One of the few problems thermal labels printer repair technicians encounter is a bad print head. Considering a print head of a thermal printer from Zebra, Sato,  AMT, Datamax,and  Citizen are designed to imprint millions of characters before failure. Thermal label printers do not have fuser assemblies, paper pick up rollers or transfer roller as do laser printers that require more frequent repairs.

Prior to replacing or doing a thermal label printer repair of a zebra, Datamax Citizen or Sato printer you may want to consider doing a through cleaning of the print-head.  Zebra printer repair and maintenance technicians only replace the print head as a last resort. May times a certified label printer repair person can PM the the thermal printer and the printers print head to prevent a costly replacement. Print Heads range in price from $350 to well over $600 depending upon your printer model and manufacturer.  Qualified thermal printer printer repair technicians are not your average bred of people. If you use a laser printer technician or a computer tech to work on your expensive Zebra, Sato, Datamax or Citizen printer then you are taking a big risk.  Thermal printer repair is completely different than toner or ink based printer repairs.

Thermal printer print heads by Zebra, Datamax,  AMT, SATO and Citizen require alignment adjustments and calibrations that laser printers do not require all all.  Mis-aligned print heads will cause ghosting, lines and marks on labels if not properly service. It’s not just insert it in and let it run. This is were regular printer repair technicians and technicians trained on thermal printer repairs are different the knowledge required to determine if the bad images are due to calibration, alignment issues or the actual print head.

Make sure you receive the warranty statement on all thermal printer by Zebra, AMT, Datamax, Citizen and Sato printer repairs once services. Ask you therm printer repair company if you go to them or the manufacturer for warranty claims – if they say the manufacturer then switch vendors! Your Zebra, Sata, Datamax or AMT service company should be your point of contact for all print head warranties for the repairs they accomplished.   Most print heads come with a 6 month to 1 year limited warranty. If your company says 30-days then the part is either used or the printer repair company is not authorized and/or properly trained.



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