With all the models of copier printer scanners on the market is may be a bit confusing of which models or brands to consider.  I am going to discuss the most popular models.   This entry is based on the fasting moving brands of printer copiers from off lease machines with the export market taken out of the equation.  Major leasing companies send most of their off lease equipment to 2 to 3 major wholesale distributors of copier printer scanner equipment in the USA. Dealers then receive daily lists to bid on the used machines to refurbished for their clients.

The fastest moving brands of used reconditions copier printers scanners from these warehouses are Kyocera, Ricoh and Sharp.  Yes, Canon , Toshiba and other models do sell but not as quick as the top three.  Between the used Kyocera Ricoh and Sharp copier printer scanners equipment the Kyocera KM_3035 / 4035 / 5035 with under 300K pages and complete systems (copier, duplex,  printer scanner and fax) move within a couple hours. Sharp AR-M455 and AR-M355 are the next copiers printers.

The ones that move the slowest of the major brands are Xerox, Konica-Minolta, Canon and Toshiba brands of copier printer MFD.  When talking about Ricoh that includes all Ricoh brands: Lanier, Gestetner and Savin. Kyocera include used refurbished Copystar copiers printers.  All brands that do not have the fax and scanner feature are slow movers. The majority of the people who are in the market for copier printers new, used or refurbished what all the features included in the copier printer MFD. The up an coming models due to low availability of the most popular Kyocera and Sharp are the Kyocera of Copystar 3050, 4050 and the 5050.  when dealers select used machines to refurbish they look at the durability of the copier printer, cost to refurbished and  market feature demands.

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