In recent years scanners have played an increasing roll in business from sending documents to  storage of business papers to reduce papers storage and office clutter.  Scanners just like printer copiers require regular maintenance to produce the best images and prevent work stoppage.  Canon scanners, fuji scanners and other scanner brand maintenance consist of replacing a few parts that most people can do themselves.

The main maintenance repairs parts for scanners consist of the paper feeder rollers and pads.  Depending upon your model you may need to repair the scanners and install the maintenance kits every 40K to 200K pages.  The higher end scanners from fuji, Canon, Kodak and other brands are designed for maintenance around the 200K page mark. Yes, you may need to replace the scanner maintenance kit sooner depending upon the paper being scanned.

On lower end models (sub $2,000 scanners senders) expect more maintenance and shorter periods between breakdowns than in the higher end models.  The actual time between document digital scanner  breakdowns depends upon the volume of paper sent through your scanner.  Digital scanners repairs get expensive due to the limited number of repair facilities and manufacturer policies. Case in point: if you haev a fuji scanner get ready for expensive repairs. Fuji puts all their repairs through one company in the USA which means NON competition and higher scanner repair prices. You do not have much  of a choice.  Expect to pay $350 or more just for a fuji scanner technician to show up to do a cleaning of your scanner. if you select Canon or HP your repairs will be less expensive.  However, HP does has limited choices so go for the Canons instead. Canon has many great reliable document scanners and more service possibilities.



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