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More and more offices are reducing printing and organizing there office paper filing needs using scanners. However, unless you only 50 pages or less a day the low end sub $1000 scanners just are not durable or fast enough to realize staff and office space savings. However, new the heavy duty models that scanner 50 pages more per minutes are excessively expensive. If you are scanning from 100 to 500 pages a day you may consider recent model refurbished Canon scanners.

One great choice is the Canon DR-3080C II is a high-speed document scanner that provides grayscale black/white and 24-bit color scanning. It will scan documents from small business cards, checks and documents as large as 11″ x 17″. It costs several thousands of dollars new, however, refurbished ones are in-between $950 and $1250 depending upon its previous page counts.  It super fast up to 43 page-per-minute scanning speed. 64MB of standard on-board memory can be upgraded to 128MB. Plus it delivers on-the-fly image compression in the most popular file formats including TIFF, JPEG and JBIG.

The Canon DR-3080C comes standard with a 100-sheet capacity scanner document feeder and extremely user-friendly, system setup. Plus, this model can be connected using USB so it does not require a scsi or other type of computer connection.  The big advantage to a used one it that you gives you a very heavy duty scanner for a fraction of the cost of a new one.  Contact Advanced Business Computers for more details on this and other refurbished, used and new document scanners for your office.

With all the models of copier printer scanners on the market is may be a bit confusing of which models or brands to consider.  I am going to discuss the most popular models.   This entry is based on the fasting moving brands of printer copiers from off lease machines with the export market taken out of the equation.  Major leasing companies send most of their off lease equipment to 2 to 3 major wholesale distributors of copier printer scanner equipment in the USA. Dealers then receive daily lists to bid on the used machines to refurbished for their clients.

The fastest moving brands of used reconditions copier printers scanners from these warehouses are Kyocera, Ricoh and Sharp.  Yes, Canon , Toshiba and other models do sell but not as quick as the top three.  Between the used Kyocera Ricoh and Sharp copier printer scanners equipment the Kyocera KM_3035 / 4035 / 5035 with under 300K pages and complete systems (copier, duplex,  printer scanner and fax) move within a couple hours. Sharp AR-M455 and AR-M355 are the next copiers printers.

The ones that move the slowest of the major brands are Xerox, Konica-Minolta, Canon and Toshiba brands of copier printer MFD.  When talking about Ricoh that includes all Ricoh brands: Lanier, Gestetner and Savin. Kyocera include used refurbished Copystar copiers printers.  All brands that do not have the fax and scanner feature are slow movers. The majority of the people who are in the market for copier printers new, used or refurbished what all the features included in the copier printer MFD. The up an coming models due to low availability of the most popular Kyocera and Sharp are the Kyocera of Copystar 3050, 4050 and the 5050.  when dealers select used machines to refurbish they look at the durability of the copier printer, cost to refurbished and  market feature demands.

Thermal label printers by Datamax, Zebra,  Sato and Intermec have been industry work horses. they are very reliable thermal label printers and if repaired maintained regularly will last many years.  However, when one finally if beyond its years due to repair costs an alternative to buying an thermal printer that costs over $2,000 is to obtain a quali9ty refreshed used thermal label printer. But how do you know which one to get?

First determine your requirements on a used thermal printer by Zebra, Data max, Intermec or Sato. what software are you using. Are you planning to upgrade your label software which may not run the older thermal label printer models? Do you need a faster or more durable model now?  When obtain a used refurbished thermal label printer you do not want to obtain a low end unit that originally cost under $1000 unless its only a couple years old unless you can get it for less than 25% of the original costs with warranty.

Used or refurbished Zebra, Data Max ,Sato and Intermec used printers are readily available from many sources.  When you contact the dealer make sure they warranty the machine for at least 30 days.  Many units we see sold through Ebay and other areas on the net have 7 day warranties or none at all.  Be careful because print heads are tricky and costly to replace. A Person easily adjust a bad print head to print ok for a few days and then fail. When you obtain  a used thermal label printer you need a good 15 to 30 days to completely test the units print head and label feed section.

What about the age of the unit?  Thermal printers are designed to last many many years. We have clients ask for older models due to software limitations and once refurbished Data Maz, Zebra, Sato and Intermec printers  will last foe several more years without problems.  Plus, Zebra, Sato, Intermac and Data Max thermal printer refurbished by Advanced Business Computers  thermal label printer cost less tham60% of new ones and comes with at least a 60 day warranty.  The main expensive components replaced are the print heads, platens and internal gears.