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HP mid range and higher printers are considered work horses.  they are designed for easy printer fax copier repair and installation of maintenance kits.   However, thee are some exceptions to the rule.  The HP 4250 and HP 4350 series laser printers are work horse, but one with a problem- swing arm gear.  Repairing the printers  normal problems such as paper feed issues and fuser assemblies are simple just like there previous models the HP 4200 and HP 4100 laser printers.  However, HP designed the drive gear/swing plate with a flaw: its plastic, it wear out often and you need to tear apart the printer in many pieces to repair.

The repair of the HP printer swing plate requires the removal of the coverings, circuit boards and other parts which takes an experience printer repair technician about an hour to complete.  Most technicians when learning how to do this repairs take 2 hours or more to do it.  It’s imp[important that you specify that you want a technician who has a proven repair record when doing this repair. It’s not  simple repair.  You will need to provide a good size printer repair work area the removal of the parts.

Also when repairing the swing plate of the HP laser printer you may need to replace the fuser assembly at the same time. The fuser assembly is a swap HP printer repair part that only takes a few minutes to accomplish.

Its not secret that document scanner has been increasing to digitize all documents for storage instead of printing them.  However, many people do not realize, that to prevent scanners repairs problems general maintenance is required. Just like copier printer repairs, scanners use feed rollers, separation pads,  pick up rollers repair to prevent paper jams.

Stand alone scanner repairs costs in many cases far exceed costs to repair similar problem with copier printer scanner all in one devices. Kodak and Fuji scanners are very expensive to maintain due to the companies keeping very tight control on parts and service personal (greatly limiting competition).  Of all the brands HP scanners and digital senders are the least expensive scanner repairs due to lower cost parts.  The scanner service repair main maintenance items that cause the most failures  are the ADF (automatic document feeder) parts. Depending upon your brand and model the ADF kits cost from $70  (HP, Brother, Kyocera, Canon on the lower end) to well over $350 (Fuji, Vissionaire and other brands).  Some maintenance parts, such as Fuji scanner cameras. could cost over thousand dollars!

How should you select a the best digital scanner sender?  First, determine the types of paper, paper sizes and estimate daily or monthly scans. This is very important. Not all digital scanners can handle all sizes of paper, have a large capacity ADF or have the ability to handle several  sizes in one stack. Now determine is you just want to scan the document or actually send (email) it to another site.  All digital scanners brands offer several choices.  Prior to buying one check what service calls costs, how much are maintenance programs

Here are some purchasing tips.  The current economic environment has lead to companies rethinking their desire to always have  new business class copier printer scanners. Leasing a new copier printer scanner is just like owning a new car, once its out of the show room it looses 30% of ti value but you are still liable for the full price! The trend to obtain recent model dealer select used printer copiers network equipment has driven the some brands of used copiers higher. Why?  Simple: dealers know which brands are durable and will provide trouble free usage for their clients.

What models and manufacturer are most in demand?  Currently, the number on based on review of three major off lease equipment companies (companies with an inventory of 3,000+ machines) are the Kyocera KM3035, 4035 and the 5035.  When they are received in from off lease they do not least more than a couple hours in inventory before a dealers grabs them. Kyocera copier printer scanner are know for their very high reliability and very long lasting maintenance kit. The Kyocera maintenance kit ha an estimated like of 400,000 pages.  The far superior than Canon, Ricoh, Minolta, Toshiba, Sharp and other brands.

Beyond the Kyocera the next brand are Ricoh and then Sharp brands.  Be very careful when purchasing a used refurbished copier printer  from a company going out of business.  We get calls all day long form people who said hey got a great dealer only to learn the machine is 7 to 12 years old and it needs maintenance. Copier printer scanner maintenance can run into the hundreds of dollars.  the company is going out of business so do you think they maintained their copier printers?

Before you buy a machine get the meter count, supply/maintenance status page and the then call to get the true value of the used copier printer before you buy. Or post a question here. for a quick reply.  The used refurbished printer copier resource is updated everyday and a simple questions will tell you if you are getting a deal or not.

Brother toner based MFC have been in the forefront of the multi-function all in one printer scanner copiers for the since the nineties long before Hewlett Packard  and other brands.  Brother produces good quality toner based small off and home based office printer copiers that have always preform well. Brother MFC ink based ones are very popular due to low cost. This article covers the toner based MFC color all in one repair maintenance image problems.

Repairing and performing maintenance on the Brother color copier printer scanners is not difficult if you know the steps to take. First, is to determine the cause of the problem. Just like when repairing HP, Lexmark and other copier printer scanners use the process on elimination. All color printer copiers contain four toner cartridges, a set of drums, imaging unit and fuser. Depending upon what the actual image repair maintenance problem looks like will determine which part to replace.

If the printer copier repair image problem only effects one color (black lines on color pages, or getting blue streaks/spots but not yellow, black or magenta, etc.) then you can eliminate the imaging unit and the fuser as the problem.   On the Brother MFC 9840, 9440 and similar models it uses one drum unit and four separate toner cartridges.  If you are only having problems with the cyan (Blue) then you either need to replace the cyan toner or the drum unit.  If the printer repair image problem is a yellow line then its the yellow toner or drum unit. If you are having a black line then things are a bit different because the problem can be the fuser too.

Now if the image problem does not follow and one particular problem then the cause could be the drum, image unit or the fuser. Print out several pages and see if the image problem is a pattern (repeats two or more times per page) or is a print repair maintenance problem along the whole page.  The image unit rotates once per page, the drums approx 3 times and the fuser 5 times per page.

The next step is to pull out the image unit, drum unit and he fuser and try to match the printer image problem with the actual unit.  If your technician has repair and performed printer copier maintenance repair worked on the Brother and other brands such as HP, Lexmark, Ricoh and canons then over the phone they should be able to diagnose the problem with 97% accuracy without you spending a dime of your money upfront.  If they can not give you an idea and you are in South Florida contact Advanced Business Computers printer copier repair department.