The thermal label printers by Zebra, Datamax, Citizen, Sato and others use old technology that is proven to last many years with few problems. The main part that wears out and meed thermal label printer repair is the print head.   This causes thermal image problems.  What i sthe first step to determine if the print head is bad and needs repair on the Zebra, Datamax and sato printers?

If you are getting a label image problem on your Zerba, datamax, sato or citizen thermal label prints check for a  build up of ribbon residue on the print head. Be careful not to scratch the print head when cleaning it.  Also, always unplug the label printers power. When doing label printer print head maintenance remember to only use non abrasive cleaner. Never use a scrubbing pad or or ruff texture cloth when cleaning the printer head of the Zebra, Datamax and Sato printers print head.  Some of these models cost several thousand dollars and print heads cost in the $300 to $500 dollar range depending upon you model and manufacturer of the thermal label printer so be careful.

If after doing the the thermal printer cleaning maintenance you are still getting poor images then you may want to call a service technician to adjust the gaping and alignment of the print head before repairing it.   Alignment and gaping of the print heat is usually not something a non-tech can accomplish when repairing the zebrea, sato and datamax printers.  Beyond the alignment check the ribbon to make sure it is aligned properly and i all else fails contact Advanced Business Computers for your label printer repair help.




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