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In recent years scanners have played an increasing roll in business from sending documents to  storage of business papers to reduce papers storage and office clutter.  Scanners just like printer copiers require regular maintenance to produce the best images and prevent work stoppage.  Canon scanners, fuji scanners and other scanner brand maintenance consist of replacing a few parts that most people can do themselves.

The main maintenance repairs parts for scanners consist of the paper feeder rollers and pads.  Depending upon your model you may need to repair the scanners and install the maintenance kits every 40K to 200K pages.  The higher end scanners from fuji, Canon, Kodak and other brands are designed for maintenance around the 200K page mark. Yes, you may need to replace the scanner maintenance kit sooner depending upon the paper being scanned.

On lower end models (sub $2,000 scanners senders) expect more maintenance and shorter periods between breakdowns than in the higher end models.  The actual time between document digital scanner  breakdowns depends upon the volume of paper sent through your scanner.  Digital scanners repairs get expensive due to the limited number of repair facilities and manufacturer policies. Case in point: if you haev a fuji scanner get ready for expensive repairs. Fuji puts all their repairs through one company in the USA which means NON competition and higher scanner repair prices. You do not have much  of a choice.  Expect to pay $350 or more just for a fuji scanner technician to show up to do a cleaning of your scanner. if you select Canon or HP your repairs will be less expensive.  However, HP does has limited choices so go for the Canons instead. Canon has many great reliable document scanners and more service possibilities.



Determine whether to buy a new verses used refurbished copier depends upon your demands. Digital copiers are the most economical way to copy documents at high speeds. Plus, you get the advantage of a wide variety of standard options not available on standard printers.  Multifunction copiers consist of copy, printer, scanner and network. Most have digital copiers printers have options including faxing, stapling, large capacity drawers, stackers and collation.

Before you make you purchase of a multifunction copier printer scanner know you your estimated monthly usage.  Big price stickers on new digital copier’s printers make many buyers to consider refurbished use machine. With the number of business failing today the used market is hotter than used digital copier printers could be a smart idea for companies of all sizes or people looking to reduce costs while getting a true multi-function copier printer scanner equipment.

When selecting a used machine ask about warranties and age of the machine. As a general rule do not get a machine older than 5 years or one with over two months duty cycle. Make sure the copier printer scanner was recently serviced and obtain a copy of the service error log from the machine.  Do not assume that a used machine is a great deal because of its name or price. Many of he best name copier printer scanners, such as Canon, Xerox and Toshiba have very very low resale value. If you need assistance contact Advanced Business Computers Inc for more information or post a question on this blog.

Today economic environment is a driving force in the used refurbished printer copier scanner market. Companies are seeking ways to greatly reduce monthly expenses and they have realized replacing a used copier printer with a new one every 3 to 5 years is not sound business practice. Ricoh, a well know name in the copier business, is one of  the more popular brand due to the ease of repair and the number of Ricoh repair facilities in just about every city.

Ricoh, also know as Savin, Lanier,and  Gestetner (all same machines but different names) are reliable and low cost to operate copier printers.  Obtaining a recent model Ricoh or Lanier copier printer over buying a new one from Canon, Toshiba or other brand will greatly reduce you monthly costs.  First of all, recent model (3..4 years old) refurbished used copier printers scanners usually save you 50% to 67%  of the cot of a new one which equates to 50% to 67% off your monthly payments.

Secondly, Ricoh is one of the better manufacturers that keeps producing parts fro many many years after the equipment is discontinued.  Getting parts for Ricoh, Lanier, Saving copier printers that are 10 to 14 years old is not a problem.  Plus, many compatible copier printer parts are available in the market to keep you costs down.  As in all business class (floor units) copier printer we highly recommend service agreements if you produce over 4,000 pages per month.  Used Ricoh, Lanier, Gestetner and Savin copier printers are just like cars, they need regular maintenance to give you years of quality service.  If you plant o buy a used machine not refurbished form a copier printer service center then get a technician to check the used copier printer scanner before you buy it.  The technician can give you a detailed history on the machine including when it needs maintenance which could cost you hundreds of dollars depending upon your used refurbished Ricoh model.

This will be a brief straight to the point article concerning the best ink base printer for your needs.  first, from a repair stand point there is no question to which brand is most repairable and that is  Brother band. Why? Two reasons:  All the parts are available for the  Brother brand printers scanners copiers fax machines .  If you have a Epson , Canon,  or HP photosmart printer ink base machine you will find that there are not parts beyond the print heads and encoder stripe. When you call HP they will upgrade you for a fee if your HP printer copier scanner is out of warranty  or swap your printer while under warranty. second: Brother may times will extend your warranty FREE of charge is you call them and complain a it.

HP, Epson, canon and other brands will not.If you are a day over you are out of luck. However, with Brother is you have a image quality problem and you unit is a few months out of warranty they will 80% of the time repair the printer copier scanner mfc it for free! Now on the flip side of the issue may of the inkbased machines are very inexpensive so many people do not care once the warranty is over whether the manufacturer of the printer copier scanner will repair the unit or not.

the image quality of all the inkbased printers scanners copiers have greatly improved over the years. All brands offer good photo quality output.  I suggest that you tests several brands with your won image. Take a USB drive to the office store and have them test print your photo on 3 to 5 machines.  Try Brother, HP, Canon, Kodak and Epson brands and look at the ink costs too. Again remember all printers need repair eventually. If the unit is a low cost one then that may to be a problem. But if you are buying a higher end printer copier then repair maintenance is important. When comparing inks costs the yield is very important.  How many prints will it last? Estimate the per page cost and them make your selection.