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Kyocera keeps winning awards topping just about all other manufacturers for their line of MFD (multi function devices). There newest models printer copier scanner fax  color units has edged into the high machine slots with one exception 11 x17 pages. If you are looking for a medium duty color printer copier scanner fax and you print up to legal size then this is a major contender.

Kyocera has long been recognized for the best medium to heavy duty desktop printer copier fax scanners due to their low cost to operate and maintain while producing great quality documents.  No other company in the industry even comes close to their warranty on there regular maintenance item. they are the only company in the industry that warranties tier maintenance kits for 300 to 5000 pages depending upon the model. HP, Lexmark, Okidata, Canon, Sharp, and other manufactures either offer a 30 day warranty or NO warranty on their printer copier fax scanner repair maintenance kits. Why is this important? Because beyond the toner the cost then next biggest expense and cause of copier printer scanner failures are the maintenance kit items: fuser, drum, and developer parts.  traditional copier manufacturer companies such as Ricoh, Sharp, Canon, Toshiba, Minolta and other do not warranty their maintenance items beyond the initial installation. They expect you to have a maintenance program with your repair service provider otherwise you are out of luck if the maintenance items fails once placed in your copier printer scanner fax.

The difference between the  Kyocera FS-C2526 and FS-c2526 is that the FS-C2626 comes standard withe a fax option.  All are designed with a touch screen control panel for ease of use, long life low costs supplies, duplex (two sided) printing, 50 sheet RADF for two sided copying/faxing, gigabyte network speed connection, and HyPas plus many options when you need to expand. Plus, most important an optional security package gives you what you need for sensitive document protection.

Many companies feel you need a floor model unit fro the copier printer fax scanner to last many years.  Or they look at the page speed to determine the durability of the unit. These are both big mis-conceptions.  Speed has no bearing on durability if it did then a sports car would win a collision withe a utility truck! Get the right fit for your business by getting the best printer copier scanner based on your needs. Bypass the hype and get a true solution that takes into account the equipment costs, maintenance and daily usage.

One of the few problems thermal labels printer repair technicians encounter is a bad print head. Considering a print head of a thermal printer from Zebra, Sato,  AMT, Datamax,and  Citizen are designed to imprint millions of characters before failure. Thermal label printers do not have fuser assemblies, paper pick up rollers or transfer roller as do laser printers that require more frequent repairs.

Prior to replacing or doing a thermal label printer repair of a zebra, Datamax Citizen or Sato printer you may want to consider doing a through cleaning of the print-head.  Zebra printer repair and maintenance technicians only replace the print head as a last resort. May times a certified label printer repair person can PM the the thermal printer and the printers print head to prevent a costly replacement. Print Heads range in price from $350 to well over $600 depending upon your printer model and manufacturer.  Qualified thermal printer printer repair technicians are not your average bred of people. If you use a laser printer technician or a computer tech to work on your expensive Zebra, Sato, Datamax or Citizen printer then you are taking a big risk.  Thermal printer repair is completely different than toner or ink based printer repairs.

Thermal printer print heads by Zebra, Datamax,  AMT, SATO and Citizen require alignment adjustments and calibrations that laser printers do not require all all.  Mis-aligned print heads will cause ghosting, lines and marks on labels if not properly service. It’s not just insert it in and let it run. This is were regular printer repair technicians and technicians trained on thermal printer repairs are different the knowledge required to determine if the bad images are due to calibration, alignment issues or the actual print head.

Make sure you receive the warranty statement on all thermal printer by Zebra, AMT, Datamax, Citizen and Sato printer repairs once services. Ask you therm printer repair company if you go to them or the manufacturer for warranty claims – if they say the manufacturer then switch vendors! Your Zebra, Sata, Datamax or AMT service company should be your point of contact for all print head warranties for the repairs they accomplished.   Most print heads come with a 6 month to 1 year limited warranty. If your company says 30-days then the part is either used or the printer repair company is not authorized and/or properly trained.



What used or refurbished HP printer is best for your company depends upon your requirements.  First, we will not consider the ink based models or the sub $800 printers due to their very low resale value.   This article will discuss the used and refurbished HP printers designed for  small and mid-size business class.  The criteria is based on HP best printers with low operating costs and a great history of dependable service.

If you are a small business looking to produce over 2,000 pages per month then the cost of the HP supplies and repairs costs should be a major concern. Many of the low end HP printers haev excessive per page costs. Per page cost is the amount of money it takes to produce a one page document. If you just look at the price tag of the laser printer you will loose big time. The lower end printers cost 3 to 4 times more than  higher end printers such as the P4015N and have a very short life. Its wiser to get a 2..3 year old HP 4250, HP 4350 or used P415N printer than has a per page cost of less than $0.008 (eight of a cent) than to purchase a $300 with a page cost of $0.03 (three cents or more) .

The HP 4250, HP 4350, P4015 are currently in the highest demand in the used refurbished HP printer market due to their durability,  longer lasting cartridges and overall low cost to operate. HP 4250 and HP 4350 repairs are inexpensive when you consider the mean time between failures. If you obtain a quality refurbished used HP printer then expect it to last 100,000 pages or more before you haev any problems.  The trick is to get a completely refurbished unit from a HP authorized repair center who offers on-site warranty service with the purchase of  the printer. Also, you want a unit with less than 150,000 pages if possible. The HP 4250 and HP 4350 has a life of  over 2,000,000 (two million) pages.