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Lines on page in copier printer scanners are caused 99% of the time by one of three things:  ADF (automatic document feeder) dirty, bad drum or fuser assembly. As an end user the one thing you can resolve 99.9% of the time yourself if the cleaning of the copier printer scanner ADF glass.

Debris on the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) glass can cause lines or streaks when copying using the ADF.  Simple copier printer scanner maintenance of the scanner glass is simple for most models.  Fist, do not confuse the large flat glass on your copier printer scanner as the ADF Glass. Each of these products utilize a separate piece of glass (ADF glass) when making copies or scans thru the ADF.

Debris can adhere to the thin long prinrer scanner copier adf scanner flass, which produces a line or streak on copies from the bottom to the top of the page. The debris can be Wite Out®, adhesive residue from a Post It® note, ink or paper dust. A soft lint free cloth moistened with water will usually be sufficient to clean debris. If needed, lens cleaner or glass cleaner can be applied to the cloth. this is a simple printer copier repair maintenance procedure.

The copier printer scanner scanner glass is usually about .5 to 1″ wide and9″ to 12″ long. On most models for copier printer scanners  your scanner adf glass is located either BEFORE the large flat bed glass (to the right on most machines) or in the ADF section. Most adf sections can be hinged up so you can access the scanner glass. When you do the copier printer scanner repair maintenance on the adf glass use water or a glass cleaner. However, be careful not to use too much liquid!

What does factory certified mean when purchasing a refurbished used recondition copier printer scanner?  Certified Factory Pre-owned equipment consists of 100% certified equipment by factory authorized service technicians. The used copier printer scanners o through a rigorous testing, inspection, part and replacement process before they are approved for on-site warranty. Only the cream of the crop used copiers printers scanners are certified.

Why should I Look at the Duty Cycle – All printers copiers have a duty cycle assigned by the manufacturer. Duty cycle is a number of pages per month the printer was designed to print (maximum number of pages). In the real world black/white copier printers with a duty cycle of fewer than 60K per month or color printers less than 50K per month are considered home or very small office devices. Many people look at the pages per minute rate to determine if the device is durable. This is a BIG mistake. The speed of the printer copier scanner office equipment and the duty cycle are two very different specifications. There are many low end printers that print 25 to 35 pages per minute, however; they are very easy to break and designed for the home use. Plus, the low end printers are very expensive to maintain (high per page supply costs.)

Simply put: Certified Pre-owned used printer copier equipment gives you more for your money, lower operating costs and longer equipment life. It’s a great alternative to cost high end equipment or cheap easy to break low end machines.

Over the past few years HP printers scanners copiers have lost ground to various other manufacturers of MFD in the marker. Yes, HP is still the leader due to its large installed base and brand name.  However, the quality of product has greatly diminished specially in the sub 4100 market. Brands such as Samsung, Kyocera, Lexmark and other have slowly taken some market share away from the giant.  Kyocera who is know for phones has been int the copier printer business much longer than HP and offer great products that are durable and low cost.

One advantage of Kyocera brand or printers copiers or MFD is that the company focuses on equipment quality not on covering all markets.  Instead of offering 20 models of printers they put all their efforts in making a few, 5 to 7 models quality low cost to use models.

In the USA Kyocera is not well know for printers. However, in other parts of the world they are major players.  They do not offer ink based units such as HP deskjets and photosmarts.   Kyocera printers and MFD are all laser banded models designed for business.  Yes, they do offer a lower end sub $650 MFD unit for home business and its a durable unit . However, if you are looking to replace HP MFD for a more durable loner lasting  lower costs business class machine check Kyocera out.

Kyocera printer line up starts at $299 and goes up. In contrast HP has printers laser printers for as low as $125. the difference is in the quality of product and the lower cost of usage. Kyocera beats HP hands  down in both areas.   Kyocera’s lowest end MFD (copier printer , scanner) the FS-1028  (FS-128 model with fax) start at $599. Its maintenance kit last 200,000 pages and the toner costs keeps your per page costs below 1.5 cents!

Over the past three years the recondition refurbished used printer copier scanner office equipment has exploded. Companies haev realized that  business class equipment, full size floor  printer copiers,  than costs thousands of dollars new are designed for many years of use and millions of copies.  companies learned that quality refurbished printer copier scanners 3..4 years old have many years of life left in them and they cost 50% less than new ones with the same features.  However, the trick is knowing which brands and models to select.  It may surprise you that the biggest names are the less desirable ones to obtain used or refurbished.

First, what is a refurbished machine? There are two types: dealer select and standard refurbished. Dealer select refurbished copier printer scanners are LOW page count machines (less than 300,000 pages on them), completely refurbished with all fresh maintenance items and 2 to 5 years old. Dealer select recondition printer copiers  models are int he $1900 to $3500 range in cost depending upon features and speed.

Standard used refurbished machines are older models, usually higher page counts and most of the time less reliable units. These models are int he $500 to $1200 range in cost.  These are the models dealers just want to get rid of at just about any price.  These are not off lease recent model office equipment.   You will see many of these when companies have going out of business sales. They have a very limited life span due to parts being discontinued  and higher copier printer maintenance costs.

Most reputable now one man shows (companies with only one or two employees ) dealers do not deal in the older used models that are not dealer select. However, its still a buyer be ware on used re conditional copier printers.  One way to make sure you are getting a recent model machine is to check on line. Or better yet haev the seller show you the serial number with manufacture date of the office equipment.  Beware of any piece of equipment that has no serial number sticker with date! If you are not sure ask here or send and email to Advanced Business Computers Inc.  for a quick response to your questions about a particular model.