The Brother MFC printer copy scanners fax all in one office equipment toner based models  are good durable home office and small office machines. The Brother MFC models range from small inexpensive color ink based models to the 9940CN color all in one printer copier scanner faxes for small business (3..5 people).  Just like all equipment routine maintenance repairs are needed to keep them running.  One of the most common problems with the one based Brother MfC’s, as with all brands of printer copier scanners, are paper jams repairs.



95% of all paper jam repair maintenance problems with printer scanner copiers MFC  occur in three places: (1) ADf automatic document feeder on the top of the unit,  (2) in the plain paper drawer and (3) in the fuser area paper getting stuck drum the drum area.  The printer copier repair for the first two areas are not expensive repairs. They both require replacing the paper pick up assembly or roller and the paper separation pad or assembly. In fact, on some Brother MFC the printer copier scanner repair needed i indicated on the LCD “replaced PF1 fit” or “replaced PF2 kit”.  Both the PF1 and PF2 brother paper repair maintenance feed kits are USER replaceable. You do not need a technician to do the repair 95% of the time if you ave basic skills with a standard screw driver.

The Brother MFC fuser repair paper jam problem is a bit more expensive to repair. The fuser assembly on all brands of printers copiers scanners are considered normal wear and tear parts. In other words, they wear out over time and require repair or replacement.  ON some printer copier scanner fax machines repairing the fuser is as simple as removing a couple of screws. On other brands it requires you to remove covers, power supplies and other components.  On large copier printer new fuser as so expensive that most technicians rebuild them and the manufacturer offers a copier printer maintenance kits that contains all the parts to repair rebuild the fuser assemblies.  The Brother MFC printer copier scanners fuser are not rebuilt but just replaced as a unit.  Most Brother MFC’s fuser copier printer repair maintenance take an technician lessthan 30 minutes to complete.


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