge and install a brand new, custom programmed circuit board in our specialized facility. We then dismantle the cartridge and attach our patented air-tight, vacuum sealed foil pouch filled with our premium ink*. The pouch designed for HP plotters are fused to the cartridge reservoir and the cartridge is reassembled. Every HP  plotted designjet Inkbag undergoes an inspection for functionality and is sent to the consumer. Call Advanced Business Computers Inc an an authorized dealer fro Inkbag systems.

Maximize your designjet plotter ink efficiency with your Inkbags Printing System! Our no-maintenance, trouble-free pouches contain over 5X the volume of a standard HP ink cartridge.

Your Zebra printer, Sato and Datamax thermal label printer is the cornerstone of your specialty printing operations for products, parts and other label applications. Having problems with your Zebra printer or paper jams causes lost time. Zebra label printers and other thermal printers are designed for hundreds of hours of usage between breakdowns. However, there are a few common problems that occur that can be prevented with regular maintenance by an experienced Zebra technician, sate repair specialist or Datamax  repair facility. The thermal printer repair technicians keep your printer in optimum working condition. There is no better alternative for the long-term life of your Zebra printer than regular maintenance.


One of the most common problems is ribbon loading when not using direct thermal labels. When you just loaded a ribbon check the path you used for the ribbons installation. Sometimes the users load the ribbon in the same path as the media labels on the Zebra, Sato or Datamax printers, which is incorrect. This would cause paper jams and even excessive wear on the print head. Always check the path right after installation of thermal printer ribbons and/or rolls of labels.

Another common problem is in corrected or outdated printer drivers for your Zebra printer. Use the driver utilities which are an advanced driver program that updates missing, outdated or corrupt device drivers that may be causing your Zebra device to experience problems, slow down or crash. An driver is piece of software the communicates with you printer and acts as a bridge between your thermal label printer and the computer.  Sato and Datamax thermal label printers also require proper and updated drivers to operate efficiently too.