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Buyer beware, with all the companies going out of busy its become a free for all in the user copier printer scanner fax markets.  We consistently get calls from companies who have purchased used copier printers machine from companies going out of business or at auctions that lasted a few days and then started to haev problems.  When purchasing a used or reconditioned copier printer scanner fax whether Canon, Ricoh, Sharp, Kyocera or other brand you need to thoroughly test the unit.   Better yet hire a certified service technician to check ti out first before parting with your hard earned money.

One of the more common problems we are starting to see lately is the system rest of the factory configured calibrations and even the serial numbers. on many brands of printer copier scanners fax MFD machines a service technician can reset the factory ONLY calibrations settings. These settings control the laser strength, density calibration and even house the serial numbers.  Once these are reset they can not be recovered or properly recalibrate because these calibration settings were done at the time of the manufacturer of the copier printer using specialized equipment not available in the field. can you tell if the settings haev been changed?  Yes and not

If you print the configuration or service log history you may notice an entry stating that the system was reset. Or if you print the used reconditioned copier printer configuration or service page and notice no serial number then you know somebody tampered with the counters, and factory only settings.  Purchasing a used copier printer fax is just like purchasing a used car. You want to know the true past history and usage. It’s better to have a service technician review the copier printer scanner used or refurbished equipment before you buy to prevent costly repair maintenance after a few days or weeks after purchase.

What can go wrong when the settings are reset? Plenty – first image quality when you replace the developer or drum unit. Second – lose of functionality of the unit that requires activation codes to use the fax, scanner or printer features.  Inability to get a maintenance agreement because the serial number and history is wiped out.  Used refurbished printer copier scanner office equipment will greatly reduce your overall cost but selecting one that was reset can be a costly mistake.




A word on digital senders.  As more and more companies reduce costs on area that greatly reduces waste is document storage.  Due to tax laws and company requirements document storage using digital senders or document scanners has growth greatly in the past few years.  If you need low volume scanner(less than 100 pages per day) then there are plenty of great HP and Canon scanners.  Stay away from Fujitsu (Fuji) low end scanners due to they are very expensive to maintain and Fuji  keeps a lock hold on servicing the units.Their high end scanners are very durably just like the Canon’s and HP high end digital senders.  What’s the best scanner document image for you?

First, determine the sizes of paper you plan to scan and the average daily usage.  If you do not plan to scan more than 250 pages images per day that are either legal or standard size letters then go with a new one from HP. They have many great ones in the price range of $500 to $800 that will work for several years (stay away from the low end ones). The HP Scanjet 5000 or the HP Scanjet 827 are great models for lower end use.  Do not get the lower end ones because the new ones come with a 1 year warranty.  The good thing about HP is that the repair parts are easily obtainable and there are several service options beyond HP themselves. If you plan to continually scan 300 or more pages per day then you will need a more durable machine.

Just like trucks, there are light duty durable trucks and heavy duty tanks. Which one fits you needs depends upon several factors.  This is the are where is good to have somebody who you came ask questions and I do not mean you office supply store clerks. I mean a company who specializes in scanners repairs and maintenance.  first, thing to know is that the Fuji brand is very well know for their quality of scanners. However, they are also the most expensive to maintain because Fuji keeps a strangle hold on the service.  Very few  companies are authorized beyond Fuji can service their machines and the min service call at this time is $450.  So unless you have deep pockets stay away from Fuji digital document scanners.

What digital document scanners senders are recommend the most and best for your needs?  Canon, HP and Kodak digital scanners document imagers senders brands.  In the used refurbished scanners we recommend the Canon brand or the HP digital senders again based upon your speed, paper size and volume needs.  The most repairable digital document scanners units are the HP and Canon brands due to the number of dealers who have access to parts and training.  That does not mean they break down all the time. They do not – they are very durable.  But due to more competition the repair and maintenance of the HP digital scanner senders and Canon scanners are less than the Fuji, Kodak and other brands brands.  Plus, used HP and Canon scanners are available at a reasonable price when compared to Fuji and Kodak brands.

There is always a debate whether to obtain a new full size copier printer scanner fax instead of a refurbished one. When you look in the lower end of the marked (Sub $1000 machines) it usually best to obtain a new copier printer or one that has less than 1 month duty cycle of pages. The duty cycle is defined as the maximum number of pages that the manufacturer the user should stay below each month.  Many new HP printers that are in the $1000 and above range have duty cycles of 200,000 pages or more.  The general rule of thumb is not to buy a used recondition HP printer copier scanner fax or any other brand that has more than 1.5 months of duty cycle so it will still have 5..7 years of very useful life.

If a used recondition HP 5035MFP, which is HP’s highest end black/white current model copier printer scanner, has over 340,000 pages then find another one. The HP 5035mfp is useful life designed for 4,000,000 (4 million pages) or more so we are talking about less than 10% of usage. Currently, the new HP 5035mfpxs cost $5,999.99 web pricing. However, you can obtain a quality use on for as little as $1995. That’s a giant savings!  The HP 5035MFPxs comes with the works: copier, printer, scanner, fax, stapler, 4+ drawers and rolling cabinet. Its designed for a small company of 5 to 12 people or a department level machine for large corporations.

Used recondition HP printer copier scanners of this durability will give you years of useful life. You may want to considered a printer maintenance program that includes everything except paper.  Printsolv and other PMS (print management systems) frees up your time by taking care of all supplies, repairs, parts and if you choose your vendor well it doe sit automatically so you do not need to chase for repairs or the supplies. If your are located in Florida  call Advanced Business Computers Inc. in Miami Florida for complete details and how to get the equipment at no cost when you select the Printsolv program. Currently they haev used reconditioned HP 5035mfp and other bands for quick delivery.

Along with the recent release of the Kyocera color FS-C2626MFD and the FS-c2526MFP, Kyocera release a new high end heavy duty lost cost to operate desktop model. The FS-3640MFP and the FS-3540 bridges the gap between the full size floor models Taskalfa series and the desktop printer copier scanners. Its designed to customers that do not need 11 x 17 size pages but require a heavy duty desktop with a floor model option with all the features of the larger machines.

Kyocera has always been the low cost to operate leader in the industry.  Their long life maintenance kits combined with toner cartridges that last 15,000 pages  gives them an edge over HP, Okidata, Lexmark and other brands.  Standard features of the Kyocera printer copier scanner fax include duplex (two sided copy, scan  and printing), true gigabit network connected, 50 page radf , 4.3″ user friendly touch screen control panel, print speed of 42 pages per minute, USB connection, scan to computer, scan to email, scan to network,  network print and much more.

FS-3640 and FS-3540 heavy duty copier printer scanner

The Kyocera copier printer scanner fax FS-3640 and FS-3540 only difference is the fax abilities. If you need a fax then choose the FS-3540 model.  It’s designed for people who have scan and distribute mission critical information to process and it is HyPAS ready for a company wide solution which use to be only available on the larger more expensive machines.

Security is a big issues when due to government regulations and client legal concerns. The Kyocera printer copier scanner fax comes with network used authentication integrated with a user-authentication adding more layers of functionality to improve security and accountability needs.  Ad than with the green approach of longer life maintenance kits and less intrusive toner supplies makes Kyocera the world leader in Eco friendly equipment.