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Ricoh Aficio MPC4500 Details:

Many people ask for what used color machine offers quality color at a low copier printer operating costs.  With the business class Ricoh MPC3500 and 4500 series color printer copier scanner there is now need to outsource your color document printing needs. Ricoh developed their MPC4500 and MPC3500 for businesses with heavy document traffic to keep up with their in-house production needs—the monthly duty max is 200,000 pages. The Ricoh AFICIO MPC4500 can print in speeds up to 45 ppm in black and white and 40 ppm in color.  the recommend monthly volume is between 30,000 to 40,000 pages.The Ricoh AFICIO MPC 4500 is a full MFD all in one printer, copier, scanner and fax machine that came with man y finishing options including collating, stapling and hole punch booklet making. It includes network and USB connectivity and optional wireless. What makes this one of the best used refurbished copier printers to obtain is Ricoh’s quality and their commitment to keep parts/supplies for their brand for many, many years.  Plus, there are compatible supplies that keeps your supply costs down to on the copier printer used machine.
The Ricoh MPc3500 and MPC4500 used four different toner cartridges and drums: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This way you only replace the toner you need.  Fully warranted refurbished units with new toners, drums, developers and feed components cost between $3000 to $4000. But as always make sure its completely refurbished  you buy from a dealer with a history of good support. Otherwise, you could look at spending several thousand dollars in maintenance costs. You should  always get at least a 90-day warranty on your used printer copier if refurbished properly. If they dealer does not offer that then walk away!

Kyocera know for their fantastic quality copier printer scanner networked MFD office equipment, still has the top two series used equipment.  Kyocera and Copystar 5035 and 3060 still Hot on the resale market   Independent dealers know which brands and model s are durable and which ones are not in the refurbished copier printer market. Dealers know what machines are durable and what machines to stay not even consider. Used and refurbished Kyocera 3035, 4035, 5035, 3060 and the 3050 series still hold top honors with independent copier printer dealers.  Whether you get the Copystar version or the Kyocera version (exact same machine)  when purchasing a used refurbished printer copier you will not go wrong with a Kyocera.

Why are the Kyocera and Copystar brands in such high demand?  simple – durability and longest maintenance duty cycle of any brand in the 30 to 50 page per minute machines.  The Copystar Kyocera 4035, 5035 h 4050 and 5050 has a maintenance duty cycle of 500,000 pages. The 3060 has a duty cycle of 300,000 pages. What does this mean?  Lower operating costs and less failures.  Plus, Kyocera Copystar is the ONLY Digital copier printer company that actual warrants their maintenance kits for the number of page stated if you get the kit installed and registered by an authorized dealer!  Xerox, Canon, Minolta, Sharp, Ricoh and other brands 99% of the time does not give any warranty on the maintenance kits unless you have the units under a maintenance program.

What other brands to consider in the used market?  Ricoh brands (Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner and Lanier) and Sharp.  Again this is based on INDEPENDENT dealers who are not aligned with an particular brand.  So it’s buyer beware when taking to a dealer who is a representative for one particular brand. They have quotas to fill and used copier printer scanners all in one machine office equipment to move out.  Dependent dealers are very bias towards their brands of copiers printer they represent.

When looking to purchase or lease a used refurbished copier printer scanner ask questions. How may techs does the copier dealer employ (out outsource).  If they give you a cell phone as a copier printer repair service Contact beware because most of the time these are one man show companies or companies who totally outsource their printer copier repairs.

Document scanning software review eDrawer

What are you needs for Document processing and scanner software?  Do you need immediate access so you can modify documents? Or you more interested in scanning documents for storage to relive office space? Or do you need to allow many people to access, move, modify, and send documents while reducing cost associated with handling physical written documents?

You have many choose from simple low volume document scanning and storage you may choose Paperport, a free software programs that comes with Kyocera and other brands of copier printer scanners. Or eDrawer which comes in many flavors depending upon your needs from owning the software to a cloud version that cut costs and relieves you of having to increase your network system in your office

eDrawer is one of our favorites because it’s a very robust document processing scanner system that handles small offices to large corporations in a efficient easy manner. Its’ comprehensive yet affordable enterprise solution, it offers a secure archive to organize, store and version control and provide a central point of company wide distribution of documents scanned, received by fax, printed or email through a complete database system.

The “Cloud” website solution gives you the ability to grow without the expense of buying software, it’s a pay as you need program based on the number of people in your office that needs to access, modify and distribute the documents in the document scanning processing software database.