More and more offices are reducing printing and organizing there office paper filing needs using scanners. However, unless you only 50 pages or less a day the low end sub $1000 scanners just are not durable or fast enough to realize staff and office space savings. However, new the heavy duty models that scanner 50 pages more per minutes are excessively expensive. If you are scanning from 100 to 500 pages a day you may consider recent model refurbished Canon scanners.

One great choice is the Canon DR-3080C II is a high-speed document scanner that provides grayscale black/white and 24-bit color scanning. It will scan documents from small business cards, checks and documents as large as 11″ x 17″. It costs several thousands of dollars new, however, refurbished ones are in-between $950 and $1250 depending upon its previous page counts.  It super fast up to 43 page-per-minute scanning speed. 64MB of standard on-board memory can be upgraded to 128MB. Plus it delivers on-the-fly image compression in the most popular file formats including TIFF, JPEG and JBIG.

The Canon DR-3080C comes standard with a 100-sheet capacity scanner document feeder and extremely user-friendly, system setup. Plus, this model can be connected using USB so it does not require a scsi or other type of computer connection.  The big advantage to a used one it that you gives you a very heavy duty scanner for a fraction of the cost of a new one.  Contact Advanced Business Computers for more details on this and other refurbished, used and new document scanners for your office.

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